Chapter 229:   Kureji ‘s Karma.


“Hey, you have not told me how you reincarnated into the body of this child?”  Kureji Hai asked Lei Yin when he saw him leaving.

Lei Yin’s form vanished. His voice reverberating in the air: “I will tell you the next time we meet”. Watching Lei Yin’s form vanish from sight Kureji couldn’t help but grumble.

Naoko worried, saw Lei Yin appear before her, she was startled but she ran into his bosom as fast as possible.

Lei Yin’s felt sorry, his eyes mild, gently stroked her silky long hair and apologized “I am sorry. Made you excessively worried. I am fine.”

Naoko quiet hugged him tightly unwilling to let go, she was scared Lei Yin would disappear the moment she let go, held onto him tightly, indulging fully in the comfort of his warmth.

Lei Yin understood the evil blade alone was no threat to him, but the one who wielded the evil blade. However Naoko didn’t know this, she was worried Lei yin would lose himself to the power of the evil blade.

Lei Yin unhappy to have caused her so much worry held her tightly, his heart felt gloomy.

A short while later, Naoko relaxed gradually, assured he was not going anywhere sobbed gently. Lei Yin comforted her, stroked her hair gently much like a child.

Lei Yin watched her, eyes full of gentle light, saw she was wearing only socks remembered he carried her and jumped out the window without giving her the chance to wear shoes. Feeling rather sorry, lei Yin knelt, his back to her said: “climb, I will carry you on my back”.

Naoko refuted “I can walk myself!”

“Be obedient, climb quickly!” Lei Yin insisted.

Naoko looked at him gently, walked over; she lightly put her hands on his shoulders.

This was the first time Lei Yin carried her on his back. Naoko could not help but feel sweet in her heart. She leaned in closer, her hands tightly winding around his shoulders hugged his neck firmly. She rested her head on his back enjoying his warm temperature.

Naoko emotionally overwhelmed, raised her head, her voice soft, whispered “Lei”


We will always be together. Never leave me okay? “Her raised head closer to his face gently nudged him.

Lei Yin turned his head to look back, light, kissed her lips.  She responded gently, eyes closed savored the taste of his lips.

Lei Yin calmly spoke “I will forever take care of you, after our death, our ashes will be mixed together”

Naoko unable to contain her emotions, tears filled her eyes, took Lei yin’s lips with hers.


After what seemed like forever, Lei Yin said suddenly: “Naoko”

“Yes?” Naoko red-faced, answered, looking at him coquettishly.

“My neck is a bit sour.”



Naoko eyes naughty, said, “you are not allowed to turn around”. Patted her lips and continued kissing him.



“I would not have imagined that the evil blade, my grandfather’s friend regarded as his family heirloom actually affected his own descendant. I understand now, why he insisted that nobody is allowed to wield that blade including my grandfather or his descendants. Perhaps this evil blade should not exist in this world in the first place.” Naoko aggrieved sighed after listening to Lei Yin story.

Lei Yin explained most parts of the story truthfully to her about the man and his history. He, however, left out the part of the man’s being possessed by the soul in the blade. This fact itself was inconceivable and it involved too many secrets, so Lei Yin tactfully left it out. He only explained that after injuring the man and retrieving the evil blade, the gradually regained his sanity and explained all that happened to him, after which he escaped.

Lei Yin said “the man is not evil, but was influenced by the intent of the blade. If no one used the blade in the first place, it would not have appeared in this world again. But that beast had to covet another person’s wife and he awoke this slaughter intent. A knife can be used to cut vegetable and can be used to kill. The point is how people chose to use the knife. However, rest your heart; this situation was not your fault. It could be helped.”

Naoko’s grandmother after a long while of silence, finally asked: what happened to the man now?

“He has regained his sanity and would have left Nagoya by now.” Lei Yin answered.

The old lady became silent once more.

Naoko’s hands on her grandmother’s shoulder massaged gently comforted her “grandma, its over. Do not bother about it anymore”

The old woman gently patted her granddaughter’s hand on her shoulder.

After eating the meal Naoko’s grandmother prepared, Lei Yin and Naoko, returned to Gero city. They, however, did not return to their original hotel but moved to a new hotel.  They moved to a serene hot spring hotel.

Initially, the man chased Lei Yin after seeing him which greatly reduced the casualty level. However, seven people were killed by the man at the hotel, which included two writers, Asou Kiku and another male writer and five other hotel guests. Akashiro Miho and the president were lucky to have escaped this incident alive.

All the young writers including Akashiro Miho, who survived, were thoroughly frightened by the gory scene they witnessed, after giving their report of the incident at the local police station, they immediately booked flights tickets back to Tokyo. They didn’t dare go back to the hotel to rest; they waited for their flights at the airport terminal.

Lei Yin and Naoko moved into an ancient styled hotel just like the hotel they moved out from. The garden styled in the traditional Japanese style, in the middle of which had an open area; very serene with a fish pond at its center and a large cherry tree by its side. On its massive and sturdy branch were tied two wooden swings. This tranquil scene looked just like a traditional Japanese family home backyard.

