Boku wa Isekai de Fuyo Mahou to Shoukan Mahou wo Tenbin ni Kakeru 114 – Teaser 2


Floating Fortress (Part 2)



Well, no matter how much we complained, there was nothing I could do.

We first needed to figure out what were we going to do about that floating fortress.

But at the moment not a single soul in this open space would listen to a word I said.


“Hey, Lucia. Teleport magic can still be used at Rin-san’s falcons’ starting place, right?”

“Right. We can use this falcon to ask Rin-san to do it.”


A falcon that was perched on top of the water tower as though as if it had been there all along came down and perched on Lucia’s raised arm.

Rin-san’s familiar nodded a couple of times.


“Everyone, we’ll be making preparations to evacuate you to the land of the citizens of light.”


The falcon spoke.

Shiki-san and the others were staring at us with a blank expression on their faces.

Right. There was that language issue.


I then used ‘Many Tongues’ on the falcon.

Rin-san understood the first time the falcon spoke, but it still repeats itself.

Shiki-san stared at me and we exchanged glances.


“We’ll only evacuate the people in this gym.”


Then, I continued:


“Of course, we won’t be taking those guys that are outside along with us.”


I can’t imagine a scenario where those guys would want to quarrel with the citizens of light.

So I think it’s best if I stayed behind and bait the monsters here.

Shiki-san did not seem to disagree.


In general, ordinary people would disagree with someone strangling another person to death with their own hands.

But on the other hand, their hearts would normally not be in so much pain knowing that countless people starve to death every day.

And this is especially true for savage and cruel men with not a single shred of morality.


That’s not the problem, though…

I looked at Mia.

Her face seemed to be lacking any expression.


Right, if we do that, Yuki-senpai and the others would abandon us.

The guys at the High School Section would not be able to help us.

Mia’s brother and the others would be abandoned to their own fate.


As usual, there was little change in Mia’s facial expression.

Still, I could not see anything but her face, and she looked like she would burst into tears at any second.


Nevertheless, neither Shiki-san nor myself could allow ourselves to reach a decision about the matter then and there.

The enemy was getting closer and closer.

Every minute, every second was crucial.


I clenched my fist tight and turned to Shiki-san…


“Kazu-kun, how long would it take five people to fly all the way to the High School Section?”


Shiki-san suddenly spoke.


Oh, I see.


“It shouldn’t take more than five minutes… I think. And if you fly while under the effects of ‘Greater Invisibility’, you should be able to fly safely without attracting any unwanted attention.”

“I see. Oh, that’s great then.”


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