What’s Wrong with Liking My Busty Adopted Daughter


Chapter 1: I Find a Stranger Girl in My Shower


What do you remember about your 18-year-old self?


Sweating profusely on the running track? Fighting on the road to success? Or studying in high school for your dream college?


My life should be the same as any other’s. Normal school, normal job, normal romances with normal girls, normal marriage, normal children, and a normal death. This should be my life, and it was what I sought after.


Just live a life, simply and purely.


That was supposed to be the way to go—but in reality, right at this moment, a 14-year-old middle school girl lives in my bachelor apartment. If you really want to go in the details, then I should count as her guardian, because her name rests beneath mine in the family registry. The word “stepdaughter” lies in her personal information.


But I’m not listed as the head of the family, that’s my grandfather. Because of legal issues, I couldn’t fully adopt her, but since she was technically under my grandfather’s name, I kept guardianship.


She is my stepdaughter, although I’m only eighteen.


Her arrival brought many changes in my life. But in all honesty, I’m pretty fine with my circumstances.


But how did this all come to be?




One year ago.


I came home from school as usual, holding the groceries that I bought from the supermarket.


I turned my key, opened the door, and said, “I’m home.”


The apartment’s silence was expected. Since my parents died when I was at a young age, I lived with my grandfather in the countryside from when I was little. But there weren’t any good schools in the rural areas, so I applied to City S when I reached middle school.


Before Father passed away, we were doing pretty alright. He left me the two-floor apartment that I live in to this day.


I put on my slippers, and went to the kitchen. I set my groceries on the countertop, and rushed to the bathroom. I was dying to go ever since school ended.


There was a bathroom on both the first and second floor, but when I turned the knob, the door was locked.


I crinkled my brow, and pushed the door. It didn’t budge.


“Is the lock broken again?”


The bathroom on the first floor did have some problems. Sometimes it’ll lock itself when the door closes and have to be opened by the key. Since it wasn’t a big issue, I never switched the lock.


I rushed back to the living room to get the key with a twinge of annoyance.


When I slid the key in the doorknob, my legs were already pressed together. I felt that I would explode if I didn’t release the volcano that was my bladder.


But when I opened the bathroom door, mist billowed out of the shower. The sound of trickling water filled my ears.


Thin, miniscule streams of water scattered upon a slender body with skin white as snow.


Her exquisite physique stood under the downpour, and her delicate hands held a pink loofah.


The sight effectively put me in a state of confusion. My brain ceased to think, and time seemed to stretch on forever.


The sound of splashing water never stopped.


The girl, upon noticing my presence, stared at me blankly with her mouth open.


We looked at each other in the eyes. Both of our expressions were full of surprise and horror.


My hollow mind started to sway my eyes downwards.


The second wave of realization hit….


How could a petite girl like her have such massive breasts? Is this making sense?


I thought back to the New Year’s, when I watched the sunrise on a mountain peak. The pleasant semicircle rose steadily on flatlands, and the spectacle before me was just like that wondrous sun.


The curve is the most satisfying shape on the planet. They represent beauty in mathematics, and numerous Renaissance artworks use ellipses and circles as a drawing base.


These breasts were art, they were perfection.


So… Even if I stared at them for half a minute, I would have only been mesmerized by the aesthetic. My eyes will be pure, even innocent.




Her lips quivered, and made some unintelligible sounds. Her face started to flush and shake.




The girl’s dainty voice was ear-piercing in surprise.


Hey hey hey, shouldn’t you be covering your breasts at times like this? If you only cover your face, won’t the important parts be bare for all to see?


What the hell am I doing? Control your eyes! Even though this world holds many temptations, don’t fall for them head over heels!


I immediately shielded my face, and apologized frantically: “I’m sorry, I didn’t see anything!”


That apology is such a lie… But I can’t worry about that now.


I turned around to run with my hands over my eyelids. Because I couldn’t see, my head slammed into the door frame.


It hurts so much!


After escaping the bathroom, I panted heavily while the past minute replayed desperately in my head. My mouth was completely dry.


A bump had already formed on my forehead. I was dizzy from the pain.


After a while of calming down, I thought, this isn’t right. This is my house! Why would a girl I’ve never seen before be in my bathroom, showering?


Who was this girl? If she doesn’t apologize, I’m going to report to the police for home invasion.


I didn’t get to go to the toilet. Now that I calmed down, the vehement geyser within me rose to the highest red-alert warning.


If I don’t get upstairs in time, I’ll have to make a trip to the cleaner’s today.


But just as I started to run, someone I never expected to meet came down the stairs.


“Grand…. Grandpa? Why are you here in City S?”


This man was my grandfather, who raised me from a baby.


He was a strict and solemn man. Although he was getting old, he was still fit and lean as ever. After retiring, he went back living in the countryside.


But it’s harvest season right now, Grandpa should be busy tending to his fields. It was impossible for him to come visit City S.


Grandpa didn’t smile pleasantly like he did before when he saw me. “I’ve come to run some errands in the city.” He replied in a fatigued tone.


“Then you should’ve given me a call?”


“I don’t really know how to use a cell phone. I had the house key anyway, so I just came here.”


“Grandpa… Please wait for me in the living room, I’m coming in just a second.”


I haven’t seen Grandpa in a long time, and I wanted to talk with him for a while longer. But if I don’t go to the bathroom right now, I might really have a breakdown.


I didn’t wait for his response. I rushed past him, and charged for the bathroom.

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