Lady Iris looked terribly sorry. But, a dream where I laughed, ahahaha with a stupid face and ran away…

I was afraid that Lady Iris would start crying again, but prince Arc tried to comfort her.

Lady Iris >>>>>> Prince Arc. Their positions of power seemed very clear now.


“So that means I’m not a harassing bastard?”

“Of course. You are an honest and incorruptible person, brother.”

Incorruptible person… Ohohoho. I knew it!


“I don’t know about that. Maybe he was doing weird things when we weren’t looking.”

Prince Arc said pointedly. Grrrr. This man was my enemy.

“You keep changing the subject. Can you please leave?”

“Alright. I won’t mock him anymore.”

Well, this… Lady Iris = Prince Rahsa >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> Prince Arc. Hehehe. I could see their positions even better now.


“Oh, right. Brother, you may not know this, but the Gap company was going after you too.”

“Ah, I know about that. It’s because of that that I was limited in my escape route.”

“Do you know why they were chasing you?”

“We had a little struggle the other day. And they started chasing me.”

“Wrong. It is because the head of the Gap company, Toto Gap, is your old friend. He wanted to meet you. But he cannot come today.”

That guy who was easy to talk to, huh?

The boss of the Gap company. The man in the coat who cared about the Helan territories. So he was my old friend.


“I see. So it was just a misunderstanding. I was scared that I was going to be killed.”

“Yes, yes. Let’s continue to clear up these misunderstandings. What would you like to know next?”

“Hmm, I don’t need to hear any more about relationships. I’ll learn more little by little as we go along. After all, if someone was my friend, we will probably hit it off again. So I don’t need to know. More importantly, why did I lose my memory? Eli too.”


“He means Eliza.” Said Rail from the side.


“Since when were you two so close?”

Said Lady Iris. Her cheeks were now red for an entirely different reason.

Rail tried to explain it to her.


“I do not know the details. But you did something that you had to do. And were sacrificed. We thought you were dead, but then you returned like this. You are a hero who will be remembered through the ages. There is no doubt about it.”

…I’m blushing.


“Ah, Kururi is blushing. How nostalgic.”

“This reminds me of the old Kururi.”

“Hmph. Who wants to see that smirk on his face repeatedly.”

“I like your face when you blush.”

Ah, so it showed on my face then. And they all pounced on me for it.

But, I don’t know. This air. It was so comfortable. Like I wanted to stay and talk like this forever.

But, it was time to get to the main subject.


“Alright. As for the reason that I came here…”

“Oh, yes, that’s right. Where were you all of this time, brother!?”

I had been asking so many questions, but I hadn’t told them anything about me.


After that, the four of them unleashed a storm of questions on me.

“Where were you? What were you doing?”

They were shocked that I had slept for three years and curious about the blacksmith stuff.

“And what of your current relationship with Eli!?” Iris asked, but I dodged the question.


“Now, to go back to the main subject. I heard different things about the Helan territories recently.”

Ahh, they said. And immediately, all four of them lost their excitement.

Why? Was it a taboo to talk about it?


“We’re so sorry, brother. When you were gone, we tried our best to make the Helan territories prosper like never before. But we were not capable enough, and it has resulted in this mess.”

“No, it’s not your fault. After all, is it not my job?”

“No, brother. You have already done enough.”

“Rahsa. If the Helan territories still need me, I think I will go back. That’s why I came to the capital. And it seems that I really am Kururi Helan.”

“What about the smithy?”

Ah, that.

I did promise Eli that I would return.

I can’t just leave her there.


“I will move it to Helan then.”

“You can just decide that yourself? From what I saw, it seemed like Eliza had the authority to make decisions there.”

Rail gave his cool and perceptive opinion. Don’t shove that harsh reality into my face!

“So that’s what you choose.”

Lady Iris said with understanding. Why!? How did this information leak!?


“It can’t be helped. I will have to persuade Eliza. After all, the Helan territories need him, don’t they? If you think about it.”

It was Prince Arc who said this with finality.

He just came in and stole the best part. What a show-off.


After that, Prince Arc said that I would be taken care of while I stayed in the castle. And so so I swore that I would eat so much food that he would regret showing me hospitality. I would even order desserts during the night. It was now or never if he wanted to rescind it.



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