What’s Wrong With Liking My Busty Adopted Daughter


Chapter 8: The Streamer Is Arguing With Her Fans


I arrived home, and yelled from the gate.


“I’m home!”


Nobody responded, but it was expected. Although Baiyu was in her room on the second floor, she was well past the age of running to the gate and welcoming her father, who came home after a hard day of work.


Honestly, it feels a bit lonely….


I took off my shoes, placed them nearly in the shoebox, and put on indoor slippers.


Booming sounds echoed throughout the highs ceiling, and faint rhythmic beats wafted from the second floor.


I looked at the time, it was just past three. It was still early to be making dinner, but since I was just reprimanded by Ms. Jinmu about draft deadlines, I wasn’t really in a good mood to be working, either.


I need some magic to replenish my qi. *


*All of you wuxia fans know what this means~


I grabbed my tablet, and lied down comfortably on the sofa. I connected to the house’s WiFi, and opened an application on the home screen.


The icon was a cute little kitten, a streaming site called Doumao. It was the largest livestreaming host in the nation, and Baiyu hosted her streams on there. With her cute looks and beautiful voice, it was safe to say that she was already a bit famous on the site.


I searched Baiyu’s stream, and clicked into it. By the way, her chatroom name is [The Baiyu Who Loves Singing, Dancing, and “Interim” Kawaii-desu~ (≖ ‿ ≖)✧ ]


She even put in colored text, so cute.


My screen lit up with Baiyu’s room. She was dancing on the carpet between her bed and desk, to a Japanese song that I’ve heard before, “Cycle of Love”. Because I needed material for my web novels, I’ve looked at quite a lot of Japanese-related stuff, and tried the best I could to understand its culture.


Although Baiyu was sweetly beautiful and had a great body, she was still a bit clumsy while dancing. She occasionally tripped herself.


The scrolling comments also started to flare up.


“Little host, don’t dance anymore~ come sing!”


“Missus, friendly fire, friendly fire!”


“Cancel, cancel, if you keep dancing I’m really going to wipe my subscription….”


Baiyu didn’t seem to be fazed by the comments, and kept happily dancing. She came back to the computer when the music stopped, and fixed her hair by looking at her webcam.


“Wauuw, the little host is so cute!”


“Let go of that screen, let me lick it a little.”


“I’m typing this with my left hand.” *


*TL-note: I choked on my apple when I read this.


I noticed some of the inappropriate comments. Ugh, licking the screen is a little over the top, isn’t it?


But…. I’m just a little curious on what the screen tastes like, should I try to taste it?


Just joking, of course I wouldn’t do something disgusting like that!


Of course.


Baiyu watched the comments, and acted all angry: “What do you mean my dancing is bad? I’m trying my hardest, here!”


“At least you’re trying, if you didn’t try then you wouldn’t know how bad you are.”




“Hahahaha (~~▽~)~ I laughed out loud reading comments.”


“You people….” Baiyu tried to talk with a condescending tone, but she quickly lost control of her giggles. Looks like she wasn’t displeased, but was just communicating with her audience.


I was a little envious, this feeling of interaction with fans.


Although I had a comment section on each of my novels at IF, but I’ve never experienced the “face-to-face” sense of chatting. And I wasn’t the type of author to be replying to every comment, because some of them would discourage me from writing for a whole day.


At this time, someone donated to Baiyu, and she happily thanked them.


To support her in some way, I also registered an account on Doumao, and transferred five hundred yuan to buy five Golden Kibbles. * There were even higher leveled Platinum Kibbles for a thousand, and even Diamond Kibbles for ten thousand.


*Kibbles are a streamer currency used to donate on the fictional website Doumao. 500 CNY is about 80 USD, 1000 CNY is about 160 USD, and 10000 CNY is about 1500 USD. Imagine donating a thousand bucks to a streamer, ey? (CNY = Chinese Yuan)

Below, 100 yuan is about 15 USD. This may not seem much, but although 1 US dollar is economically worth 6 CNY, if you were to compare markets and social value, it’s actually only about 2-3 CNY for every US dollar. More expensive goods in the West tend to lean more towards the economic value, such as shoes, sports equipment, etc., but everyday manufactured goods such lamps, thermoses, books, and chairs only count 1:2 or 1:3 compared to America. A 30-dollar table would average to about 60 yuan or 80 yuan in China, but a 60-dollar winter coat would be around 350-400 yuan.


People have already donated close to a hundred-yuan worth of Kibbles. I didn’t waste any time, and quickly fed five Golden Kibbles to her.


Baiyu was surprised when she received the Kibbles, and exclaimed: “Thanks to ‘My Dear Daddy’ for donating five Golden Kibbles’….”


After reading it out loud, she stopped herself, and unhappily pouted her lips.


“Don’t take advantage of others.”


She’s so cute, my heart is melting.


Baiyu chatted with her audience for a bit more, and people started to ask the clothes she was wearing. Today, she wore a long, silvery dress, looking very elegant.


She stood up, curtsied, and twirled around: “This is the female lead Elisha’s appearance in the sub-series ‘Interim Reminisce’ in Teacher Qianniao’s ‘The Interim Notebook’.”


I did write a sub-series; it was about the time before the female lead Elisha met the male protagonist, Lin Zhen. At that time, she was still a wealthy heir that was interested in philosophy and solving crimes, and her tragedy didn’t happen yet. So the sub-series Elisha wasn’t the same as the official arc, and was instead pleasant and enthusiastic.


“How is it?” She looked like a child showing off her toy to the adults, awaiting their praise. “Isn’t my cosplay on point?”


The majority of comments complimented her, but there was a small amount of dissent.


“Huh, I’ve also read the ‘Interim’ series, but I feel like the Elisha in ‘Interim Reminisce’ doesn’t look like this.”


“Yeah, Elisha is different from the average missus, she wouldn’t wear these clothes.”


“You should wear clothes that are easier to move around in, she’s quite the boisterous missus in ‘Interim Reminisce’!”


Unlike the joking manner before, Baiyu actually got mad at the oppositions.


“Have you guys even read the original story? This is Elisha’s appearance, it is!”


She was like a petty child, and also a rabid….fan. The girl argued with her own audience until she was furiously blushing.


I was a bit worried that she’ll discourage some of her watchers, but the majority were helping her argument. The fans couldn’t really say anything, so they left the chatroom. But Baiyu was still puffed up in anger, and spoke to the camera: “I’m going to eat dinner, I’ll be a bit late when I come back to stream.”


I exited the Doumao client.


I believe that I have the say in the argument just now, since I’m the original author. Although I should always agree with Baiyu both mentally and physically, I wasn’t really on-par with her opinions on this subject relating to my book.


I think that the Elisha that I want to present, no matter official or sub series, possesses an iron-willed integrity, the desire for the truth. Although Baiyu’s cosplay was beautiful, Elisha wasn’t the type to sought after elegant clothing.


This is really a headache, should I talk to her?


Just when I was thinking, Baiyu came down the stairs, looked at the kitchen, and walked towards me with a frown. She lightly kicked my shin: “Food.”


“Oh, I’ll make it right now.”


I’ve completely forgotten about dinner. I leaped from the sofa, and jogged to the kitchen.

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