Chapter 231: War of the playboys


The next morning, Just as Lei Yin pushed open the door to the room and went in, a soft body rushed over and hugged him tightly.

Lei Yin put the tray in his hand on the table next to him and then placed his arms around her waist and said, “Awake? I was afraid I’d have to wake you up when I got up to get us breakfast”

“I … I didn’t see you after I got up, I was so scared.” Naoko whispered like a child who was about to be punished for her wrong doing.

“Foolish girl.., let’s have breakfast, have you had your bath yet?

“Oh, I’m sorry, I have not, I haven’t even brushed my teeth, hold on for me!!.” Naoko in panic ran into the bathroom.

Lei smiled faintly, he put the tray down on the table.

Cleaned up, Naoko’s face slightly red from shame sat on the other side of the table as she looked at Lei yin opposite her.
Naoko absentmindedly moved her chopsticks randomly as she played with her breakfast, but she would randomly sneak a peek at Lei Yin who was eating.

“What’s wrong, the food isn’t to your taste?” Lei Yin looked at her strangely and asked.

“No, no, nothing.” Naoko hurriedly lowered her head to eat.

“Good, good… his attitude towards me has not changed”.

Drops of crystalline liquid quietly fell from Naoko’s face into her soup bowl. Her lowered head prevented lei yin from noticing this.

After they finished breakfast, Lei Yin while watching TV news said to her: “A lot has happening lately. So, since we are here we might as well take some time to play around. How about we visit some places.  Yes!! I remember you went to Nagoya Primary school, junior high school and high school, take me to your previous school to visit. How about it?

Naoko eyes lit up, her face immediately revealed an excited expression, “Really!!?”

Lei Yin nodded with a smile.

Naoko joyfully held Lei Yin’s arm. Naoko was delighted a big difference from her previously cautious and solemn mood.

When lei Yin and Naoko left the hotel, they did not go to Nagoya city famous tourist attractions as other tourists did, but they boarded various city commune buses leisurely wandering around and admiring a few eye catching side attractions. When they saw some wonderful side attractions or antique shops, they would get off the bus to visit, after which they check them out and tour its vicinity on foot and later take another bus to continue their wandering. They were very relaxed and carefree.

Although Naoko studied in Nagoya for so many years, but because of her frequent illness during her childhood, she mostly lingered around the vicinity of her school and  the home of her  grandmother.  She had yet to actually visit most of the places in Nagoya city. When Lei Yin asked her the direction to several places she could not answer, She sulkily gave up being a guide and bought herself a map. Naoko sulked for a long time because of this.

Although their journey was so multi directional and aimless, but they also stopped to visit the Japanese temple, the Shrine, Osu Street market and other tourist attractions. Among all the places they visited, they stayed the longest Osu Street market.

The shopping street had a long history, and still retained its rich “Down Town (Market)” style, in which almost everything could be found here. It had large malls with electrical stores, electronic and digital stores; there were also many clothing stores which included some traditional clothes kiosks and so on. As a result of the abundant and myriad variety of goods available, their prices were relatively cheaper. This made the shopping market very lively and during the holidays there were even more customers.

Here Naoko was very excited as she admired the small kiosks that sold ingeniously prepared special indigenous snacks and some unique hand crafted objects which where usually not seen in the big cities Later, they stopped to eat sushi at nearby antique sushi restaurant, which was said to have been in operation for sixty to seventy years, its ancientness could be seen in its surrounding right down to its exterior and interior decorations and even the table wares. Lei Yin did not like Japanese sushi (TLN: the first sushi racist I have met) this didn’t mean it wasn’t tasty. However in that shop, Lei Yin was very interested in the store’s signature dish “eel rice.” This eel rice was not sushi and should not have appeared in a sushi restaurant. But no matter what, it was just too delicious; so no one cared about it being out of place in a sushi restaurant.


Lei Yin enjoyed a lot of things; one of which included savoring the taste of an exquisite mean which was very important. He had also eaten eel rice in Tokyo, but it was far less delicious to the one sold in this shop. He had an amazing appetite, so he ate three bowls.

Naoko also felt that this dish tasted good, and when she saw Lei Yin enjoyed it so much, she humbly asked the chef for his recipe to his specially prepared eel rice.

In fact, the recipe of this eel rice was very simple. Generally first cut into strips or slices the eel meat and grill for a while. Then spread some sauce on it and finally put the grilled eel meat on the freshly cooked rice. Although this practice seemed very simple, but grilling eel met at the right temperature was important, the preparation of the sauce directly determined the taste of eel rice.

Since this dish was the shop’s signature dish, naturally the recipe could not be shared or leaked. But the young chef was completely conquered by the Naoko’s beauty and the humble attitude. Regardless of what questions Naoko asked, he answered even more obedient than a primary school student just admitted. Unfortunately, before he could give a detailed information on the recipe for the preparation of the kitchen’s inheritance sauce, the owner of the sushi restaurant coughed terribly and this jolted him out of his state of limbo.

It was already past six o’clock when they came out from the sushi kitchen.

They didn’t want to go back to the hotel so early, so the two of them just strolled about.

As they leisurely strolled in the bustling streets, Naoko nestled her head on the shoulders of Lei Yin. She felt drunk on the all emotions coursing through her and the warmth and care she felt from Lei Yin.

Compared with visiting scenic spots, she preferred to do nothing as they were doing now, but comfortably relax and hold on to him walked about slowly.

“Lei, I’m really happy.” Naoko whispered.

Lei Yin said: “If you like, we will arrange more trips like this.”

“No, it’s not the touring that’s making me happy, just being with you like this is all that matters to me.” Naoko looked at him softly and said.

