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In the next moment, as they returned to their original location–


In the rolling hot air, I turned my eyes to the Arachne warrior.


Arisu’s body twisted in the air, plummeting downwards towards the Arachne warrior, attacking the still-oblivious enemy conductor with a sudden stab.


But the Arachne warrior seemed to sense something off, and turned around immediately. Arisu’s spear only grazed the side of its abdomen.


The enemy leader’s skin was cut open by the spear. Blue blood flew everywhere.


Almost at the same time, Tamaki started battling the legendary Arachne.


Still in the air, Tamaki made an awkward attempt to land a blow. The Arachne with red and black skin dodged, as if it had already seen where she was.


This god-level monster soldier opened its mouth.


Oh no, it was webbing!


Even if Tamaki was an idiot, she would be able to guess what the enemy was about to do. Relying on the force of her blow, she turned her body and changed the trajectory of her flight, trying to avoid the huge range of cobwebs…


But she failed. The legendary Arachne’s cobwebs could spray further than other Arachnes, and it blocked her escape route completely.


These cobwebs weren’t soft and sticky like the other ones, but hard and sharp like spears. They stabbed through the girl’s left shoulder, right abdomen, and right thigh.


Tamaki let out a suppressed moan of grief.




“No worries, it’s just a small wound!”


Twisting her body, she pulled the wires out forcefully and continued to spin through the air, moving behind the legendary Arachne.


The legendary Arachne could really see her movements. It turned towards Tamaki, who was falling to the ground, gripping the red and black spear with a silver handle.


“Arisu, I’m sending the fairies over! Respond for Tamaki…”


“Yes! Tamaki!”


I signalled the fire and wind fairies, directing them to go towards the Arachne warrior.


The warrior and Arisu were almost equal when it came to attack or defense, but its attention was drawn away by the two attacking fairies.


Taking advantage of the opportunity, Arisu took a few steps back, trying to distance herself from the enemy commander.


“Distance healing.”


Thanks to Arisu’s healing magic, Tamaki’s wounds gradually closed.


“This way I can keep fighting!!”


Her spirits high, Tamaki charged at Arachne. At that moment, the Arachnes around turned to look at us.


Seems like the effects of “complete invisibility” had disappeared…


The next moment, there was another huge explosion behind us. This one was much smaller than the previous one, but even so the rippling stream of force was enough to blast me into the air.


Ah, it must’ve been Lucia’s work…


Was she physically okay?–As a I spun, I opened my eyes to make sure and saw Mia hurriedly supporting Lucia, who was limping.


Mia held Lucia in her arms as she cast a wind spell on the Arachnes around them, a level six “Storm”. The resulting hurricane blasted away all the spider people.


Seeing me suspended in the air, Mia flew towards me, Lucia still in her arms.


“All the mages should be finished off now.”


“I see. Thanks for the hard work. Next we have to deal with the Arachne warrior and the legendary Arachne…”


I glance at Arisu and Tamaki.


Arisu and the two fairies were forcing the Arachne warrior into a corner.


Faced with the legendary Arachne, however, Tamaki could only stay on the defense.


Thankfully, none of the surrounding Arachne could find a way to intervene in high level clashes like these. Yet…


One after another, they looked up into the air at us. Damn, we’re exposed!


Of course, that was to be expected. The two explosions were shocking in their power.


One after another, the spider people put arrows to their bows.




“Storm.”..Continue on page 2


A wild wind immediately filled the heavens. Right before they hit us, countless arrows flew everywhere.


Even so…we were in trouble. It was time to let everyone leave the battlefield.


Even if we were really going to escape, it was still important to leave everyone distracted in our wake. Time to proceed in preparation according to plan.


“Mia, Lucia.”


“Got it! Poison mist.”


“Okay! Fear flash.”


Mia and Lucia cast their spells in succession.


A poisonous cloud surrounded the Arachne.


A shivering blue and white flame appeared everywhere.


Seeing those creepy flames, even I couldn’t help but shudder in fear. Needless to say, it was even more effective on the Arachne. One by one, they released their weapons and sunk into a panic, escaping one after the other.


“Seems like it was effective.”


The fire spell that is a level six “Fear Flash” causes illusionary flames that inspire a great deal of fear when seen. On a battlefield like this one, this move was capable of dealing a lot of damage.


With Lucia’s current MP, she could only hope to use the move four more times. But now wasn’t the time to get stingy about something like that.


“Use it until you pass out.”


“I understand.”


Following my orders, Lucia kept casting “Fear Flash.” The silver-haired elf didn’t complain a single bit about the cruel command, and collapsed after the fifth casting, her whole body weak.


“He He, so heavy!”


“Got it. I’ll take her.”


I took Lucia from Mia, supporting her feeble body.


In my hands was the soft, supple body of a girl, while my nose filled with the smell of sweat.


“Are you getting excited?”


