Chapter 230:  Lovers

“Lei, let me help you clean your back, okay?” In the hot springs, Naoko looked at Lei Yin softly.

Lei Yin nodded with a smile and turned around and laid down on the edge of the hot spring, his back to her. He picked up a can of beer to drink whilst enjoying the wonders of Naoko soft hands.

Naoko walked up to Lei Yin, with a towel, she very gently wiped his back.

“Lei.” After a while, Naoko suddenly whispered his name.

“yes?” Lei Yin whose eyes were closed answered, he was enjoying the pleasurable feeling of warmth and relaxation from Naoko’s steady movements.

“Do you love having many children?”

“Hmm? What made you say that?”

“At the time, we were at the Takeda family, you said having more children at home would be fun and I also noticed how good you were with Alice, you were very good!

Lei Yin smiled, “I didn’t think you would  remember my words so clearly, actually speaking, I can,t say I love having many children, but I feel the home will feel alive with many children around, but sometimes they can be noisy, after all, not all  little brats head can be like Alice, so quiet and obedient. My turn, why did you bring up this conversation suddenly?”

Naoko was silent for a moment, then she whispered her face closer to his, “I want to have your baby if you want.”

Lei Yin gradually opened his eyes, his eyes looked pensive, for a long time he did not say a word.

In the hot springs, they both of them suddenly became very quiet.

After a long and nerve tensing quiet, Lei Yin slowly turned back,  He stared at her profoundly.

His right hand slowly rose and gently stroked her left side of her face. Lei Yin said softly: “I do not want children, you are already enough for me.”

Naoko’s body trembled slightly, she lowered her head and whispered: “You… you already know?”

His left hand also stretched out, and Lei Yin gently hugged her into his bosom, he brought her head close, He said: “women with cardiovascular disease, especially congenital heart diseaseif  they were to get pregnant, it is the same as committing suicide, and  this is not something known only to professional doctors, I believe you know this as well, I do not want children, I just want us together happy and peaceful.

“lei ……, am, am I not a useless woman? Even having children, this I can not even do for you. When the doctor told me I can never have children, I was devastated. I really wanted to give birth to your child … “said Naoko full of grief cried.

watching and listening to her cry like this, Lei Yin could not help but feel an immense heartache.

He Lifted her face and he kissed her lips  ferociously.

Naoko held on to his lips with hers roughly, all her emotions poured into this kiss, she held on to his neck hard with both hands. She did not care if she hurt his lips by kissing him so roughly. She needed him.

While kissing her, Lei Yin leaned in closer, with a groan, he used his right thigh to separate Naoko’s legs, and he directly thrust into her body.


The moment, Lei entered her, Naoko jolted from the force.

There was no stopping, as Lei Yin who after entering her, gave her no time to catch her breath, began to constantly bulldoze his way deep into her delicate body. He began pounding hard and fast.

“Ahn … …” As Lei continued to increase the strength and of his pounding, Naoko groaned loudly.

Slowly, her pair of slender white legs unconsciously wrapped firmly around his waist, her entire body hung on him, to withstand his barrage of attacks.

The water in the hot springs constantly splashed as a result of the intense action of Lei Yin. Steam of the hot springs covered both of them, from the steam came  a suffocating groan and rapid breathing sounds of an  intoxicated woman.

Wave after wave of intense pleasure struck Naoko like the tide of a raging ocean, the body of the Naoko was flushed, her face red like blood. Her body filled with sweat and  the uncontrollable tears from her eyes constantly mixed together as they flowed down her body. Her originally sensitive body became more and more sensitive to the continuous thunderous attacks of Lei Yin. Almost every intense impact made her feel like she was dying. At this point in time, her mind was already blank, all the nerves focused on that point of connection between her and lei yin, so that this usually shy introvert  unconsciously gave more, she rhythmically followed Lei Yin’s movement without realizing it.

Lei Yin looked straight into the bliss filled and eyes shut face of Naoko. He kept moving violently whilst looking her; he gently stroked her baby face lovingly.

This fool ……..

A few minutes later, Naoko suddenly screamed loudly, her whole body twitching violently. Even her beautiful jade toes also curved in.

After her scream, her body suddenly softened, her whole body weak lying on her lover, she couldn’t move anymore.

Lei Yin kissed her crimson face and held her in his arms, slowly stroking her back. His fingers moving down and up back softly.

