Big Landlord Chapter 4

An Chang Fu and Liu Mei Xiang’s death happened only three days ago, and the news had already.
been spread to An Yuan village.

Sadness filled An Family’s house, everyone was tired and annoyed by this news as Chinese New
Year was striking the next day, it was supposed to be a day where families come together for a
reunion dinner. Their death transformed a happy festival into a sad funeral.

Whereas An Zi Ran’s case happened on the same day, in the afternoon.

Everyone was overwhelmed with shock, no one realised the disappearance of An Zi Ran. It had
already been two hours when they found out he’s missing.

He was found in the backyard, lying on the snow-covered floor. He was only wearing a really thin
T-shirt, it was all thanks to the fats surrounding his body, or else, he would’ve been a human sized
popsicle. But anyways, the owner of that body was indeed dead.

Everyone wasn’t really paying much attention on why An Zi Ran was lying in the snow, they
thought it’s a typical thing to do as both his parents just passed away.

But to think about it, will there be there such coincidence? The owner of the body was dead as
the same day his parents died!

An Zi Ran learned from the maid that the owner of the body was a spoilt child. He grew up to
become a lazy person who doesn’t study.

Seeing him bullying others was really typical too, but he
doesn’t seem like a boy who would commit suicide.

Therefore, An Zi Ran suspects that the death
of the owner of the body was planned, it must’ve been a murder.

Proof? Easy. The killer must’ve
aimed for the of the An Family’s assets and estate.

An Zi Ran sat on the chair, he still doesn’t know the An Family really well, he still can’t tell who
might be the killer, as he also did not have any evidence.

Even if he knows who the killer was, he
still won’t do anything about it yet, as he had set his priorities to the below two things:
First, Lose Weight

Second, fully know everything about the An Family, understand everything about their past and
ancestors, and slowly find out who was the killer. This was the only way that the An Family’s assets
can be protected.

An Zi Ran then fell asleep short after

He was exhausted as he only received this body three days ago during the bone-chilling winter,
furthermore this body was too weak and fat for him to handle.

It was at about noon when he woke up.

Chun Lan, the servant who served him hot water this morning found out that he was awake,
therefore, she quickly took his dinner plate and rushed into his room with another servant. Huai
Ciu Lan.

These two servants were Liu Mei Xiang’s personal maid, besides them, there were still Xia Lan and
Xiu Lan. After Liu Mei Xiang died, these four maid were then sent to serve An Zi Ran because they
were careful and cautious, this will help An Zi Ran recover quicker from his sickness.

An Zi Ran doesn’t have the appetite to eat as he was really eager about loosing weight. He ate a
bowl of rice and then ordered the maids to take it away.

Ciu Lan wanted to speak but she then stayed down, she reminded herself that she’s just a maid.
Especially at these times where their masters died, the lesser they say, the better it is.
The room got a lot more quieter in an instant.

A while after, An Zi Ran then ordered the maids to come in. He said coldly ‘Bring me my jacket, I
want to go to the study room’.

The study room he was referring to was An Chang Fu’s mini library, where he puts all his check
books. It was only a few minutes away from his room.

Ciu Lan immediately took out a snow-white coloured jacket, it was made by wolf skin. The cost of
the jacket was a grand total of two thousand RMB. An Chang Fu bought it just for An Zi Ran as he
was really afraid of the cold.

The three of them walked out of the room quietly. The street was covered with a thin layer of snow
even though it was just cleaned the previous morning.

Right at the moment when An Zi Ran almost reach the study room, a middle aged guy appeared
few meters in front of them. The guy was Su Dan, which was also known as the An Family’s butler,
he was slightly older than An Chang Fu.

He had always been really loyal to the An Family as he
had already been working there for more than 20 years, if there’s any questions at all about the
family, he’s the one you can confront.

Mr Su, the butler noticed An Zi Ran on the walkway. He dashed towards him, telling him ‘ Master!

Your uncle is here! He is near the temple, do you want to go talk to him? ‘
An Zi Ran stared at him for a few seconds and said ‘Well, let’s go’


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