Volume 4 Chapter 6

After eating the Eliza-special potato and feeling energized, the time for my match had arrived.

I properly stretched my body during the waiting time.
You would get hurt if you suddenly do some intense work-out, you see. I refuse to have to live with an aching leg.

Crossing my hands above my head and bending my body left and right, I gauged my opponents.
No one really stood out as amazing.

The 200-metre race was the one with the most entries and it had 3 rounds: the preliminaries, semi-final, and final. Of course, that is if one is able to advance though.

In the preliminaries, it would be fine if I could just get rank 2 or above within my group.
While I was thinking that I could probably make it, the preparations had started.

WIth sound amplifying magic applied on the device, they had started to introduce the athletes coming in each line.

The player’s name, and of course his family name too, were introduced in a grand way.

Not only are the guardians here to watch them, but it was also a time when the heirs’ of such-and-such families were appealed.

“Now then, next up in the 5th line is the next head of the now prospering Helan territory – Kururi!”

I was introduced, so I greeted them by raising my hand.
I noticed my nonchalant parents, and the Iris family enegertically waving towards me.

And also, unexpectedly, there were quite a few cheers from the daughters of the nobles.
Even though it was really surprising but I guess it is only the natural reaction since my territory is thriving so much.

Well, it is not that one wouldn’t be happy after being cheered so much, so I got even more motivated.
It was almost starting time, so I was kinda regretting not practicing a little bit more.

The signal gun echoed.
My start was perfect and I rushed forward with momentum.
It was a straight 200-metre race, so it was hard assessing the distance, but I gave it my all without thinking too deeply.

And as a result, I finished in first place.
Wiping the sweat off and starting to feel my breath also getting hoarse, I felt myself getting excited.

With this, I am through with the preliminaries.
Well, I guess this much is quite enough to uphold the family name. I think I at least cleared the minimum requirements.
After the race, I visited Toto who had been working diligently in his business after being quickly eliminated.

“I watched the race. That was a good run.”

“Thanks. More importantly, let me rest here for a while.”



And like that, I decided to rest in Toto’s booth where he was selling some suspicious vitality medicine.
While having lunch there, I helped him deal with the dodgy, old men.

While chewing on my food, I asked Toto about today’s sales.

“Well, as you can see it is going extremely well. Almost to the point that I feel like I will run out of stock. Ah, almost forgot. A shop also opened to bet on who will win amongst the upperclassmen and I also placed a bet myself.”

“Even something like that is being held, eh? So, who did you bet on?”

“On you, of course. The scaling factor was pretty good and I also knew you were pretty athletic, so I went and bet on you.”

“So, how much will you get back if I win?”


Honestly, the sum he whispered into my ear was pretty surprising. As expected of the nobles’ school, the scale is huge even in something unscrupulous.

“You will win, won’t you?”



Now then, as the people wishing for my victory had increased by one, I decided to do my best for the semi-finals.

As expected, the members of my group who have advanced were all warmed up for the semi-finals.
As one would expect, winning through this will not be that easy.

But even still, the money matter granted me energy like never before and I broke through the semi-finals as well.
Well, sadly I won’t be the one receiving it but still, I ended up doing my best.

Now all that is left are the finals.

Now that it has come this far, it looks like Toto is also getting serious and is eagerly waiting for the result of his gambling, totally ignoring his other business.

In the finals, there were the people I had totally forgotten about.

Firstly, the super elite, Rail, who had been hidden till now.
The coolest pattern of sneakily entering the competition and remaining till the finals. In fact, the cheers from the girls were also unreasonably high.

And then, of course, the prince had also remained.
The pattern most popular amongst passionate men, to enter firmly and remain till the finals with all their might.
His eyes were burning with passion but even before that, he was probably seeing Iris celebrating his victory. The faster he realizes that that is an illusion, the better for him. You only get popular for being fast till middle school, you know?

He’s getting even more cheers than Rail. The elegance he originally had with a face burning with fighting spirit. It must be an irresistible scene for the girls who fangirl over him. Too bad those cheers do not reach the person himself at all.


“Prince Arc, do your best~”


Mixed with lots of other cheers, Iris’ cheers could also be heard.
I ended up noticing the prince grin as he heard it.

……Found a gap in the prince’s heart. Just you wait, Toto, the money just got a little closer.

In addition, it looks like Ulsain-senpai, who is known as the ‘Swift Horse’, will be also be a difficult opponent.


“Oi, Rail. Why are you also remaining in the finals? I thought you weren’t that interested in these.”

“Because the prince is being fanatical about an interesting delusion. I thought I would win and see what kind of face he makes.”


I see. As expected of the black-hearted man. He is spouting some terrible things with a grin on his face.
But it might actually be better to bring the prince to his senses.


“I shall not lose to anyone!”

Declared the prince, taking an imposing stance beside us while we were talking sneakily.
It’s too hot, so I would like him to keep his distance.

Me, who was running for money; the prince, who was running for love, and Rail, who was running for his enjoyment.

I don’t know what’s going to happen but, I probably will once I start running. And so, we lined up at the start line.

Just as the signal was heard, everyone splendidly took off.

Even amongst that, the masterful start by Rail had him rushing towards the goal. With the whole momentum itself, his acceleration was showing no signs of stopping. He plans to settle this at once.

I wonder what Rail is feeling now. Surely, he must be having the most fun.
Even for the prince, I can’t let the one with the most crooked wish win!

Once more, I clenched my teeth and caught up to that speed.
As expected though, the prince and Ulsain-senpai had also caught up.

However, at this point, Ulsain-senpai had an unlikely breakdown! The most popular one had dropped out.

The prince and I were desperately chasing after Rail.
Gradually, the difference… the difference.. the difference kept on increasing!

That man! He is absurdly fast in sprints!

In the end, Rail won by a huge lead and the prince and I finished at the same time.
The prince had collapsed. Toto also crumbled down.

Allambitions were smashed.
Just one man remained, grinning and saying something like “Haha, I worked up a nice sweat~”.

In that fashion, the athletic festival closed its curtain with the black-hearted man stealing the show.

“Are you leaving already?”

Iris reluctantly escorted her family.
In the back, the prince and I were on standby.

“Yes, we will leave now. Just being able to see you being lively in itself was worth coming here.”
Said Iris’ mother with a gentle smile.

Mikal and Asia were also smiling at their elder sister.

“Then, we shall be going now, okay? Iris, it’s okay to come back anytime you feel tired, alright?”
“Yea, but I will be fine. I am having quite a lot of fun here.”
“That is true. It seems like you also have good friends so you will probably be fine”

After hugging her lightly at the end, Iris’ family left.
Iris watched over as that carriage gradually drove off into the distance.

The prince and I had also kept her company but my parents passed by midway saying “Oii, Kururi! It was a lotta fun~!” completely destroying the mood, for which I would like to be forgiven as my parents cannot read the atmosphere whatsoever.



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