Lei Yin smiled, “Since you like shopping, when we go back to Tokyo later, we will find more time out to visit the mall and other places like this. good?”

Naoko happily nodded.

Lei Yin saw a movie theater up ahead, he looked at Naoko and said: “can we go see a movie?”

“OK. But no horror movies.” Naoko smiled and looked at him.

“Well, a romance movie is on, but I’m not sure I won’t fall asleep halfway through the movie.”

“It does not matter, I’ll wake you up at the time.” Naoko smiled and then happily put her head on his shoulder.


” Hey Beauty, would you mind having lunch with me?” Ashi said to Kazumi.

She put her book into her bag and glanced at him indifferently: “I’m sorry, I’m not used to eating with strangers.”

“Stranger? Your sentence really hurts, we are in the same department, and I am your immediate senior…h.. h, how are we strangers?”

Unfortunately, Kazumi completely ignored his performances, picked up her bag with other books and walked away from him. Behind her   Asasei watched the play as her lips curved slightly, but she also hurried to go out of the class as well.

Looking her moving farther and farther, Ashi laughed, but also slowly went out as well.

Looking at them as all three went out, a few girls had the expression of resentment.

Beginning last week, this third-year student named Ashi suddenly appeared in the horizon of the Kazumi and approached her enthusiastically for a date. This made the girls who had been upset originally because of Yasuda Ogata infatuation with Kazumi feel anguish.

“What exactly is it about that girl?” said one girl angrily.

“I did not think this girl who is usually quiet would be able seduce a man. Another other girl sourly said.

“I would really understand if the boys were average, but why would boys like them also like such a cold woman. I wonder if all the girls in this world are dead.” A tall girl scolded.

Leader of the group of girls had look of contempt, “I feel like throwing up any time I see her proud look.”

A boy nearby who heard them said with an expression of fright: “A woman’s hatred is really scary.”

His companion said: “But then again, all the students in this department have become more attractive recently.

“But Kazumi’s character is as inaccessible as before.”

“I feel the same way.”


whilst walking down the corridor, Asasei quiet looked back and whispered to her friend: “kazumi, he is still following us.”

“Do not mind him.” Kazumi continue to move forward.

When they walked out of the school building, this time, a handsome man in a casual wear walked over, “beautiful, you are doing good?.”

“Hello, ”Kazumi greeted him. After several months of frequently seeing each other, she had become accustomed to the existence of Ogata Yasuda and wouldn’t feel as uncomfortable as before.

Yasuda turned around and said to the kazumi: “I am here to pick you up.”

“I am sure even primary school students do not need adults to pick them up from school, at least I should not be inferior to primary school students.” Kazumi replied unconsciously.

“It’s not the same? It’s normal to pick up your favourite girls when they are done with their classes,” Yasuda said without any thought.

And kazumi frowned, “Please do not just say those frivolous words to me. This will only make me think that you are too shallow.”

“I am just being honest, nothing to do with been frivolous.”

“What a pity your so-called honesty looks like a frivolous one.”

“It was just that you are not willing to understand me enough. If you are willing to get to know me well, you will find that there are a lot of good sides to me.”

“I’m sorry, I do not intend to do such boring things.”

Yasuda smiled. He looked at the calm expression on this annoying girl; he now liked the feeling of bickering with her more and more.

Compared with three months ago, she was obviously less hostile to him and was no longer so cold. Although she still didn’t give him any face and always answered him ruthlessly, but he felt he had taken a big step forward with his achievements so far. And the more contact he had with her, the more he was attracted by her unique temperament. There had been several times, he almost could not help but want to hug her hard and to use his own lips to dismantle the cold expression on her face. But he eventually defied those thoughts because he knew that if he did that, all his efforts so far would have been wasted and there would be no chance of approaching her in the future.

“Yasuda, you also came, really a coincidence ah.” Also having a good appearance, Ashi came slowly over at this time, his face revealing interesting smile.

Seeing Ashi stroll over to this place, Ogata became alert.

The main reason why Yasuda wanted to pick up the Kazumi after she got out of class was because he heard what Ashi had been up to. Although he did not know why this guy suddenly approached the kazumi, Yasuda, who understood his personality and had a very bad sense of crisis, therefore he wanted to come here and take a look.

Once upon a time, these two equally good looking guys stood together, attracting the attention of many passing girls.

“I wouldn’t want to hinder you guys as you reminisce.”Kazumi said faintly and then took Asasei who was a little dazed away

Finally, Ashi and Ogata Yasuda after looking eyeing each other cautiously turn around ready to keep up with the girls.

“Yasuda, is this girl is your prey?” Ashi suddenly stopped him.

Ogata Yasuda stopped and looked back at him. “I will warn you now, that I will never let you go if you dare to fight with me for her.”

Ashi chuckled and said: “tut tut, didn’t think that the legendary Ogata Yasuda will say that, this is not like you at all, look at you so nervous, I starting to get more and more interested in this girl.”

Yasuda’s eyes flamed as he got even angrier, “Ashi, you’d better not anger me.”

Laughing, Ashi said “Do you think I’m really scared of you? Honestly, I was not really interested in the game, but it is completely different if the opponent turned out to be you.”

Yasuda said coldly, “Why are you doing this? It does not benefit you at all.”

“You do care about her, but you don’t want to say it, you have tried for more than three months to get this girl… still there has not been any positive result, this is not like the previous Ogata Yasuda. Ha, I hope you do not let me win this game too easily”

Ogata Yasuda sneered, “If you do not use any despicable means, I do not mind competing with you at all, but if you dare to do anything funny to the Kazumi, I will ensure you regret it.” Having said that, he no longer looked at Ashi and walked on.

Looking at Yasuda’s back, Ashi showed a proud smile.

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