Assassin Landlord & Beauty Tenants Chapter 50 – Swallowing Up the ChaoZhou Clan

About ten minutes after Iron Hands arrived, Zhao TieZhu got up and left the private room as he said, “Keep drinking guys, I’m going to the bathroom.”

The club was almost at full capacity. Zhao TieZhu continuously threaded through the crowd without touching a single person.

On the second floor, one of Iron Hand’s underlings saw Zhao TieZhu. He hurriedly said, “Big Bro Zhao, over here.” As he spoke, he brought Zhao TieZhu over to a luxurious suite.

“Big Bro Iron Hands is right inside,” said this person as he pointed at one of the suite’s doors. Zhao TieZhu nodded and went straight through the door.

Iron Hands heard the sounds of the door opening. Once he saw it was Zhao TieZhu, he hurriedly stood up and walked over to Zhao TieZhu. He lowered his head and respectfully said, “Big Bro Zhao, you’ve come.”

Once this ‘Big Bro Zhao’ left his mouth, the ChaoZhou clan members across from him were shocked. This young person was Iron Hand’s boss?! What’s going on? Iron Hands was the most powerful person around FJ University. Not only that, he was rumored to be pretty unyielding. Where did this person come from that he could make Iron Hands call him Big Bro? (T/N: In case you were wondering, big bro is a designation given to one’s superiors in a gang.)

A mustachioed middle-aged man showed a flash of surprise in his eyes.

“Big Bro Zhao, sit over here.” Iron Hands took Zhao TieZhu over to his own seat. After Zhao TieZhu sat down, Iron Hands pointed at the mustachioed middle-aged man and said, “That is ChaoZhou clan’s big boss, Lian DingShan.”

“Iron Hands, when did your Iron Hands Gan become a kiddie gang? This little brat can become your Big Bro? Then wouldn’t I be your Grandpa?” A ferocious looking man laughed.

Iron Hands stayed calm. He had pledged loyalty to Zhao TieZhu, and followed his orders to the letter.

Zhao TieZhu coldy looked at that person, and softly said, “Do you want to die?”

That person was intimidated by Zhao TieZhu’s gaze–a gaze with not a trace of anger, but full of death. That person shuddered, but his own big boss was watching. There was no way he could retreat so that man let out a sinister laugh. “You little brat. You don’t have any right to speak here.”

“Ay. ” Zhao TieZhu sucked in a breath of air, then suddenly disappeared. When he appeared again, he was already in front of that man. He slapped him and returned to his seat before anyone could react, or even think about stopping him. It was only a slap, but that man flew a few meters out and fell onto the ground. His neck was bent awkwardly to the side, dead.

Lian DingShan broke out into a cold sweat. What kind of speed was this?!?!

“You have two choices. One, pledge loyalty to me. The other, everyone’s disabled. I’m giving you ten seconds to decide.” Zhao TieZhu looked at the opponents’ 20+ people as if they were ants.

Lian DingShan had never been suppressed like this before. From when started out at 14 years old until he was twenty-something, he depended on his own hard work to carve out this big territory, bringing along numerous underlings. Now there’s an approximately 20 year old threatening him. Lian DingShan was filled with an unprecedentedly intense anger.

“Go to Hell.” Lian DingShan yelled out. He pulled out a gun and aimed it at Zhao TieZhu.

But his hands suddenly felt light. Without him being able to notice it, the gun he was holding in his hand was in two pieces. And that young person held an army knife in his hand as he expressionlessly said, “Five seconds left.”

“AH!!!” Lian DingShan quickly muffled a big shout.

Because of Zhao TieZhu’s one sentence, “One more second.”

“I agree!” Lian DingShan yelled.

“Smart.” Zhao TieZhu smiled. With a quick turn of his hand, that army knife disappeared into thin air.

From beginning to end, Iron Hands stood far away with his head down. Starting from that day in the basement, his confidence in Zhao TieZhu had grown without bounds. Lian DingShan, let alone everyone in the room, was no match for Zhao TieZhu.

“I’m giving you a day to hand over all of your assets to Iron Hands. You can be Iron Hand’s deputy. Don’t give me any trouble or I’ll make you wish you were dead.” Zhao TieZhu finished talking, turned and left the room. Iron Hands was just thinking of following him, Zhao TieZhu shooed him, “Wait a minute before you come out. I’m with friends.”

After Zhao TieZhu left, Lian DingShan gave Iron Hands a suspicious look and said, “Who is this person, really? Iron Hands, we are on the same team from now on, you have to give me a thorough explanation.”

Iron Hands pulled Lian DingShan into an unoccupied corner, pointed up, and said, “The person at the top.”

“Top?” Lian DingShan exclaimed loudly and sent his men out of the room. Iron Hands did the same.

“You’re saying the person who controls everything?” (T/N: Literal translation — the central guy)

“Or what?” Iron Hands laughed. “Listen to me. Turn over your assets obediently, follow Big Bro Zhao, and our world will not be limited by this tiny patch of land around FJ University.”

“You’re saying….”

“I didn’t say a thing. I was impressed by the tip of the iceberg of his power. For me, Iron Hands, it is a pleasure to have met Big Bro Zhao this kind of benefactor in my life.”

“Hey, I say, Iron Hands. Tell me more. This Big Bro Zhao… How awesome is he really?”

Let’s not talk about how Lian DingShan was scared shitless by Zhao TieZhu. Zhao TieZhu returned back to the private room where there seemed to be quite a few more people than before. He looked closer and realized it was but some classmates. They also went clubbing, saw Linda and the group, and then came over to play as well.

About a dozen boys and girls played excitedly. To be exact, there were three males and eight females. Other than Zhao TieZhu and Fan Jian, there was a Fan Jian’s roommate, Zhou Shao. Zhou Shao looked very shy, peeking at Liu Ying from within the girls from time to time. Fan Jian saw this scene, guessed that his roommate liked her, and decided to help him.

Fan Jian shouted, “HaHaHa. Everyone sit! Let’s play truth or dare!”

“Yes! Yes! Let’s play! Let’s play!” Linda shouted. So, everyone obediently sat on the sofa.

“Let’s throw dice. Whoever rolls the smallest number loses and can pick either truth or dare,” Fan Jian said as he took out three dice. “I’ll go first. Abracadabra. Give it to me!” Fan Jian threw out the dice, impressively got 15 points. Zhao TieZhu was next and got 10+ points. At the end, the loser was Zhao Shao. (T/N: The original Tai Shang Lao Jun Ji Ji Ru Lu Ling is an invocation a la Abracadabra.)

Fan Jian laughed lecherously, “Do you choose truth or dare?”

Zhou Shao hesitated for a moment, “Truth, then.”

“Okay, then I’m going to ask… who do you like in our class?”

“This….” Zhao Shao showed some signs of difficulty.

“Tell! Tell! Tell!” Everyone coaxed together.

“If you don’t tell, you’re not a man! Tell! Tell! Tell~!” Linda shouted from the side.

“Liu…..” Zhao Shao hesitated for a long time. Right when he was about to say it, a few people walked out in front of everyone led by the recently rejected OuYang Hao.

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