Chapter 47 – Romantic Film


Zhao Tie Zhu, carrying Su Yan Ni on his back, slowly came out of the jewelry store . The policemen outside immediately tensed up . After Zhao Tie Zhu walked closer, the policemen surrounded him . Zhao Tie Zhu indifferently swept his gaze around the crowd . As if these little police officers were being stared down by a fierce tiger, they stood there afraid to move . Even the journalists who were originally going to run up and surround him were the same . Someone who looked like the Chief Police Officer came over . Zhao Tie Zhu took out the NSB Special Ops documents from his pocket and handed it to the man . The man looked at it, then paled .

“I don’t want the media to broadcast this . ” Zhao Tie Zhu spoke softly as he retrieved his documents from the other man’s hands .

“OK . OK . I will take care of it . ” The Chief Police Officer said deferentially .

“Give me a car . “

Zhao Tie Zhu put Su Yan Ni in the car and drove towards the villa .

On the way, Su Yan Ni didn’t say a word; she just stared out the window, her expression between dazed and in pain .

Upon return to the villa, Zhao Tie Zhu held Su Yan Ni’s hand up the stairs and into her room .

“Rest for a bit . ” Zhao Tie Zhu said, “I’ll go get you a towel . “

Just as Zhao Tie Zhu turned to leave, Su Yan Ni suddenly grabbed his hand, her eyes started to show a trace of red at the corners .

Zhao Tie Zhu bent down, reached out and pinched Su Yan Ni’s cheek, and said, “It’s not your fault . If you didn’t do what you did, she would still be dead .  The fault lies not with you, but with those two bloodthirsty men .  Stepping forward bravely at that time was what a true police officer should do, you know?”

“Really?  Wasn’t I the one who killed her?” Su Yan Ni’s hands shook as tears swirled in her eyes .

“Of course not .  Stop blaming yourself .  Get some sleep .  When you wake up everything will be in the past . ” Zhao Tie Zhu said gently . (T/N:  The raws here after a sleep everything will be in the past .  Doesn’t make as much sense in English so I did what I could . )

“Stay here with me . “

“OK . “

Watching Su Yan Ni fall asleep, Zhao Tie Zhu sat on a nearby chair soundless, like a meditating monk .

After an indeterminate amount of time, Li Ling Er returned, ran hurriedly to Su Yan Ni’s room .  After seeing that Su Yan Ni was asleep, Li Ling Er softly and quietly walked towards Zhao Tie Zhu and asked, “Is Yan Ni OK?”

“She’s fine, just suffered a bit of a shock .  She’ll be fine after little rest . “

“That’s good .  Scared me to death . “

Su Yan Ni woke up at night, her mental condition much improved .  Zhao Tie Zhu, waiting nearby, was able to let go of some of his worries .  Afterwards, Su Yan Ni called in to the police station for some time off .  Cao Zi Yi also stayed in the villa to keep Su Yan Ni company .

The next day, Zhu Tie Zhao and Li Ling Er went to military training at school as usual .  Nothing special happened at today’s military training–not much to talk about .  After going home at night, they saw that Su Yan Ni was a lot quieter, but not as frail as she was the day before .  The two were so happy that Zhao Tie Zhu personally cooked a sumptuous dinner .  Su Yan Ni’s complexion looked a lot better after eating .

Today was the last day of military training .  After military training ended, there would be a huge newcomers’ party .  As Li Ling Er was one of the the top beauties amongst the incoming class, she was asked to be the party emcee .

After the military training ended in the afternoon, all the students stayed at school .  Li Ling Er went to prepare for the party, and Zhao Tie Zhu went to the male dorms with Fan Jian .  This was his first time going to FJ University’s male dorms .  Each room housed four people, and the environment was pretty good .  After Fan Jian entered the dorm, he threw a few smokes at Zhao Tie Zhu .  His other three roommates were also in Zhao Tie Zhu’s class so they also knew him .  Everyone preceded to fill the room with smoke . (T/N: The term here is ‘swallow clouds spit fog’ which if you can imagine, means that the room got pretty smoky pretty quickly . )

“Tie Zhu, I also have a really good Japanese AV .  Ds you want to watch?”   Fan Jian furtively asked Zhao Tie Zhu before he finished smoking his cigarette .

