What’s Wrong With Liking My Busty Adopted Daughter


Chapter 11: Going to a Hotel


Normally, beef with rice is a very delicious meal, and I’ll gulp down at least two bowls of it. But today, I wasn’t in the mood, and stopped after a couple of bites.


Baiyu didn’t come downstairs anymore after she stormed back to her room. Before, she still brought back her finished plate down to the sink like an obedient child. It seems that she’s really angry at me.


Now that I think about it, I’m really an incompetent father, ruining her feelings at such a trivial matter. Even though I feel that Elisha’s partner Lin Zhen wouldn’t be too happy, I don’t care at all. Characters should be at the author’s mercy, having their life and death governed by the author like a god.


After washing the dishes, I went back to my room, opened my notebook, and started to work. Because the sixth volume was trashed, I had to rewrite my plotline and events.


I opened up the original draft of the sixth volume, and quickly skimmed over it. Since I wrote it myself, I shouldn’t have forgotten at least the majority of the text. Although the original was completely overturned, a lot of the parts can still be reusable by the new version, and the major plotline wasn’t terrible.


I reread the original draft for an hour, and spent another half writing the new outline. Then, I started to type the first sentence of the new sixth volume….


“Nobody forgot about that night, just as Lin Zhen predicted to Elisha….”


My keyboard clacked incessantly, but the content on the document was painstakingly little. I rewrote, deleted, and rewrote again, but I couldn’t make it satisfying at all.


I wanted to change Elisha’s character, but when you really write a novel with all of your heart, you’ll realize that each letter and word was typed by yourself one by one, cementing the plotline tree. This process could only be followed through by the author’s very original intentions. A forced change would totally ruin the flow of the story.


And after getting chewed out by Ms. Jinmu, I became worried and distracted. My mind was blank in front of the computer, even though I had the idea of how the story was going to go, I didn’t know how to continue it.


Or maybe I just have a glass heart, and couldn’t take other people’s criticism. I’m such a useless guy!


I barely got to two thousand characters after two hours. I leaned back on my chair in exasperation, and yanked at my hair painfully: “Aahh, I can’t write at all!”


Looking at the time, I’ve somehow managed to toil until nine o’clock. I decided to rest early, and opened Doumao to search Baiyu’s stream.


I thought that Baiyu wouldn’t be online today, but she was still streaming. However, she was closing up soon.


The Baiyu in the livestream wasn’t the stubborn child she was during dinner, and wasn’t wearing her Elisha costume, either. Her eyes were still red after reapplying makeup.


She waved towards the camera: “Then today’s livestream will end here today, come back next time to watch another session. Bye-bye~♪”


“Thanks, little host~”


“See you tomorrow~”


The comments spammed with gratitude.


Baiyu took off her headphones, and the screen went black.


I heard the door open upstairs, and the pitter-patter of walking. Baiyu must’ve done to the bathroom.


But after a while, the hallway sounded with footsteps going back and forth. Baiyu seemed to be talking with someone on the phone, but I couldn’t hear her properly.


It’s so late, who’s she talking to? Her boyfriend?


I was a little curious, but if it really is her boyfriend, I might get a bit mad. So I put on my slippers to open the door.


Baiyu was standing outside her room, talking with someone on the phone: “…. He’s really insufferable, right?”


She didn’t notice me since her back was turned.


“Not at all! He’s a big idiot, a massive jerk. He’s so stupid, he just repeats whatever others say, he should just go die!”


Well, although I don’t know who she’s talking to, the “big idiot, massive jerk” comments are clearly directed at me, right?


I couldn’t hear what the person replied, but Baiyu reacted in surprise: “Eh, clothes? There’s no need. Club Pres*, even though you’re asking it that way, chest circumference is really embarrassing… but it is going to be cramped if it’s too small.”


I saw her self-consciously squeeze her breasts. Since Baiyu’s chest was very big, and still growing, most of her clothes became too tight after a few months, as for why I know this…. She’s had me sew back her popped buttons too many times.


I felt that this conversation was getting a bit too personal, and that I shouldn’t have heard that….


But Baiyu was about to return to her room, and turned the doorknob. “Hotel? Eh, it’s just measurements, you can just come to my house when that guy isn’t here….”




As I was about to return to my room, I stopped.


Hotel? Hotel?* Two young girls don’t need to go to a hotel, what will they do there? And why during a time when I’m not home?


*Hotel? trivago.


Could it be….


No…. No matter what, this is too early, right? You’re still in middle school!

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