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Volume 5 Chapter 106 Weighing the lives of my companions and the path to heroism


I closed my eyes and sunk deep in thought.


About the benefits of helping the citizens of light, and the danger that would befall my companions.


Me and Mia had used our powers for the sake of the people of this world once.


In that city named Hesshu・ Reshu・ Nashu, to save normal people who were unrelated to us and completely powerless, we entered into a battle.


In the end, the monster army sent out Mekishu Grand as a final struggle.


If it were just me and Mia, we would be dead.


If the army of Hesshu・ Reshu・ Nashu hadn’t challenged that desperate battle–


If Arisu and Tamaki hadn’t entered the magical alignment during that time–


Lacking any of that kind of support, me and Mia would be done for.


Even if we wanted information, there was originally no need for that battle.


What did we get from exposing ourselves to danger? What do we want in the future?


When we originally transferred to the area around the world tree, the soldiers of light looked down on us, regarding us coldly.


Shamefully enough, I was afraid of that soldier.

I couldn’t say for sure that the shame I felt didn’t affect my attitude towards the citizens of light going forward.


No, in fact I’d say it certainly did. I can’t deny that…the fact that I so easily accepted Lucia’s proposal, is because I wasn’t against the idea of treating the citizens of light as a jumping-off point for our goals.


That and everything else made me accept Lucia’s suggestion.


But was that really the right choice to make as a leader?

When I was deciding to face Shiba and the high school section, I had forced myself not to handle things impulsively. Finally, I decided that I had to kill him. No matter how I thought about it, he would prove harmful to the Cultivating Center team. I never regretted that choice.


And this time?


We were likely going to battle side by side with the citizens of light in the future. They have a vast set of connections, knowledge about this world, and territory.


And, at the very least, the leader of the citizens of light Miss Lin was friendly towards us.


This was completely different from what had happened in the high school section.


A trusting relationship.


That was the key. No matter if we were trying to find a way back to our original world, or if we choose to live in this one, we needed someone with whom we could continuously interact and build a relationship of trust with. It was crucial.


Was it worth taking risks to secure this trust?


What Mia said about whether or not I should become a hero–she was talking about this. How much we should give for the citizens of light. Is the benefit we’ll receive from saving them worth the risk?


I open my eyes and look at Mia.


When she suddenly started talking about heroes, I didn’t understand what she was talking about…


Had she been planning this since then?


Of course, when we were observing the city from the hills, she couldn’t have guessed that things would become so serious.


But what she said at the time, had become a principle of my actions.

“Mia, so you’re saying the hero that you want to become, has to do with being able to get into a win-win situation.”


“My favorite kind of situation is a happy ending. It’s best if everyone can be happy.”

All right–I nodded and put my hand on Mia’s hand, rubbing it roughly without regard.


Mia made a few low moans, looking up at me.


“Hm, covering up your embarrassment?”


“Yeah, of course. I’m very shy.”


Sighing, I stood up.


In the distance, there were wails signifying that the slaughter was continuing. Every second and every minute that we stayed here, there were more citizens of light sacrificing themselves.

For the sake of our survival, they stood out willingly to become our shield.



Because they believe that after we reorganize our forces, we’ll be able to defeat the legendary Arachne.


No, if they didn’t believe that, then perhaps there would be no way to fight on…


All in all, they had such hopes for us.


If we wanted to respond to their hopes, we needed to extend our hands to each other. Hand in hand, we needed to defeat the enemy.


That was what trust was about.


“So we already have general knowledge of what the legendary Arachne’s abilities are?”


“It can spit out several types of webbing, and is capable of astounding leaps. When it does use a weapon, it’s stronger than Tamaki. But if we break down its abilities, each of them is still within the range that we can deal with.”


The enemy was one capable of holding its own against Mekishu Grand.


But we had defeated Mekishu Grand by the skin of our teeth.

If everyone was completely prepared and had a concrete plan, we should be able to bring our best to the fight.


“Let’s do it.”


I nodded to show my affirmation.


“A little longer. After a little more rest, we’ll return to the battlefield. We need to defeat the legendary Arachne. We can’t let that king keep doing whatever it pleases.”

I announced clearly.


I looked down at the silver-haired girl beneath the shade of the tree.


“So are you okay, Lucia?”


Lucia opened her eyes and looked up at me.


“You found out?”


“I just had a hazy feeling that your breathing wasn’t quite right.”


I didn’t mention that I would occasionally glance at the rise and fall of her chest.


But I guess that had been exposed a while back. Judging from the unhappy looks on Arisu and Tamaki’s faces, they had realized already.

