A very villainous group was there. They also had tattoos. Most of them were also very muscular. They had this aura which made me feel like they would say ‘scars are like medals!’. On top of that, there were also men with wounds. There were also a few who looked so ferocious that it made me wonder if they were brought up by wild animals or something.

Dear Gap company…… I know it’s tough at the capital but this just looks like a band of criminals. You can call them a group of vulgar mercenaries at best. They didn’t actually come for war, right?


I slowed down as I got close to them.

As I was looking for their supervisor, Toto, he waved at me from the crowd. He had a smile on. At least he seems favorable.

I also waved back immediately but… what are all these gazes I feel on me?

No, not just feel. There were definitely, intently, a huge amount of gazes aimed at me.


I mean, it is true that their employer’s business partner has arrived in the scene. It isn’t that weird for the criminal group to all stare at me at once.

But… you know, it’s just that, it feels just a bit different.


Their gazes were so strong that I thought they were hostile at first.

Something along the lines of ‘you bastard, if you are rude to master Toto, I will skin you alive’……

But it seems that that wasn’t what it was.


Their gazes were very passionate.

Hmm? This gaze is like that… like the one you give your best friend or family when you meet after a long time.

This is weird. The vicious looking man in front of me is moved to tears?!

Oi, oi, the beast-like man started sobbing after not being able to hold it in. And the one consoling him was another vicious looking dude who doesn’t really blend in with the general public. Before I realized, almost all of them were moved to tears.

What? What is this? This sense of unity? What is going to happen here?

What is it? Did Toto say something weird before I arrived?


“Yo, Kururi. I am happy to meet you again.”


And before I realized, Toto, who was at the back, came in front of me.

I hurriedly climbed off my horse. He held out his hand and we shook each other’s hands.


“I am also happy to meet you again. Also, I’m sorry to call you here suddenly.”


“It’s fine, I would have come eventually even if you hadn’t called. Gap company wanted to expand to Helan territory as well, you see.”


“I am grateful. But more importantly…”


I lowered my voice and got close to Toto.


“The group behind me, what’s up with them? They look so vulgar.”


“Ah, hahahah, sorry about that. I was sure you’d be surprised and you actually were surprised. Actually, they are not here because of me. They are a gift from the first prince. I have his letter with me. You will understand once you read it.”


“They are not your underlings?”


“My men are only the 50 around the carriage. The other 300 or so men are complete strangers to me. But in contrast to their looks, they were quite docile on their way. I could hear your name from them every now and then as well.”


What’s with that?!

Something like “That bastard Kururi Helan. Oi, preserve your stamina ‘till we reach Helan territory. It’s gonna be a bloodbath once we reach there!!”?

No, considering their gazes, it feels the complete opposite.

The gazes are similar to something you would give to your grandmother or grandfather. Hmm? Am I their grandfather?


“For now, let’s get into the mansion. Eli is there so you can expect some delicious food. What will you do about your underlings? If needed, I can prepare lodgings.”


“They need to guard the luggage so you can leave them be. I also instructed them to acquire food from the market.”


“I see. And what about these people?”


“I have only been told to deliver them to you by the prince. Everything else is up to you……”


Toto said, looking a bit troubled.

Well, I am also troubled. This isn’t the prince being mean, is it? Maybe because he got jealous ‘cause I borrowed Iris for a long time.


Either way, since they have already made it here, I have no other choice.


“Mr. Lotson, please prepare a place to stay and food for them. I will have the discussion with Toto alone.”


“Yes, as you say.”


It seems I was right to bring Mr. Lotson along.

The criminal group will probably have a roof to live under for a while. I will decide what to do with them later. The business discussion with Toto is of utmost important right now.





“Please wait a bit!!”


Mr. Lotson told them to follow him but one of them called out to me as I was heading towards the mansion.

Wondering what it was, Toto also stopped and we turned around.

It was a guy with a shaved head, noticeably bulkier than the rest.

He had several scars on his head. It seems he hasn’t lead an ordinary life.



“Will you not…… will you not say anything to us?!”


Yes? But Mr. Lotson did say to follow him. He will manage everything.



“Do I need to say anything?”




“I am saying, do I need to say anything? Is something like that needed?”


“……Boss. Uu…… Uuuooooooohhhhhhh, boossssssssssssssss! We don’t even need words between us anymore, I see! Even though your back was saying that, what have I done, I couldn’t even understand that, aaaaahhhhhh!!!”


Oi, oi, oi, he’s being passionate and all here?! Boss? Who? Me?! Am I this group’s boss?! It has definitely got to be some misunderstanding.


“You fools! I have done something unrefined! Let’s shut up and do what we must!”


“Ooohhhhh!!” — their voices reverberated.

All of them wiped their tears and had a very peaceful expression on their faces. Their strides following Mr. Lotson were light.


What’s with all that? They just left in a really good mood. Or rather, who were they to begin with?!

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