What’s Wrong With Liking My Busty Adopted Daughter


Chapter 6: When Is The “Good News Bad News” Punchline Going to End


Three hours later….


“Ah, I’ve finally finished today’s work~!”


I stood up and stretched. Today, I finished “The Interim Notebook” Volume 7’s ending, so the workload wasn’t too bad. I’ve only released up to Volume 5 online, but authors need to turn in a copy beforehand to editors for quality-checking. I was faster than the average author, so I already finished Volume 7.


After a quick rest, I double-checked the novel for any places that needed some work. Once I was certain it was good to go, I sent the novel to my supervising editor’s email address.


Not too long after, my cell phone rang from my editor.


“Teacher Qianniao, I received your draft.”


“Oh, thank you for your work.”


“I have good news and bad news, which do you want to hear first?”
I couldn’t tell from the editor’s calm tone whether the good news was actually good, or the bad news was actually bad.


“Um… What’s the good news?”


“Oh, you want to hear the good news first? I don’t think you can take the bad news very well!”


Ugh, then why didn’t you just tell me the bad news at the very beginning?


The person behind the phone didn’t show a sign of apology, and laughed: “The checking process for Volume 6 is done.”


“What’s the result?”


“It’s getting trashed!”


“Trashed…. What does that mean? Do I need to revise it?”


“Trashed means trashed, we’re not going to use a single word of it, everything has to be rewritten from scratch!”


“….Oh, er, wait what!!!”


I uncontrollably let out a yell of surprise. Does she not understand what she just said?


It felt as if I raised a baby, and had to strangle it to have a new one because other people thought it was ugly. Although it was very painful, if I didn’t turn in my drafts according to her requirements, my next month’s salary wasn’t going to come through.


The woman in the phone who wanted to strangle my child kept talking: “So, Teacher Qianniao, you don’t have to write so fast. Since Volume 6 is going to get trashed, Volume 7 will have to be heavily revised as well.”


“Why… Why is it going to get trashed?”


“You’re actually asking me why…. Ugh, don’t you realize that your recent works are going downhill? And I discovered that even though “Interim” is a detective mystery novel, you’re adding more and more romance aspects. There was only one case in the entire Volume 6!”


“That, that’s because…. Eh, character relationships have to be fixed and rounded off, and readers are also interested in the affair between Elisha and Lin Zhen*. Furthermore, I feel that every character’s psychological changes will make positive influences, as well as making their images look more whole.” I stammered as I explained, trying to change my editor’s view about “Interim” Volume 6.


*Author doesn’t explain here, but Lin Zhen is the male protagonist in “The Interim Notebook”. He is the main detective. Elisha is the female lead and love interest, and helps out Lin Zhen a lot in his cases. It’s hinted that she’s such a great help because she inherited a lot of money, or something. It’s never really clear what exactly is going on in the novel.


“But isn’t this betraying the pace and nature of mystery novels?” The supervising editor shot back. “The worst part out of all is not only does Volume 6 only have one case, its criminal’s method is nearly the exact same as Volume 2’s case from Chapters 6-12. Even the protagonist’s theoretical approach was similar.”


She stopped for a moment, and said the final death sentence: “Teacher Qianniao, you’re starting to live off your own fat again.”


I was speechless. Honestly, the editor’s words were right, but these mystery novels were really hard to come up in the first place. I had to place some meaningless evidence for the readers beforehand, and figure out a way for the protagonist to connect all the dots. Then, I had to produce a “Oh, so that’s what it was, why didn’t I think of that” feeling for the readers.


Mystery novels are really a pain. I was starting to regret transferring into the genre.


“Ha, why aren’t you saying anything? Are your feelings hurt?”


I could hear the smile through the phone, but she was right. Not only were my feelings hurt, they were shattered like glass into a million pieces.


“Alright, don’t be so sad. There’s also good news.” She actually tried to comfort me, what a surprise.


“Teacher Qianniao, your project ‘Interim’….” She slowed down her words, and paused for a long time before saying, “Is going to be published!”




I stood stunned for a while, before realizing that this was really good news!


“Come to headquarters this Saturday, I still have to talk specific with you. I also have to introduce the artist.”


She hung up the phone. So dramatic.


But I was still holding my cell in the same position.


My novel…. Is going to have artwork?


My novel is going to get published?




I pumped my first, and started to laugh uncontrollably.


Boom boom boom!


The wall between my room and Baiyu’s sounded, and I heard Baiyu’s swears.


“So loud, Zong Jun, are you an idiot?”


What to do? I really want to share this good news with Baiyu, if she knew that “Interim” was going to be printed and published, she would be as happy as I am.


No, no, I have to control myself.


Hey, the publisher that rejected “Lilith”, do you see me now? I, Qianniao, am going to be the author of a published novel! It’s too late to regret now, hahaha~~


So does that mean from now on, I can proclaim myself as a novelist in pride? I’m getting giddy just thinking about it!


The phone rang again from the editor.


“Oh, I almost forgot. The editor-in-chief wants me to tell you, if the new draft is still as terrible as the first one, “Interim” will be cut, and forced to end prematurely.”


She hung up the phone without even giving me a chance to confirm.


It was as if a bucket of ice water was dumped on my head, extinguishing my flames of joy into clumps of ash.




On Saturday, I left a note on the table explaining that I wasn’t going to be at home for lunch, and left some takeout money. Then, I set off for headquarters on schedule.


The web novel site “IF” had a branch right in City S, so the supervising editor would occasionally come to my house for deadline inquiries. However, after Baiyu moved in with me, I started going to the headquarters myself. It sounds scary, but sometimes I would get locked in a room in the department building if I dragged the deadline for too long. I wasn’t set free until I finished, and wasn’t given any food, either.


After signing in at the reception desk, I rode the elevator for the editing department.


The elevator ascended to the fifth floor. The door opened, and I walked into the office. A couple of familiar editors waved at me pleasantly.


“Oh, it’s Teacher Qianniao.”


“Good morning, Teacher Qianniao.”


I replied to their greetings politely. Since I had to come to the office often, I built some pretty good relationships with some of the staff.


My supervising editor, Ms. Jinmu, had her office a bit farther in. She noticed my arrival, and only glanced for a second before answering her phone: “Yes…. About that draft….”


I was long used to it, and immediately took a seat across her.


Ms. Jinmu was about twenty-seven or twenty-eight years old, and dyed her long hair fashionably in a golden blonde. She would usually tie her hair in a ponytail, and her body was tall and slender. Her looks were icily beautiful, and she would always look at me expressionlessly no matter what. But still, I picked her out of all the available editors, because….


Her breasts were super~~~ huge!


She normally wears a work suit, and looks really formal all the time.  But her breasts always stretched the collar very tightly, and sometimes her chest button would pop out. Her blushed, cute expression never fails.

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