Ah, what a waste of my awesome line. I’m just as lame as usual.


“Well then, are you all right with this? We still need to rely on your strength. It might cause you pain, make you faint. You might even die.”


“I’ve understood that from the start.”


Lucia smiled.

All right. From our current experiences, we could see that although the legendary Arachne seemed to be similar in power level to Mekishu Grand, it was of a different type.


First of all, there was a size difference.


The legendary Arachne is only a size bigger than normal Arachne, and doesn’t have the arm strength that Mekishu Grand does.

Tamaki also said that when she attacked from the front, her arms weren’t any weaker than it. If we were just comparing strength, Tamaki would win out.


This was all thanks to Tamaki’s physical technique. Although it was only level 1, the effects were obvious.


But just by the difference in swordsmanship, that level of ability became irrelevant again.


The legendary Arachne was much better with a spear than Tamaki, maybe even reaching level 9.


That and the red-black spear with a silver handle, is probably also a magical weapon just like the sword Tamaki wielded. Even with my magical support, Tamaki wouldn’t even have time to defend herself

But on the other hand, if she focused on defense, Tamaki could no doubt make it by herself.


If I attacked alongside Arisu with Mia’s support, it might take some time, but we would still be the winners at the end of the day.


The problem was that it took some time to create those conditions.


The legendary Arachne was surrounded by other Arachne. If we were too slow, we’d be surrounded by the ordinary soldiers. Facing off against both at the same time was a little too difficult.

In the past when we battled such monsters, we would have to isolate the head of the army for a shot at winning.

It was the same as with Mekishu Grand. Because there was only one of it, we could devise a method to win over it.


So it looked like we still needed to employ tactics within a short timeframe, to achieve this goal…


“Lucia, this plan will cause you more burden. Are you still okay?”


“I will fight to the full extent of my abilities.”


What a reliable line.

Releasing magic caused a visible burden to her. But faced with our current circumstances, we didn’t have time to talk over these details.


“I’ll take you over the plan, just rest and listen. If there are any questions or suggestions for improvement, please don’t be polite with me.”


I continued to host this resting session and MP recovery explanation meeting.

It took us twenty minutes to finish everything.


After we made our preparations, we stood up one by one.


Listening hard, we could hear the unique mixture of wails and howls in the distance.


If the battle was continuing, that meant the citizens of light hadn’t given up. They were still carrying out a desperate resistance against the legendary Arachne.


But perhaps this was just to fight for time for ordinary people to escape…


They knew that we existed, knew that those who defeated the enemy’s magician and warriors were still alive and well.


Even if there was only a little hope left in their hearts, the gesture of us returning to the battlefield would be a significant gesture for our future relationships.


And now, we had to defeat the legendary Arachne…


Yep. Even though we’d said all this impressive stuff, it would all mean nothing if we didn’t win.


If we didn’t survive, there would be nothing left.


“Time to go, everyone.”


We shouted at each other, drumming each other up.


Mia casted “Fly” on everyone. My MP was highly valuable, so I didn’t use “Magic Transfer”. Instead she cast the spell individually for everyone.

Because I didn’t have extra MP, I decided not to summon any familiars. All three of them, including the invisible scout, had been defeated by the legendary Arachne. I felt sorry for the lost cause.


So now we could only go ahead on our force. Starting from Arisu, everyone flew into the air in order.


We didn’t fly into the trees, but in the middle of the air about two or three meters from the ground, speeding towards the battlefield.

Going the way we had come, we returned to the place where blood and the scent of death was spreading.


Our field of vision opened up.


We could see the legendary Arachne at the front of the enemy army. Or perhaps we should say that only the legendary Arachne had left the group and was killing the soldiers of light.

With its overwhelming force, it ravaged its opponents.


In its hands were countless metal wires that it cracked like whips all around it. Anyone within ten meters of it were ripped apart by the wires.


The citizens of light were fighting back too. Archers shot out arrows from the trees.


But those arrows were shot down by the metal wire that arched and danced like something living.


The magicians shot out burning arrows at the enemy, and the metal wires surrounded by fire began to burn up.


The legendary Arachne shot out new wires with its mouth. They kept spreading, into the trees. All the archers and magicians were pierced through the chest or face, and fell to the ground one by one, dying on the spot.


It was a completely chaotic slaughter.


We had run into this chaotic battlefield.


“Go, Lucia!”


“Fire bullet.”


Casting a level 5 fireball, Lucia flew towards the legendary Arachne.

The fireball was shot out of the sky by a wire. The bright red sphere exploded upon contact.


There was a deafening explosion.



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