Expecting to Fall into Ruin, I Aim to Become a Blacksmith 128



“Well, well. Thank you all for gathering here together.”

I stood up on the stage and looked down at all the district representatives that had gathered and who were against the building of the railway.

Outside, the sun had already gone down as the late hours of the night approached us. I could see several faces that looked very drowsy. They would probably have trouble concentrating. But I had explained to them that since we were so busy with the building of the magic train, we could not set aside any other time to talk and answer their questions. It was hard enough finding a venue, and we had ultimately settled for the giant warehouse in the craftsman’s district that was also the construction site for the magic train. It looked like about 300 had appeared?

My initial impression was there wasn’t anyone here who had a particularly passionate opinion about what we would be talking about. They were against the railway, but had only come here to listen to someone speak today. Something like that, perhaps?

That was good. This atmosphere would make it easier for me to push my own opinion forward.


“You must have all heard the basics from Mister Lotson. Am I right in assuming that all of you are against the construction of the railway for the magic train?”

I said as I looked down at them. Some nodded slightly as if to show assent and others muttered to each other about how they were indeed against it.

“And is it also true that the reason is because there is a dragon who sleeps deep under the soil of the Helan territories, and that you think the dragon will be displeased when it awakes to find the rails there?”

To this, they also agreed. Though, there seemed to be a few who had different reasons, and I could see them talking to each other in hushed voices.

I waited. Though, it was to my advantage that I did it.


“You are right to be worried. However, it is no small matter that the lord of this land is me.”

I thrust out one arm and opened my hand. Then I sucked in as much air into my stomach as I could, and then unleashed the words in a loud voice.

“I, Kururi Helan, here swear, that the thing that you are worried about shall not occur!!”

The crowd gasped with admiration. I guess speaking from your stomach really did work.

Saying it like this made it hard to tell if you were lying.


“But still, some of you may be worried.”

It was the truth. Yes, many of them had looked impressed by my declaration, but there were others who still looked doubtful.


“Please do not worry. I have a reason for being able to say this. …Oh, by the way, I know you must all be very tired after coming here so late. And so I have asked the wives of the craftsmen to make you something special. I myself have not have had dinner yet. Will you please join me?”

Many had come from far away, and were apparently battling with their hunger. And so nearly everyone smiled and agreed.

On my signal, Eli led the wives of the craftsmen as they brought an incredible amount of food into the warehouse. The craftsmen brought out the tables and the magnificent, meat-centered dishes were placed on them.

“Now, now everyone. Eat! Eat!”

Everyone ate standing. And the wives gladly poured wine for anyone who wanted to drink.


The men of the craftsmen district were generally in favor of the magic trail and the railway. This was obvious, or they wouldn’t be making them. And I would use their help in order to persuade the others tonight.


The dinner continued merrily.

They ate, they drank, and Eli and the group of wives helped brighten their mood. On top of all that, it was quite late…

Hehehe. They would not be able to think rationally anymore. There was no way I would not be able to persuade them now.


When the meal was finished, I was completely clear and sharp headed while the men all had smiling faces and looked like they had forgotten their reason for even being there.


“Everyone, did you enjoy that meal?”

I returned to the stage and called out to them.

Oh!? Suddenly remembering their purpose for being here, they all gathered around the stage once again.


“Now, since your bellies are full, let us return to the subject at hand. We stopped talking after I assured you that there was no danger in building the railway. But I would like to tell you why I know this to be the truth.”

They were all full and looked drowsy. Some had drunk too much wine. Hehehe. Yes, yes. It was time to move things along.


“Everyone. While you have heard the rumor of the slumbering dragon, have you not heard the other rumor?”

Hmm? Most of them looked quite confused by this. Then someone shouted the words that I had been waiting for.

“I heard a rumor that you, Lord Kururi, have the blood of the dragon in your veins.”

“Yes, that is correct!”

I thrusted a finger at the young man. Thank you for saying that. Well, he was a young man from the craftsmen’s district that I had placed here in case no one else said anything. And it turned out to be a good thing.


“This is quite a delicate subject, and so it is awkward for me to say it myself, but I am in fact, half human and half dragon.”

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