What’s Wrong With Liking My Busty Adopted Daughter

Chapter 10: This is the Real Elisha


But Baiyu wasn’t that satisfied with my answer: “‘Interim’ is the best, although ‘Lilith’ is also really good. ‘Interim’ surpasses it by this~ much!”


She flung her hands wide, almost like saying that the two novels were a century apart.


“If I were to rate novels by a hundred percent, ‘Lilith’ will get ninety, but ‘Interim’ will get two hundred percent!”


Hey hey hey, setting your percentages to two hundred is a little over the top, your math teacher might get angry.


But I was really happy after hearing someone have such faith in my novel, and whose faith would I want more than my cute daughter’s?


Baiyu really opened up her chatterbox when she talked about “Interim”. That excitement didn’t look like it would stop for days.


“…. So, they don’t understand Elisha at all, Teacher Qianniao must want to express this kind of Elisha to everyone.” The conversation moved to the livestream, and Baiyu talked dejectedly.


“About that….”


I hesitated for a second, and wondered if I should really express my thoughts to her. Although she might be unhappy that I disagreed, she must really want to truly understand her favorite character.


“I think that your view towards Elisha is a bit flawed.”


“Ha? You’re taking their side?”


Baiyu’s look towards me carried a slight disappointment, like betrayal. Then, her eyes sharpened as she glared at me: “Have you really read the novel? Or are you just basing off of other’s people’s opinions?”


“Er, although you might think I’m bragging, but I dare say that nobody understands ‘Interim’ more than I do!”


“Oh, you really dare? I’ve read it front to back three times!”


It’s useless, little Baiyu. No matter three times, or ten times, or even a hundred times, you definitely don’t understand the novel better than the original author.


I also started to focus: “In the second chapter of the first volume, when Lin Zhen first met Elisha, the text clearly quotes: ‘Her clothes were a bit tattered, and her sleeves were scuffed, but she still looked very clean and orderly. However, the sadness on her face seemed to have numbed permanently.’ And, in the second volume, although Elisha was wearing a black formal dress, the text pointed out that during the fight with the criminal, she had casual wear underneath so that her clothing wouldn’t be a hindrance in battle.”


“So, her clothes should be more tight-fit, her dress shouldn’t be the elegant kind to billow like a mosquito tent.”


“Furthermore, I believe that Elisha isn’t the type that heavily considers her appearance, she values practicality more. Even though the male lead Lin Zhen always says, ‘She wears strange Gothic dresses like an evil princess who wants to destroy the world’, she still redesigns them to more casual forms….”


I outlined each of my points, and Baiyu’s face darkened with every one. But each of them were backed by the original text, so they were utterly irrefutable.


She opened and closed her mouth, wanting to argue back, but she finally gritted her teeth.

“In conclusion.” I paused for a long time, looked at Baiyu, and said, “Elisha isn’t what you think she is.”


Baiyu yelled loudly, and her tearful eyes started to swell. She shouted repeatedly at me like a child: “She’s not, she’s not, she’s not, she’s not…. Zong Jun, you’re a big idiot, you don’t know anything at all!”




She picked up her cooled beef with rice, ignored me, and jogged up the stairs.


“The rice may have gone cold, let me heat it for you.”


I said as I stood at the edge of the stairs, but there was no answer. She didn’t even turn her head, and returned to her room with a slam.


I thought about my actions, was I a bit too direct? I think I can hear that she’s crying.


I sighed, and went back to the dinner table. Mixing the rice, I shoveled a spoonful in my mouth.


Yep, it’s gone cold, alright.

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