What’s Wrong With Liking My Busty Adopted Daughter

Chapter 13: Meetings with Online Friends Must Have Family Present!


Waking up the next morning, the dark bags under my eyes made me look like a humanoid panda. I didn’t sleep much last night, tossing and turning.


When I finished preparing breakfast, Baiyu came down the stairs fully dressed and ready.


“Baiyu, come here.”


She quivered for a moment when I called her name, crossing her arms as she turned to face me. Her stare was like looking at a pile of garbage.


It didn’t feel very nice.


“I really apologize for what happened yesterday, it was all my fault. But I really didn’t do it on purpose.”


“Don’t talk about yesterday, are you a pervert? Shitty rapist, so disgusting, go die go die go die!”


As she told me to die, she threw the sofa pillows at me. Then, she demanded angrily: “Why aren’t you dodging?”


“Well, it is my fault, so if this makes you feel better….”


“You’re an idiot!”


She muttered, but she seemed to have already calmed down. Baiyu sat on the sofa.


I brought out a tube of medicine from the kitchen cabinet, walked to her side, and gave it to her: “Here, this eases soreness.”


Baiyu’s face immediately flushed red, and self-consciously felt her breasts. She made a ( >﹏<) face in embarrassment, and hit my head repeatedly with the pillow: “Are you retarded? What the hell are you thinking? Forget, forget, forget it all.”


“Fine, fine, I’ll forget about it, I really did.”


I was about to put the medicine back, but she snatched it from my hands.


“Eh, didn’t you say you didn’t want it?”


“Don’t mind me!”


She swore at me while blushing, stood up and said: “About yesterday…. What was wrong with you? You knocked so many times on the door, it was so annoying!”


I hesitated for a while, but decided to ask her properly.


“Well…. Was the person you were talking to yesterday on the phone a girl?”


I questioned cautiously, and got an eye-roll as a response.


“Does this matter to you?” She angrily glared at me with her eyebrows raised. “Were you eavesdropping on our conversation?”


“No, not at all!”


My face reddened, but denied it immediately.


Baiyu sighed: “Well, it doesn’t matter, I was going to tell you anyway. The person on the phone yesterday was the president of the Qianniao Fan Club, she’s the one who sends me all my cosplay. She’s a really good person, and a girl!”


She accentuated the last word heavily, seemingly to show her displeasure towards me.


For Baiyu to describe a person with the words “really” and “good” was quite rare. If she were to define me, she’ll probably use phrases like “mound of garbage scrap” and “a walking lump of dog poop”.


Although I was sort of relieved that she was a girl….


“What the hell is the Qianniao Fan Club?”


“It’s the reader base for Teacher Qianniao, the club president gathered all of us together.” As she mentioned the strange club pres, Baiyu’s eyes shimmered with respect. “If there’s anyone who loves Teacher Qianniao more than me, it’s the club president.”


I have a fan club? Well, isn’t that pleasing to hear.


“Yesterday, the club president wanted to meet with me, and wanted me to bring you along…”


Baiyu thought for a while, and said in a serious tone I’ve never heard before: “Zong Jun, you should live someplace else this week.”


“What are you talking about?”


“Because the club pres told me some strange things….” Baiyu hesitated, but still said, “Because she loves Teacher Qianniao too much, she found the address of someone who criticized Qianniao. She talked about arson….”


“Huh? That’s fake, right? She’s bluffing? This kind of person should go to Dr. Phil, what does it have to do with me?”


This wasn’t something that could be explained with “rabid fans”. Even though she’s my fan, I’m still scared!


Wait… wait a second. If the cosplay was made by the club president, then she must believe that Elisha is this kind of person. Furthermore, I disagreed with Baiyu’s view of Elisha, did this anger that president?


It’s slowly becoming a reasonable thought.


What should I do, should I really go hide out for a couple of days?


To make sure, I still asked Baiyu: “The club president of the fan base is a girl, right?”


Baiyu nodded, and I let out a small breath of relief.


Hmph, no matter what, she’s still a young girl. Not to brag, but even though I make money from pen and paper, I haven’t stopped exercising, and my body’s constitution….


“But the president says that she’s a black belt in aikido. She sounds really scary.”
Hmm, why don’t I go pay a visit to Grandpa in the countryside? I’m not afraid, I just haven’t seen him in a long time, I really miss him right now….


But to just let Baiyu meet an online friend…. I didn’t feel very assured.


“Do you really have to go?”


“Yep, I want to.”


“I don’t have any problems, but since it’s someone you met online, call up some school friends to accompany you.”


Baiyu muttered very quietly: “Don’t have any friends like that.”


I stopped: “What?”
“I said, I don’t have any friends like that!” Her voice grew louder.


She did seem a little pitiful. Because we didn’t communicate much, I didn’t know how things were going on in school, all I knew was bits of information gathered from the homeroom teacher. For her lack of friends…. I really wanted to help, but this really all depends on her own capabilities.


At last, I didn’t feel comfortable for Baiyu, so I ground my teeth and said: “Go meet her, I’ll be watching you from a distance. If it isn’t someone good, I’ll rush to you immediately.”


That club president is my fan, if she really wants to beat me up, she probably won’t if I reveal my identity, right?


“Nah, the president is a good person.”


“Better safe than sorry.”


“Then…. Ugh, I can’t stand you. If the president really messes you up, I won’t hold her back.”


Baiyu seemed a bit happy while she said those words. Will she feel delighted seeing me get beat up? How much does she hate me?


But what kind of person is the club pres? It’s just a little intriguing.


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