Zhao Tie Zhu revealed a knowing expression . “Enjoy . Enjoy . ”  (T/N:  It means he wants to enjoy the AV . )

A few of the guys laughed lewdly .   Fan Jian pulled out his laptop, found specially hidden media file, and opened it .

“F*ck!  This one’s hot!” Zhao Tie Zhu said .

“Yep .   I searched forever for this .   You know Tachibana Riko? Queen of the Perverts, my favorite .   Look at this figure, this face, these movements, these expressions, really the best of the best . ” Fan Jian said .

“Not bad, not bad .   Much better looking than Ms . Linda,”  Zhao Tie Zhu nodded .   Fan Jian disdainfully said, “Get with the times!  Still lusting after teachers?  Right now it’s the era of Kotone Amamiya and Yui Hatano!  Let me tell you, of the most famous AV actresses in Japan right now, one is . . . . . ” Fan Jian was just educating Zhao Tie Zhu when the door was suddenly pushed open .   Four or five people declared ” School inspection team cleanliness check” as they walked in shockingly led by a woman .

The door was opened so suddenly that Fan Jian didn’t have time to turn off the adult video .   Several people surrounded him, drawing the attention of the school inspection team .   The woman walked closer to see, realized that it was an adult video, and loudly shouted, “PERVERT!”

Zhao Tie Zhu resignedly took a drag of his cigarette, regretting that there wasn’t enough smoke to cover his face .   The woman looked up, noticed him, and elatedly shouted, “Zhao Tie Zhu!”

“Hey .   Hello, little sister Ling Shan .   I just got here when you arrived .   What a coincidence!”  Zhao Tie Zhu said with an expression of ‘I just got here, didn’t watch anything with them’ on his face .

The woman in front of them was none other than the youthful energetic Chen Ling Shan he had last met at the Home Improvement Store .

“I can’t believe that you’re actually a student at our school . ” Chen Ling Shan smiled .   Then, as if she had suddenly remembered something, said to Zhao Tie Zhu, “I didn’t expect you to be so disgusting, watching these kind of movies . “

“No way!  I only got here a few seconds before you did .   I was curious what these people were looking .   I just walked over when you came .   I didn’t see anything .   Not a thing . ” Zhao Tie Zhu adamantly denied .

“Really?  Eh . . . Tachibana Riko is very pretty!” Chen Ling Shan suddenly said .

“Yes, she is .   Look at her figure, ” Zhao Tie Zhu pointed at the movie without a thought .   The words had just left his lips when he realized he was in trouble .   Sure enough, Chen Ling Shan laughed, “Didn’t you say you hadn’t see it?  How do you know it so well?”

“this . . . . What are you all doing?  How did you become this . . . ah . . . part of the school inspection team?”  Zhao Tie Zhu quickly changed the topic .

“I joined the school’s discipline unit .   Today I’m leading the school inspection team to check the cleanliness of each dormitory .   Tie Zhu, you’re in the Foreign Language Department?” Chen Ling Shan fell prey to Zhao Tie Zhu’s diversionary tactics .

“Yes .   I’m a commuter .   Because of the evening party, I came to play at my classmates’ dorm . “

“Ha, I’m also a commuter .   Where do you live?”

“I live in town, you?”

“I’m temporarily living in a rental next to school; I haven’t found anything long-term . Alright, I’ve got work to do .   Let’s chat when we both have time . “

“Alright . Alright . You’re busy . I’m going out . ” Zhao Tie Zhu ducked out of the dormitory, followed closely by Fan Jian .

(T/N: I’m going to start abbreviating Zhao Tie Zhu’s name to ZTZ soon . My hands are getting tired from all that typing!)

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