A song pretty close to my heart


It is another Indian song.

Taking Off the Mask


Even thought An Zi Ran only glanced at An Chang De for a few seconds, he still was capable of knowing what his uncle was thinking.


“Aunt, sorry but I couldn’t hear what you were talking about just know, mind if you repeat?” Zi Ran asked while starring at An Chang Fu’s wife Wu Zhi.


Wu Zhi was shocked, how can the lazy boy Zi Ran have so much enthusiasm while talking?


“Zi Ran…, what I meant was that you’re still not a full grown man, furthermore you did not learn accounting from your dad at all, it’ll be tough for you to deal with An Family’s business and assets. There are lots of things out there that are still a mystery to you, to prevent you from being cheated, your uncle and I decided that he will take some spare time and help you with it.” She said as she sighed loudly, “Your father and your uncle were closely related, they’re the closest siblings, now that he’s dead, we will help you as a family, you don’t have to thank us, it’s what we should do!”

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