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Botsuraku Youtei

Volume 4 Chapter 15

A somewhat big ball of fire materialized before me.

In front of my right hand, a super-high class ball of flame appeared, which was big enough to cover Iris and me as a whole.

The one I had imagined would not even be tenth of the size of this one. But, when I tried doing it, it naturally became this large.


“I-it looks like I’ve awakened somehow?”


“You don’t say?! Forget about the kobolds, at this level, I am worried about the whole forest!”


Iris was so close to blowing her fuse that her pronunciation of level was really good.

I can’t say since I was pretty much at my wits’ end  myself.


“The kobolds are still coming anyway so… I was thinking of hitting them with this.”


“Will it really be okay? Using such a big ball of fire here.”


“Well, I can’t really guarantee anything.”


“Would it be better if I hide?”


“Ah, then how about behind that tree?”


Confirming that Iris had hid herself, I released the ball of fire towards the kobolds.

The ball went straight, destroying everything in its path. Then, it hit the ground and exploded.


The condensed mana in the ball burst and reduced the kobolds to ashes. Immediately after, it burst again producing an intense shock, which created a small storm.


Small stones and tree branches were flying in the wind.

I guarded my face with my arms but it completely hit my body. Good judgement by Iris to hide.

After the light and the shock wave created by the explosion had slowly settled down, I lowered my arms and glanced at the place the kobolds were.


All the trees and overgrown grass there had completely disintegrated.

Only pitch black cinders remained.

I wonder if it will look like a new mystery circle from above.

Well, I was the one who did it so I guess there would be no mystery.


Iris had suddenly appeared from behind and was giving me a surprised look.


“It feels like the terrain…. has opened up only here, huh?”


“Yep, it looks pretty bad.”


“I don’t think that but, it would be a pain to explain.”


Certainly. I wonder how I will explain it. I guess ‘I kinda awakened and did it by mistake, teehee~’ won’t work, huh?


“Kururi, are you okay? Was there a huge recoil?”


“No, I am okay. But the feeling I have been getting for some time seems to be settling down. All the huge mysterious energy are calming down.”


“Really? That’s good then. You won’t be able to live normally like that after all. You might blow away your smithy or something.”


Ah, I feel kinda bad making her worry even about that.


“But, if it’s only two of those balls, I can do it.”


“So it was not okay at all?!”


After explaining to her that there was no need for concern, we went to collect the monster gems.

First, the one we defeated in the beginning.

After giving it one look, Iris nodded so I guess the gem is pretty good.


Next, we went to the burnt area.

I burnt the kobolds all at once so I wonder if the gems are still remaining.

I am a bit worried…


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