“So you noticed.”

Rahsa said playfully with a laugh, even while we traded blows.

“Excalibur is a sword that continues to grow. The stronger the opponent is, the faster it evolves. So for instance, a strong person like you is perfect for its growth!”

Dangerous doesn’t even describe it. This was cheating.

And he already had more energy than me. And his sword was growing stronger.

If this continued, I would be captured without a doubt. And what lay beyond capture was Lady Iris’ grand revenge.


“Rahsa, playtime is over.”

“So you want to end the fight then. Very well, I will show you something I’ve been saving.”

First, Rahsa raised his sword in the air with both hands. The holy blade Excalibur began to glow brightly in reply.

“It is different than any magic. ‘Sword dance of light’ is a special magic that you can use through wielding this sword. If you are hit by this, you will not wake up for over a week. I waited for three years. So a week isn’t so long, is it?”

Rahsa said the most horrifying things with his gentle smile.

And the tip of his sword, Excalibur contained a horrifying amount of magic.


I could not allow myself to be hit by that.

Oh well. I had no choice but to use it. There will be casualties, but it was better than me being hit by anything.


The mystifying magic that that was gathering around the tip of Rahsa’s sword finally settled into the shape of a sword. When Rahsa swung down, the magic that was shaped like a sword was flung towards me.

“It will continue to follow you until it hits! The next time we meet will be at a bed in the royal castle!”

“Really? Do you think so?”


It was time to show him my special move. I took out the herbs I had received from the Gap company boss that I had hidden away.

“Awaken, magical being!”

Somehow, I knew that I could use this magic. Just like I hadn’t forgotten how to use a sword, I was able to use this magic as if it were the most natural thing.


A shadow erupted in that space. What was once herbs was shrouded in shadow, and the magic being jumped out.


It was the moment that the energetic radish-like thing popped out. The magic from Rahsa’s sword slammed into it, and the radish turned into pulp.


Goodbye, radish.

I am grateful for your sacrifice.

It was strange. I didn’t feel a shred of guilt. And I also feel like it wasn’t the first time I did this. That I sacrificed them…


Rahsa was stunned by the fact that his ultimate magic had been stopped by my radish.

And I did not let him go unpunished for that second he let his guard down.


Now it was my turn. I put my palms up and sucked in the magic that was still chopping the radish in the air. It swirled into my hands and was stored in my body.

‘The use of natural magic power.’

And I returned that magic straight back to Rahsa. Normally, it would have been enough to take the magic that was just in the air, but since there was some delicious magic right in front of me, I decided to help myself to it.


Rahsa tried to block the magic that shot back at him, but most of it made contact with his body.

He went flying back. It seemed like he had lost consciousness. Now I could take the dragon and escape… That was how things were supposed to go, but then Rahsa fell off of the dragon and went flying through the air.


Unless I did something, Rahsa’s body would be thrown to the ground.

I didn’t want the person I had been fighting so well a moment ago to die in such a way. Besides, he was apparently my younger brother.

I pulled on the dragon’s reigns. But it did not react at all. It was the same even after I swung the life dragon sword.


Damn it!

I was supposed to escape. I would have been able to get away.

Before I knew it, I had jumped off the back of the red dragon.

I unleashed some magic to accelerate my speed in order to catch up with Rahsa. I was able to grab him, but quickly tasted the fear of seeing the ground rush towards us at a frightening speed.

We would hit it within a few seconds. That hard ground.



I used all the magic that remained in me to cast wind magic on the ground.

The strong wind blew onto the ground. The force of the wind being repelled from the ground somehow manages to support us.

However, the force pulling us was too strong, and I was still slammed against the ground as I held Rahsa.

It was enough.

Tired, drained of magic and hitting the ground. That was all it took to make me stop moving.


And so the soldiers picked me up and carried me to the castle.

As my consciousness faded, I knew that I was being put on a horse. Was this going directly to the castle?

I failed to escape. Ahh, I failed.


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