“No time for that now.”


I lied with a hard attitude and glanced around at the surroundings…


The loud chiming of music and the notification of a level upgrade rang out at the same time. Seems like Mia’s poisonous mist had defeated quite a few monsters.



In the white room, we confirmed with each other that we were all fine.


Tamaki had been attacked by the legendary Arachne’s hard wires and eerie spear, and her body was covered in traces of blood. Every time she was wounded, Arisu would heal her with magic. But she still looked quite terrible.


Arisu hadn’t been wounded, and had held back the Arachne warrior alongside the two fairies.


It’s just that she occasionally had to cast “Distant Healing” in support of Tamaki, so she was unable to deal the finishing blow to the Arachne warrior.


Lucia was completely exhausted.


Mia and I were fine, but my MP had waned significantly.


“All in all–”


Mia said.


“I’ll give our hardworking Lu Lu He He’s knee pillow as a reward.”


Why do you get to take charge of things?


Plus, if it were just you, Arisu, and Tamaki, that would be one thing. Lucia isn’t going to be happy with that kind of reward, isn’t she?


The moment the thought formed in my mind…


“If that’s a reward, I’m happy to take it.”


Unexpectedly, Lucia’s face bloomed in a shy smile.


Eh…as long as she was happy.


I sat down on the floor, putting Lucia’s limp head on my knee. Her nearly transparent silver hair had been soaked through with sweat, sticking to her face.


Her body was more womanly than Arisu and Tamaki’s, especially around the slight curvaceousness in the waist area.


In a word, it was sexy enough to lead one’s thoughts astray.


Indeed, thinking impure thoughts. I tried my hardest to not think in that direction.


“Speaking of which, how old is Lucia?”


“Her age rounded up would be seventeen.”….Continue on page 3

Rounding up the age referred to the way of thought that one was one when they were born, and two by next year’s lunar calendar January.


I was seventeen when rounded up as well, meaning we were the same age.


When I told her this, Lucia giggled in embarrassment.


“I don’t get many chances to talk to people my age, so it’s really a pleasure.”


“What about Miss Lin?”


“The children of the light have much longer lifespans than we do.”


Hm, so that’s what they were like.


In other words, she was a loli…


“Old lady Loli!” shouted Mia. I’d really had enough of her!


Eh…I had been thinking the same thing, just hadn’t said it out loud.


“But you’re similar in mental age.”


“Since she was young, Lin received special training as a prophet, so she’s different from most people her age…really, I’m the same way.”


“I see. So I’m surrounded by special people.”


All of us went to normal schools and were not special at all.


Actually, there might be a big difference between what modern people defined as normal and what the residents of this fantasy world defined as normal.


“Yep. So all in all, Lucia, it’s a bit late to say this, but we’re friends.”


Mia says this, extending her right index finger.


“Just touch our pointer fingers together, and we’ll be able to glow and float in the air. Friendship!”


Wait a minute, that was a method of communicating with aliens.


Plus, that was how they did things in Neo-Saitama (translator’s note: referencing Ninja Slayer.)


Lucia gave her a blank look, but obediently touched her finger with Mia’s. Of course nothing glowed, and neither of them floated in the air.


Would this…lead to friendship?


“Seems like we can’t do this without a bicycle…”


“The translation doesn’t seem to be working properly. Are all of these things props from your respective worlds?”


“Yep. When Miss Lin finds our mountain, do you want to go back together, Lucia? Although most of it will be destroyed by orcs, there should probably still be usable bicycles.”


“Okay. I look forward to it.”


This was good. I nodded.


Although the battle had ended, I wouldn’t let her go. Of course, I meant in terms of battle strength.


Aiya–because…you know what I’m talking about.


That kind of intense firepower has grown on me so much that even if Miss Lin wanted me to return Lucia to her, I wouldn’t do it.


Heh heh…ah, I’m drooling.


Just as I was thinking about it, Lucia laughed softly.


“Don’t worry. I plan to fight side by side with everyone until the very end.”


“Ah, has my face been so obvious?”


“I’d predicted something like that from the very beginning. No, I should say, I must become an irreplaceable ally.”


Did that mean…you’re a spy sent by Miss Lin to keep an eye on our safety methods?


Or was this related to Lucia’s own goals?


As if seeing through my thoughts again, the silver-haired red-eyed girl nodded.


“I was born to battle monsters. Even if I’ve lost my home and everything I should be protecting, this thought stays with me.”


I still think that it was an incredibly rash thought.


An attitude like that was almost suicidal…


Hm, forget it.


When everyone else had finished resting and discussing, we left the white room.


Kaya: Personal level 28   Assistance Magic 5/Summoning Magic 8   Skill points 5


All in all, we needed to defeat the Arachne warrior.


If we couldn’t do that, we needed to flee quickly and adjust our strategies once more.


Judging the current situation was something I needed to do now.



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