The Incident


In the beginning, there were only two to three people who tried to stir up trouble in front of the food store. As there were only a small number of people, all Manager Feng did was shoo them away.


A few days later, the few who got shooed away came back again to stir up trouble, this time, they even tried to break into the food store to get the food, but of course, they did not succeed.


The smart Manager Feng predicted this, which was why he hired 5 strong dudes as guards to guard the shop. Therefore, the few that tried to break into the store were beaten up really badly by them.


Being beaten up, the people who tried to steal food had no choice but to go home with despair and anger.


Who knew, that small incidence was just a starter. Two days later, this incident exploded. The 5 guards can easily handle up to 7 or 8 people, but now when there’s more than 20 of them? It was out of control. The people broke into the store and robbed food, they were ruthless, as if they’ve been starving for weeks. Very quickly, Feng manager’s store was ransacked, it was a mess.


Manager Feng then found out that this happened to all three other managers too, their shops were invaded and robbed too. They realise things were getting out of control, which was why they came to have this meeting with Zi Ran.


After listening, Zi Ran looked down and stayed silent.


The four managers realise how Zi Ran reacted, and shook their head in disappointment. ‘He’s still too young’ they thought.


No matter how much Su Butler compliment about how Zi Ran has changed, the four manager still did not have faith in him. After all, what can a 16 year old child do? To be a successful businessman, lots of experiences are needed, which Zi Ran has none.


“Out of the blue, why would the villagers stir up trouble? Or even invade our stores?”


Right when the room was very quiet, Zi Ran’s voice expressed loudly, surprising the manages. The four managers turned around to face Zi Ran, they see his dark eyes staring back at them, they had no idea why, but those eyes seemed scary.


Manager Feng replied “Youngster, we’ve also realised that this wouldn’t just happen out of the blue, that’s I’ve sent some men to investigate, but there were no clues at all. There were zero trace about who or what was behind this incident. Our best guess now is that, someone is purposely trying to stir up trouble for us, they’re trying to sabotage us.”


The four managers are all smart people. Earlier, they heard that An Chang De and his wife left the house angrily, judging from their personality, they could very possibly be behind all these.

Furthermore, there’s another reason why they suspect An Chang De. An family is in charge of a large portion of An Yuan Ju’s food, about 80% of the food were supplied by the An Family. If An Family stopped supplying food to the villagers, they have to either travel really far to another town to get food, or starve to death.


This was also why the villagers hated An Chang Fu, but didn’t raise up the problem. An Family basically controls An Yuan Ju’s food, they had been controlling the villagers’ live.


An Zi Ran then said, “We need a solution to this problem, or else in the future more troubles will be caused. The four of you, you guys had been working for my dad for a long time, you guys should have more experience, do you have any ideas?”


The four of them stared blankly at each other. If they had any ideas about solutions, they wouldn’t have came to find Zi Ran.


The atmosphere became dense as no one was speaking. A while later, another manager, Manager Liu said “Youngster, I think we can report this to the chief mayor. According to the law of our country, robbing food and invading stores are serious crimes, they might even be sentenced to death.”


“This idea is indeed, considerable, but it’s a bit inappropriate.” An Zi Ran said while tapping the table with his pudgy index finger.


Manager Liu asked while being confused “May I question youngster, how is it inappropriate?”


An Zi Ran replied calmly “If my uncle, An Chang De was the one behind all these, I’m pretty sure that he was already aware of the face that we will go to the chief mayor. I think he’d already approach the chief mayor, if we go to him, chief mayor might not be on our side, we probably won’t get the result we wanted. To prevent this from happening, I think we have to be prepared first.”


Listening to his reply, the four managers were totally surprised.


Being able to say something like that, it had shown that Zi Ran is not an amateur or a newbie, not anymore.

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