Botsuraku Youtei

Chapter 105

Using the funds we got from Ms. Poly, I had a smithing workshop made in the house. In this city, where there are many blacksmiths, there were also a hefty number of professionals who do this kind of work.


“You can really make swords, right?”


After coming this far into preparing the shop, Eli spoke of her disbelief.

I have come to understand her traits quite well–even though she is quite pretty when she stays quiet, the moment she opens her mouth, only thorn like words come out from her mouth. However, I also now know that she is a bit of a tsundere so looking forward to that one day when her dere form comes, I tolerated her words.


“I will make an awesome sword for you then. If you want, I will also make it an Eli special.”


“Oh, is that so? Then I will take you up on that offer, legendary blacksmith Mr. ‘Kururi’.”


Ah…… she knows.

About this Kururi Helan dude against whom I have this weird sense of opposition. Seeing one of his swords which is part of the Kururi series, I thought I could make one of the same level. And in fact, the one I made at the old man Barol’s workshop isn’t inferior to the Kururi series either. However, having someone know that I am borrowing the name of the person against whom I have this opposition feels really embarrassing.


“I have come to know a lot of things in these few days. And there’s also a person called Kururi Helan among those things I got to know. Seems like he was a person who could make excellent swords even from scrap iron. I am keeping my hopes up, Mr. ‘Kururi’.”


Eli said delightfully while sweeping the windows. She is too good at applying pressure. I feel like my heart just surrendered to her natural attacks. But, it will definitely come. I know there’s a tsundere side to her. If I just wait, the dere will come soon enough!!




‘Tap, tap’–the main door was knocked.

Because of the opening of the shop, I had received a few presents from the merchants. Wondering who it is this time, I opened the door.

There were two men standing in front, and they greeted me with a refreshing smile.


“Hello, we’re from the sign making shop. Your product is completed.”


Oohh! The board which can even be called the face of the shop, has arrived.

I instructed the two to set it up above the main door immediately.


It seemed like those two were really used to this as they easily set the board up, fixed it in place and then came back to us.


“How is it?”


I looked up at the board. The name of the shop was written with three colors–blue, red and black.


‘Eli and Kururi’s Blacksmith’.


I reflexively went ‘woah’.

Eli was written with blue, Kururi with red and the rest with black in a popping font.


“I-it’s nice!!”


“Hmm, well I guess it passes.”


In contrast to my reaction, Eli was really calm. But, I know that she is actually glad. This is what I noticed in these few days but it seems like she has a habit of hiding her emotions when she is happy. And when she is hiding it, she always has her eyes shut.

She was doing exactly that now, folding her arms trying to look calm.


There was also another reason as to why I think she was just trying to look calm.

When Ms. Poly suggested we should order a board, we had a dispute about the shop’s name. About whose name should come first. It sounds childish but it’s important. I did end up losing at the end but I felt Eli’s attachment to the shop from how happy she looked. And so, I think she is feeling quite jolly. More so than me, I would say.


After the sign makers left, the two of us gazed at the board for a while.

It was a weird feeling. For some reason, it just felt natural opening up a shop like this. Even though I am missing most of my memories, I feel satisfied as if my long awaited dream has come true. So weird.


“I wonder what our relationship was like before.”


Eli said, still looking up at the board.


“….Maybe, business rival?”


“You don’t have a bit of adventure in you, do you? I am amazed.”


What was the correct answer? What is this adventure she desires?! An immature guy like myself doesn’t understand.


After returning to the shop and confirming that the preliminary preparations were complete, I thought of making some swords.

I will concentrate and pour everything I have to make something great. To not lose to this borrowed name, I was determined to become an amazing blacksmith.

And so I was really serious like that but, Eli, having nothing to do, came and sat beside me to look.


“Come on, do it quick.”


Stuff like these are supposed to be done along, you know? Like concentrating and fighting a battle with yourself–and ultimately making a great sword! So having someone watching is well, ruining the atmosphere and makes it harder.


“I will watch so come on.”




I did try to protest with a side glance but looks like it didn’t work.

Seriously, she doesn’t understand men’s passionate world. Good grief.

I have learnt over from these past few days that I will beaten if I try to quarrel with her so I decided to not say anything.

This will be my first sword…… Let’s not count the one I made at old man Barol’s place. Even though I can’t really remember making swords before, I must have made a lot of them but let’s not count all of those too.

Finally, the sword that will mark my beginning……

Or it was supposed to be but the door was knocked again.

All the merchants already came so could it be a customer? That’s fast, too fast. That would stabilize the future prospects more than ever.


Eli hurried to answer.

I could hear her cheerful voice receiving the person. I was worried if she could handle customers well with her being all high-class and what not but from the looks of it, it seems like I didn’t need to worry at all.

Leaving the customer reception to her, I thought I should do what I can. That’s what I thought but, unexpectedly once again, Eli brought the two men to the back of the shop, to the workshop.


“Red haired man… They probably want to see you, Kururi.”

When I looked towards the two men, I saw two familiar faces.

The blacksmith Barol and the skilled adventurer swordsman.


“Ah, you two. We meet again.”


“That’s right. More importantly, it seems like your name is Kururi, eh.”


Barol said looking impressed.


