What’s Wrong With Liking My Busty Adopted Daughter

Chapter 12: The Stumble was an Accident


To prevent my daughter from walking on the road of crime, I immediately pushed open my door, but Baiyu had already returned to her room.


I walked to Baiyu’s door, and knocked.


If she refused to open, I’ll knock all night. I need to know the full story behind this.


Suddenly, the door opened, and Baiyu stood behind it: “I heard y…. Aaahh!”


Her last word turned into a frantic scream.


Because I was a bit impatient, I was knocking on the door quite heavily. So when the door opened, my fist met thin air, and I lost my balance. The front of my foot tipped forward, and my body soon followed.


And Baiyu, standing at the door, was right in front of me, so there was no way for me to avoid pulling her down.


Baiyu’s agitated state looked like a deer in headlights. She instinctively tried to catch me, but because she was weaker, I fell on top of her, and the two of us stumbled backward into the room.


All of this played out in slow motion in my head. After a heavy boom, we both hit the floor at the same time.


I wasn’t completely sprawled, but rather in a crawling posture at Baiyu’s waist. Her skirt was lifted and draped on her stomach like an apron. Her two pale, slender legs and light pink underwear with baby-bear prints were for all the world to see.


And my left hand was gripping Baiyu’s breasts. Because my instincts completely took over, I grabbed very hard while falling down. Her soft, elastic, and supple bust was misshapen by my fist.


Our faces were very close together. Her mind was in a state of shock, and didn’t register what had happened. Two pairs of eyes stared into each other for several seconds.


I think I need a moment.


Fathers that grab their daughter’s chests don’t exist on this world, right? Only in those books with “X Father” in the titles.


But, but, I don’t really have a solution to this, right? Accidents happen all the time…. In life.


Baiyu was like an antenna that finally finished transmitting all of its data to her brain. Her tiny lips quivered: “It, it hurts! Uoow!”


Her eyes immediately filled up with fresh tears. Her hands didn’t pull down her dress, nor did they slap my hand away. She covered her face, and started to sob.


Cry…. Crying?


To be honest, besides on Uncle Jian and Aunt Meiren’s funeral, I’ve never seen Baiyu actually cry. I immediately started to panic, and got to my feet in a frenzy.


“C-c-c-calm down, calm down Baiyu, t-that was, I was really…. Sorry, sorry, sorry!!”


I kept on apologizing, and wanted to die. If I was magically transported to a 16th story high building right now, I would definitely jump straight down without a second thought. *


*Unintended inside joke. Read “The Taming of the Yandere” to find out. Also, it’s come to my mind that there are a shit-ton of PIRATE SITES that are hosting my translations, the biggest headache being (glares angrily) N0VELPLANET. Please come read them at the OFFICIAL site, AsianHobbyist. The only reason why I’m putting this right here in the middle of the chapter is because sites like N0VELPLANET straight up copy-paste translations using bots. NovelUpdates.com is an index that holds all releases from every translation site on the internet, and you can save reading lists + interact on legit forums + write reviews + find much more interesting novels and oneshots that aren’t available on PIRATE sites. Also, if you want to support me, come on Patreon at https://www.patreon.com/serractica. Join the OFFICIAL AsianHobbyist Discord at https://discord.gg/tWTUXhQ.




She wailed loudly, not holding back at all. Her tears were continuously wiped away with her hands, and she kept sobbing. Her skirt was let alone, with her underwear and legs exposed. Her chest buttons were also popped off, and red marks were still visible where I accidentally grabbed her.


I kept on wanting to just die on the spot, and also worrying over whether to help her push down her skirt, since it’s not such a good idea for girls to have their underwear and legs right outside….


If strangers saw this scene, they would definitely dial 911. Policemen would handcuff me to a heater, wrap a blanket around me, and beat me mercilessly with a baton so that no visible wounds will be inflicted and so that I wouldn’t be able to prove anything in court.


Baiyu cried for a long time before getting up on her feet. She kept crying on the way to her bed, and enveloped herself in a bundle of blankets.


“Baiyu, please let me explain, I really didn’t do that on purpose.”


Her reply was a flying pillow, thudding heavily on my face.


It looks like she won’t be listening at all.


I had no choice but to leave her room, close her door, and wait to apologize the next morning when she calmed down.

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