Naoko loved this garden. It looked just like her former home in Izumo.

In the hotel room, Lei Yin leisurely sat on the sofa, grabbing the TV remote control, he turned on the TV. Naoko whilst unpacking and hanging their clothes in the closet hummed sweetly.

“Kureji, that bastard has also revived too. Interesting. The future is going to be a lot of fun.” Lei Yin thought whilst watching the TV, his lips curled slightly, his face exhibited a strange smile.

Although Kureji Hai is crazy, he was a rare martial arts genius.  This was not his original name- Kureji Hai, he picked this later on. He was an orphan baby who was abandoned at the foot of the Shaolin temple mountain. He was brought back to the temple to become a monk. His rare martial arts talent got the attention of the elders of the temple. His talent received their special grooming. The elders had great expectations of him. This, however, did not last long as some envious disciples coerced him to join them in having fun with prostitutes, which he stupidly did.

This was later revealed and as a core disciple, it was a great shame. A monk who could not overcome his lustful desires was not fit to be a monk He was finally kicked out of the temple.

After his expulsion from the temple, he entered the world with no experience. Young Kureji like other innocent youngsters with nothing to do was deceived into becoming bandits. But when he saw that these bandits were lawless, they robbed wealthy merchants even killed them and further raped the young daughter of a wealthy merchant.

Young Kureji, for the first time, saw the actions of people with vicious hearts was thoroughly enraged. He killed all these bandits none of them was spared. But the ones, he found more repulsive were the seasoned martial expert bodyguards of the wealthy merchants who cooperated with the bandits, letting them do as they like.

The originally inexperienced honest youngster had a great change of character. He began challenging top martial art experts unceasingly, on the streets and at the battle arena. People thought he was crazy, however, when more and more experts lost to him, no one thought he was crazy. In two years, many famous experts had died under this young man’s blade. But what nobody knew was that this young expert was actually on a suicide mission hoping to be killed under the sword of an expert.

In his many life and death battles, he earned a lot of scars but his martial arts kept progressing quickly. He was unconscious of this, still seeking death, but his martial art talent became his biggest obstruction to the kind of death, he sought for.

This continued until the day he met a youngster three years younger than him. Lei Yin.

Kureji Hai was defeated; he was defeated thoroughly because Lei Yin defeated him with one move.

After this, he no longer sought for masters. He disappeared totally from the battle arenas.

10 years later, he resurfaced, this time with the name Kureji Hai, showing up at the battle arena daily. However, he did not challenge anybody. This seemed as he was waiting for someone.

This did not mean he would not be challenged. He was challenged by some famous experts of the time and those who wanted to regain the honor they lost in their defeat to him. He defeated all of them. This warned them all why he was called crazy.

He waited at the battle arena for six months, many masters challenged him and they all lost. His fame spread fast.

This continued until one day, a young man about the same age as Kureji Hai appeared before him.

The young man back straight, hair flowing with the wind, with his back to Kureji said: let’s go.

Kureji followed him without hesitation both vanishing from sight.

These masters were speechless. They didn’t know who this youth was. People, who were at the battle arena later, experienced a  battle between the two. The people were scared speechless when they watched Kureji who had not been defeated in more than half a year unexpectedly lose to this youth. They had not seen such exciting battle. Kureji and the youth used swords. The experts watching felt bewildered by the battle, the level of the two, they were not close to attaining.Kureji and the youth moved so fast, the experts watching felt they were watching a terrifying battle between two armies.

After the battle, Kureji and the young man went to be a restaurant. They ate the most expensive dishes and drank the best wine. Without consideration for anything, they drank till they were drunk. They were like drunken fools to other experts present. These two drunks acted crazily, danced around, scattered tables and chairs, caused the dishes and drinks of others to be spilled and broke the plates, wine glasses, causing chaos in their drunken state in this restaurant.

The fools finally drunkenly jumped out the hotel window. They left behind unpaid bills, unsettled damages, and a hotel manager in tears.

Remembering the past, Lei Yin couldn’t help but smile. Others did not know, but Lei Yin knew he and Kureji were only acting a play to deceive others because they didn’t have enough to pay their bills at the hotel. Kureji who was totally focused on his martial arts practice was very poor; he didn’t have any consideration for money at the time. Lei Yin, however, was not having enough money on him at the time for some reason.  The two had just finished an exhilarating battle, they didn’t consider their financial level, they just ate and ate because they needed to.

Lei Yin who was currently remembering past events, felt soft warm hands, smoothly curl around his neck, it tightly hugged him from his back, seductive fragrance filling his senses. He heard a soft voice whisper into ears “let’s go dip in the hot springs, Lei.”

Lei Yin turned around, his face full of smiles looked at Naoko.  Naoko, adorably red-faced lowered her head not willing to look into his eyes.

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