The Sect Leader Arrives


“Does that mean they need to *cough* handle their *cough* one by one?” Murong Yun Shu asked implicitly.


Hua Ling Tian was completely dumbstruck. This cousin sister of his, she could really shock him with her speech every time. “You can let them handle themselves.” Actually, the palace had a place that specialized in doing these kinds of things, but since his cousin sister wanted to scare them, as her cousin brother, how could he not cooperate with her?


*If you don’t get it, every man who works in the palace should get their lower body *cough* castrated *cough*


Murong Yun Shu felt relieved after she heard the explanation and said: “Then all of you shall handle yourselves, handover the money to the butler after you have sold your body.”


All of the men in red really wanted to kill someone after they heard Murong Yun Shu’s words, regrettably, their sect leader had taught them to serve their leader’s betrothed as if she were their real mother.


Although they were from the Mojiao Sect, killing their own mother is an unfilial act that even they themselves wouldn’t do! Although they can’t kill their own mother, nobody will stop them from killing that other talkative nobody who was standing beside Murong Yun Shu.


The men’s eye turned dark, and rich murderous intention agglomerated into a sharp blade. All of them stared at Hua Ling Tian. Of course, the swords and hammers in their hands weren’t idle either, all of the weapons were pointed at him.


The sound of swords drawn out from scabbards didn’t scare Hua Ling Tian, he coldly glared back at them, as if he wasn’t scared of heaven nor earth. He had brought around 10 guards from the palace to protect him from four directions. They drew their swords to face the red clothed men.


The South, West, and North Guardian saw the situation and they felt they were being insulted, so they pulled their weapons out as well, as if they were preparing to start a war.


East Guardian was standing still to observe the changing situation, he looked at Hua Ling Tian with a gaze of admiration. Hua Ling Tian was confronted under the pressure of Mojiao sect and was still able to maintain his usual self. Looks like he wasn’t a small fry. East Guardian decided he mustn’t look down on Hua Ling Tian.


Lu’er tugged Murong Yun Shu’s dress sleeve, she said softly: “Miss, you must think of something to stop them from fighting each other here.”


Murong Yun Shu heavily nodded her head and agreed: “If you want to kill someone, please exit to the door on your right, there is a graveyard mountain outside the city within 8 miles of the Northwest.”


Lu Ji held her chest. On one side was Murong Yun Shu’s future in-laws, and on the other side was Murong Yun Su’s crown prince cousin brother. How did Murong Yun Shu plan on stilling the storm to a whisper while at the same time looking at them fight each other? Does she think she’s a nun after worshiping Buddha a few times?


Hua Ling Tian couldn’t restrain his laugh, his gaze was bitter while looking at Murong Yun Shu. His bond with Murong Yun Su wasn’t strong enough to affect her calmness.


It would be a waste if this future sect madam didn’t join Mojiao Sect, this thought had arisen in all members of the Mojiao Sect.


East Guardian suddenly smirked, he especially walked to the front of Hua Ling Tian and apologized: “Our madam has this kind of style and personality, I hope you won’t laugh at it.”


Hua Ling Tian held onto his sword, he grabbed his fist tightly and wanted to punch East Guardian, but in the end, he refrained from attacking, he coldly said: “Yun Shu and I are close childhood friends. I know her style better than any outsiders.”


These words were full of provocations, the members of Mojiao sect were provoked by Hua Ling Tian and they were furiously fired up, and prepared for a fierce combat. It looked like an unavoidable gang fight would be starting soon.


Murong Yun Shu wasn’t interested in looking at the violent scene and yawned. Just as she was about to leave, a lazy but arrogant voice was heard from outside the door: “Lord Hua, are you sure you’re the closest person to Murong Yun Shu?”


Murong Yun Shu looked to the owner of the voice, she saw a man wearing a snow-white robe, who appeared like an immortal descending to the earth. His long hair wasn’t tied like other gentlemen, and it flowed with the wind. His arrogance matched with his beautiful face.


“Greetings Leader!” All of the members of Mojiao Sect shouted and knelt, their faces were proud as their strong backing had arrived, they didn’t have to be afraid of Hua Ling Tian anymore.


Although Murong Yun Shu already had an answer in her heart, hearing those men call Chu Changge leader confirmed her deduction. Murong Yun Shu was still unable to avoid the shock deep inside her heart. Her eyes were uncontrollably focused on Chu Changge, while somewhere in her body that was like a silenced, deep sea for many years, acted as though the tides were roiling fiercely. This tempting poisoned  apple looked as if he was a beautiful drawing, and this person was her future husband. However, she didn’t feel weird about it.


Inexplicably, Murong Yun Shu’s mind had a thought of, ‘So it was him’, which almost scared the daylights out of her. But why did she feel as though she had met him somewhere in the past?


Chu Changge was smiling, he raised his hand like an emperor to indicate to his men to rise. Then he walked up to Murong Yun Shu, and spoke endearingly to her. “Wife, I’m sorry I came late and made you scared.”


Murong Yun Shu was scared just because of the fact that he came. She unconsciously took a step away from Chu Changge, when suddenly she felt an invisible pressure surround her and catch her off guard. Suddenly, she got an urge to run, so she took another small step backward, and tried to be calm: “We’re not married yet, mister, please behave yourself.”


“You’re scared of me?” As Murong Yun Shu stepped back, Chu Changge chased by stepping forward, his charming face was smiling devilishly, his eyes were looking fiercely as though he wanted to devour everything.


Murong Yun Shu wasn’t a weak person at all, confronted with Chu Changge’s aggressiveness, she swept all her thoughts behind and looked up at Chu Changge directly: “Ordinary people are scared just hearing the sound of Mojiao Sect’s name, of course an ordinary person like me would be scared by the presence of Mojiao Sect’s sect leader.”


Lu’er nodded her head heavily, although her future master looked like a beautiful immortal, he had an intimidating presence.


“Ordinary people?” Chu Changge unhappily frowned his thick eyebrows and said: “You’re also a part of Mojiao Sect.”


“I’m not.” Murong Yun Shu straightened her waist, although there was a huge height difference between them that forced Murong Yun Shu to look up at Chu Changge and thus made her momentum decrease, she still confidently said: “Even if we’re married, you belong to our Murong Sect’s people, not the other way around since I did not marry into Mojiao sect.”



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