What’s Wrong With Liking My Busty Adopted Daughter


Chapter 7: This Flat-Chest is Going to Be My Artist


After a while, she hung up her phone, and faced me. “Apologies, Teacher Qianniao. I’ve let you wait too long.”


“It’s alright, I just arrived anyway.” I waved it off.


Ms. Jinmu was being polite, but she wasn’t very apologetic. She handed me a few papers, and said: “I’ve arranged the contracts, you just need to put your signature at the appropriate spaces.”


Just when I was about to take the contracts, a series of frightening slams sounded from the door behind Ms. Jinmu.


Boom boom boom!


I heard a girl’s wails: “Waahhh~~~ Let me out, let me out!!! I want to go home.”


I jumped back instinctively, and asked Ms. Jinmu hesitantly: “You snatched another one?”


“Yep, this artist hasn’t turned in a single draft for half a month now. Her partnering author got a little nervous.” Ms. Jinmu replied calmly. She wasn’t fazed at all by the terrifying cries.


I recognized that room. It was fearfully nicknamed “The Editor’s Prison” by IF authors. I was also shut and locked in from time to time by Ms. Jinmu, it’s really torturous inside.


The nearby editors weren’t affected, and each kept at their own work. It had already become a common, accepted occasion.


Small sobs leaked through the locked door, and quieted down. She seemed to have finally decided to focus on work.


I started to read the contract in my hands. Because it was my first published novel, I had to understand each line carefully, using quite a large amount of time.


Ms. Jinmu didn’t urge or press at me, and minded her own work.


Reading the entire contract and signing my name took about an hour. I handed the papers back to Ms. Jinmu: “I’m done with the contract.”


“Alright.” She took the papers, checked for any missed signatures, and placed them at a corner of her desk.


“I want to ask; which artist is responsible for “Interim’s” artwork?” I asked hopefully.


“Oh…” Ms. Jinmu thought for a moment. “It should be Teacher LOVE-Lolita.”


“Eh?” I made a displeased sound. A feeling of unhappiness welled up inside my heart.


I didn’t have any prejudices against LOVE-Lolita. The artist, nicknamed “LoliLove” by his beloved fans, held a decent amount of fame in the world of art-cameos. At first, he started as a comic artist for lesbian hentai, and drew a lot of praised book covers after entering the novel world, but….


His artwork is all~~~ flat-chested lolis, there isn’t one that’s remotely busty!


Gaaahhh, this is just spreading the evil ideal that “Flat-Chests Are the One and Only”! I can totally tell from his works that he’s some disgusting man who lives in a basement!


Just when I wanted to request a change, Ms. Jinmu stood up, and said: “I should let you two meet. It’s just about time, too.”


Eh, is the guy already here?


Ms. Jinmu walked to the Prison room, and opened the lock with a key. After a while, she came out with a sobbing young girl with double ponytails, and stood in front of me.


The girl was short, about Baiyu’s height. She had a petite build, and her most distinctive feature was her double ponytails. I couldn’t see her face clearly because she was crying so much.




As I dragged my vision downwards….


Her chest was flat like a plain!


This f*ckin’ Teacher LoveLoli looks just like the characters she draws! I thought that she was some pervert from her username, but now it seems like complete narcissism.




I widened my eyes as I looked at the teary girl, and turned my attention to Ms. Jinmu. My eyes radiated the words “Are you f*cking kidding me”, and I was so stunned I forgot to speak.


Ms. Jinmu patted the girl’s shoulders: “This is Teacher LOVE-Lolita. Because LoveLoli wasn’t finished with one of her responsible projects, I ‘invited’ her here.”


That word “invite” holds so many layers of meanings! And she’s not even calling her by pseudonym, but rather her nickname?


“From today onwards, you two teachers will be working together. Get familiar with each other.” Ms. Jinmu put her hand on the girl’s shoulder. “Teacher LoveLoli, stop crying, introduce yourself to Teacher Qianniao.”


I passed a few tissues to her.


“Thank you.” She wiped her tears, and blew her nose.


“Come sit down.” Ms. Jinmu gestured me to her side, and said: “Isn’t this all working out? If you finished your job early, I wouldn’t have needed to come to your house and yanked you out of your room.”


Hey hey hey, is this really okay? You made her cry!


“I never thought that Teacher LoveLoli was such a young girl, are you in middle school right now?” I spoke first to ease the awkwardness.


Ms. Jinmu glanced at me. “She’s the same age as you.”




I stared at the double-ponytailed loli in disbelief. My jaw dropped in surprise.


Stop joking, you’re telling me that this kind of girl who would get asked by a friendly police officer “Kiddo, are you lost” is my age? She’s already 18?


“Don’t call me that.” The ponytailed loli stopped crying, and blushed from us calling her “Teacher LOVE-Lolita” and “LoveLoli”. She angrily stated: “My name is Xiaxi.”


I could see her face clearly now. Pale white skin, a pointed face with large eyes and eyelashes. She’s really the beauty standard.


Because I’ve read LOVE-Lolita’s hentai works, I unconsciously associated her figure into the characters under her pen.


I really am sorry!


Heartfelt apologies bounced around my heart.


“Now that you two have the chance, Teacher Qianniao, you should state your requirements to Teacher LOVE…. Teacher Xiaxi.” Ms. Jinmu spoke.


As I just opened my mouth, Xiaxi crossed her arms: “Perverted… No perverted demands!”


“Who the f*ck would demand that!” I cried out loud.


I calmed myself, and started to dissect the core of my novel for Xiaxi. I tried my hardest to make my character “come to life” for her to understand. Because I was talking about my own novel, I gradually grew more excited, and made numerous points on what to draw.


Xiaxi nodded and grunted carelessly, and her rude attitude was starting to anger me. But I was more worried, was she really capable of being my novel’s artist?


At the end, I warily made my last request: “…. Uh, this may be a little different from what Teacher Xiaxi usually draws, but…. I wish for the female characters to have larger breasts.”


I thought that this comment would be rejected by Xiaxi, but I wasn’t expecting her to go: “Oh, got it.”


Seeing that we were finished, Ms. Jinmu looked at her wristwatch, and told us: “Then we’re done for today, good job. You two can go home.”


“Thank you very much.”


We both gestured goodbyes, and left the office.

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