The Key and the Loan Report

An Zi Ran returned to his house and rested at the study room. A while later, Butler Su came in.

As he enters the room, he realises the tension on Zi Ran’s face. He asked “Youngster, are you sure you want to do this?”

Mr Su was told about what happened previously in the morning. Mr Su had been working for An Chang Fu for more than 20 years, he knows well how much debt all these villagers owe An Family. If all the debts were to be not collected, it’ll be a huge financial loss to An Family.

“Mr Su, I’m very certain with my decision”. Zi Ran said as he placed down the account books he was holding.

“But… if your dad was still alive… this would not be what he…” Mr Su murmured worriedly, he knew how important those debts were, those debts controlled the villagers, having them is one of the reasons why An Family is rich.

Zi Ran held up his hand to stop Mr Su from finishing his statement. “Shh, I’ve already made up my mind”, he said.

Zi Ran is from the 21st century, he knows well that, they don’t have to hurt or cause harm to the villagers in order to earn money, there are other ways too. Now, since he’s the leader of An Family, it’s not needed for them to follow his dad’s footstep, earning money the bad way.

He also thought that, An Chang Fu should be happy that he died fast. Seeing how the country is now enforcing more and more laws, Chang Fu’s harsh way of earning money would definitely be illegal.

“Mr Su, get me all the loan reports, I want to do some calculations. Also, please tell Su Zi to come over too” Zi Ran ordered as he tidied his desk.

Realising his determination, Mr Su obeyed what Zi Ran said. Deep down, Mr Su is actually relieved by Zi Ran’s decision. All this while working with his dad, he was actually opposing Chang Fu’s harsh way of earning money, he tried convincing Chang Fu that it was bad but all he got back was warning that he’ll be fired if he tries convincing him again.

Mr Su carried the whole box of loan reports to Zi Ran’s study room.

Mr Su then said “Youngster, your dad was the only one who has the key to open this box, even I have no idea where does he keep the key.”

As soon as he finished saying it, he saw a key in Zi Ran’s hand as he glimpsed over.

The other study room, Chang Fu’s, was a place that no one was allowed to enter. It’s easy to guess that all the important stuff are being kept there. It’s easy for Zi Ran to figure out where the key is.

Zi Ran opened the box using the key. Inside are stashes of loan reports, there are tonnes of them. Just like what Mr Su said, if all these loans were to be not collected, it’ll be a really huge loss financially.

“Divide them into two piles, one being money loan, and one being food, and also, I need…” An Zi Ran ordered as he take the reports out of the box.

Mr Su and his son, Su Zi, quickly got to work.

Because of the amount of reports there are, Chang Fu didn’t border arranging them properly. It took them more than 2 hours to divide them into different piles. While doing this, Zi Ran also had the opportunity to roughly go through every report.

After a while, Manager Feng’s underlings came to report to them about what happened.

This morning after Zi Ran left the food store, the villagers left too.

Although more than half of the villagers did not believe his words, they didn’t dare to do anything, they’re just some defenceless citizens compared to the strong fighters that were around.

Manager Feng’s underlings trailed one of the villagers that was causing a lot of trouble, and they trailed it back to An Chang De, he was the one behind all this.

An Chang De’s plan was to cause chaos and troubles, he did not expect Zi Ran to handle it this well. Well, three days, Chang De wanted to see if Zi Ran is going to really give the loan reports back to the villagers, he wanted to know if he’s that generous.



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