After cooling down, Lei Yin came out of her; his looked at the unconscious Naoko, his face showing  deep unhappiness.

After covering her body with her towel, Lei quietly took her back to the room.

In the bathroom, Lei Yin washed her body gently. At this moment, Naoko finally woke up.

When she opened her eyes, Lei Yin carried her up and put her on his thigh, he hugged her and said, “Naoko, you listen to me, for some reasons, I do not have the idea of having future generations. Even if you are not able to have my children, it doesn’t make any difference to me. I want you to know this. This is the truth.

Naoko looked at him with a little bit of surprise. ” You, You…, are you saying the truth?”

Lei Yin calmly looked into her eyes, “it’s true, I swear it.”

Tears fell silently from her face once more, Naoko put her head on his chest and sobbed, her warm fragrant jade body from time to time shook slightly.

Lei Yin did not stop her, but gently wiped her body with a towel soaked with water.

After drying her body, Lei Yin held her waist, helping back to the bedroom.

After he placed her on the cushion sheet on the wooden floor, Lei Yin lay sideways beside her and then looked at her pitifully. He enveloped her in his bosom.

Tears continued to drop out of Naoko’s eyes, but she did not have the heart to manage them, she just kept sobbing in his arms.

He gently wiped the tears with his fingers, Lei Yin used his hands to put one of her fine hands on his face and said softly: “Stop crying, okay?”

“Lei ……” Naoko choked with a sob, but the tears flowed even more powerfully.

“You……, really are a woman filled with an ocean.” Lei Yin smiled, he adjusted and rested his head on the pillow, and then gently hugged her in his arms.

Naoko put her head on his chest, both hands tightly holding him around his waist, trying to get her entire body into the covering his bosom. Although her body was still weak, she still hugged him tightly, as if as long as she let go of him, he would suddenly vanish.

Her heart condition had always been the biggest shadow in her heart which caused to feel inferior to other women. She did not dare tell him the truth because she knew very well what infertility meant as a woman. Although she believed he was not a man that would abandon her for this reason,she was still afraid of any unforeseen circumstance.

For her, Lei Yin was her whole world. Therefore, she could even separate from her family relationship, from the very person who had reared her for more than ten years in order to wait for Lei Yin to return. Because of  her love for Lei, she decided she would risk her life by giving birth to Lei’s child.

But Lei told her he did not want children. However, her disorganized thinking could not tell whether he was telling the truth or comforting her. She just wanted to hug him tightly.

lei Yin seeming to feel the unease in her heart, Lei Yin lowered his head and kissed her hair, and then he whispered in her ear and said: “I, I love you, I promise you, we will be together forever, till the day of our death we will not be separated. (Lei Yin also said this for the second time two years later.)

Naoko’s whole body shook excitedly, her two hands finally relaxed her hug, her body’s slight twitching also gradually stopped.

“Relax, relax Naoko. Be a good girl now, and go to sleep. Okay?” Lei Yin whispered in her ear as if he was trying to coax a little child to sleep.

Slowly, Naoko resting on his chest began to calm herself and her body completely relaxed, but she held him without letting go.

Looking at her fall at sleep quietly, Lei Yin eyes were full of love.

He said to her he didn’t want to have children, he really was not consoling her.

Lei Yin who was an immortal existence that had lived many lives, he always regarded himself as a passer-by.

All glory and wealth in the world was nothing but an exaggeration to him.

He only gave his best, when he challenged the world’s heroes with a sword in his hand and tried to do something that others simply could not imagine possible. But passing by was still passing by, and when he would be reincarnated again after a few decades or centuries, no one would remember the wonders he did in his time.

The so-called success or failure were just empty gestures to him. After all few hundred years later, a mighty fortress may have been leveled down. However, the only constant things he would meet will be sunrise and sunset.

Since he was only passing by, he did not want to leave any ties behind, and future generations were the biggest ties in his eyes. Therefore, in his constant reincarnations, at best, he only received a few disciples, but from beginning to end, he never left behind any descendants.

And strictly speaking, except for the “first generation” Lei Yin, the offspring born to the bodies of those he reincarnated into would no longer be his real bloodline.

In this world, he just wanted to take good care of this beautiful woman who loved him, as well as other people who he valued. Only with them, could he temporarily forget his identity as a guest.

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