“No, haha, actually I can’t remember. I just borrowed the name of the Kururi Helan you were talking about. Well, it’s somewhat like a prayer so that I can be a skilled blacksmith like that person.”


“I see. I completely thought you were a noble so I was surprised. Ah, and, sorry for being rude the other day.”


Barol lowered his suddenly head. Following him, the swordsman also lowered his head.


“I was deceived by the looks and underestimated your skills. Seeing the sword you finished, I immediately understood that you were no normal person. Please, accept our apology.”


“You don’t need to be so uptight.”


After all, I did receive the money to buy some pie. As for me, that makes us even.


“I want to apologize by myself as well. I looked at the sword you completed. It was such a beautiful sword that I fell in love. I wouldn’t have believed it unless I heard it from Mr. Barol but, it’s the truth, isn’t it?”


Even the swordsman who was standing beside him apologized with a serious expression.




Oh, geez, that makes me feel embarrassed.


“What are you doing, getting embarrassed like that? Be brazen and bold. You’re the owner of this shop, right?”


Eli came slapping me with her words of encouragement. Eh? Did you just say owner?

I tried looking at her eyes but they were shut.

Ah, this is!! She was happy too?! She was happy too, hearing me get praised?! I might have just seen a cute side of her.


“And so, you remember the Kururi series you saw the other day, right? You said you could fix it, right?”


Following Barou’s words, the swordsman brought the thing he was carrying and put it forward.

It was Amatsu, one of the holy level swords of the Kururi series. As I thought, it’s a wonderful sword. Its bad state hadn’t changed a bit since the last time I saw it.


“Yes, I think I can fix it.”


“After seeing the sword you completed the other day, your words are more reliable than ever. Then, can we request you to repair this sword?”


“Of course.”


The swordsman put his hands in his wallet and brought out ten shining gold coins.


“I would like you to fix the Amatsu and buy the sword you completed the other day for 10 Kudan gold coins. Is that alright?”


Well, my honest thoughts are something like this:


I don’t know the market price. My memory is wiped clean around that part as well.

We are also borrowing funds from Ms. Poly. But even then, it was around 2 gold coins. If I was able to set up the shop with 2 gold coins, I can tell that it’s quite a lot of money. And you are giving me 10 of those?! That’s undoubtedly special. If possible, I would like to do the deal after knowing how many pies I can buy with that. Then that price would surely resonate inside my heart.


“Alright, I got it. I will give 12 Kudan gold coins!”


While I was perplexed not knowing what the market price was, they came increasing it by 2 more gold coins.

New negotiation skills!


“Eli, what do you think?”


I could just rely on Eli in times of trouble. Seeing her quick wittedness the other day, I decided to rely on her.


“If you were to request the same job to the legendary blacksmith Kururi Helan, how much would you ask for…?”


“The legendary blacksmith, Kururi Helan…?”


The swordsman looked down and thought. And then looked towards Barol for suggestion.


“Hmm, well if it were me, I would give all my money just to see his skills. Well, in this case, I guess about 20 Kudan gold coins. If I am not wrong, that is about how much it cost to buy Amatsu, right?”


“Yes. Then 20 Kudan gold coins! I will pay right here and now. With that, I would like to buy the new sword and request the maintenance of Amatsu.”


“So he says. I want you, the owner to make the final decision.”


Looks like I was right to depend on Eli. Even still, you think of me that highly?

Not only did our earnings increase, from Eli’s words just now, a job of the same level as the legendary blacksmith Kururi Helan was requested of me just now.

The hurdle just raised a lot at once. But more than everything, the happiness is what came first. I will definitely surpass that person. And so, I decided to give my all to repairing the sword before me.


“Alright, I will take on this job as ‘Eri and Kururi’s Blacksmith’s first job.”


I will look forward to find out how many pies I can buy with that 20 gold coins tomorrow. Let’s concentrate all of my nerves to fix this sword for now.

Eli prepared two seats for Barol and the swordsman as they wanted to see me work. She also stood behind and was looking this way.

And so, I finally started fixing the sword following my instincts.

This sword Kururi Helan made is really wonderful and I couldn’t find a single flaw on it. However, as I started working on it, several flaws came to light. While improving on those, I rapidly made progress.

Strangely enough, I feel like I understand the position Kururi Helan was when he made this sword. Like there were two friends working out in the room and he completed the sword amongst all the noise. That’s a really chaotic situation but to think he was able to make such a good sword even still. I felt admiration to his skills once again.

Fixing all the flaws he must have missed while in that situation, I revived the Amatsu to a state even better than its original.

Barol, the swordsman and even Eli gazed at the swords with their mouths wide open.


“One swing…… each of his swings have a worth of 1 gold coin. That’s what a certain noble said seeing the Kururi series. I feel like you have something really close to that.”


“Yeah, no mistaking it. If I can see this with just 20 gold coins, then it’s cheap.”


Barol and the swordsman were covered with deep emotion and couldn’t leave the workshop for a while.


At the end, by the time they left, it was evening.

They were the only customer for today. But we earned enough and my mood is also gratified.

And most importantly, ‘You really are amazing. I could show you a bit respect now’–I got to see a bit more of Eli’s tsundere side so it was a good day.

End of Chapter


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