Common Sense of A Duke’s Daughter was completed and available on Patreon since June 4th. It seems many were unaware.

Other novels get up to 4 chapters for you to read ahead on Patreon.

Of course, it is for those who can afford it and it helps support the website.

I had a family emergency but starting next month my plans will be back on track.

I plan to release up to 30 chapters per month for novels like BOFURI.

Patreon supporters will be getting as many as 10 chapters for just $5 of a novel of their choosing.

Those are a few of the plans I hope to accomplish in the next 30 days.

I hope you keep supporting me. Turning off your ad blocker is a big help, if you can afford it.

Another way is to make comments and keep the thread active but NO SPAM ALLOWED.

Comments are money.

I didn’t switch to Insticator comments for the look.



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