“Not that. How should I explain this… you are like, very tolerant and broad minded.”


Aah, that. Sankyu.


“Although some might be a bit loose…”


The screws?! Are my screws loose?!



“That intense Ms. Eliza and you, Kururi, who have been living freely outside the frame of being a noble. Now that I think about it, it probably isn’t that strange that you two are together. After all, you’re the only person who comes to mind who can accept Ms. Eliza.”


Together…? We are not, yet. Although I wouldn’t say it out loud ‘cause it’s embarrassing.

But I will probably have to say it sooner or later, huh? To everyone and to Eli herself.



“Well, I guess that’s about enough about the past. With you, Kururi, I am confident that we can build up a friendly relationship even without past memories.”


“Yeah. I also think so. Even when I was held at Gap company, I had fun talking to you. Even though it was a trifling conversation.”


“Me too. I can’t speak this smoothly with anyone other than you yet. My subordinates, Tristana and Nuno, understand what I mean by my gestures and so my conversation skills haven’t really improved.”


“That’s actually pretty interesting.”


It’s kinda hilarious when I imagine it.

Toto does feel like he would be bad at human relations.



“That can be said about you too, you know. This letter, what is this? This is the first time I have received a letter like this.”


Saying that, Toto brought out the letter.

I had thought it was the one prince Arch entrusted to him but it looks familiar. It was the letter I sent to him.


“A few of my subordinates who read this were very angry. Although I liked it since it felt like you.”


Hmm? What did I write again?

I took the letter and read it again.



‘Toto, lend me money. Helan territory lacking money.

From Kururi Helan.’


So was written on the top portion of an otherwise blank letter.

Eh? Did I write this?

Ah, I did, I did. If I remember right, it was late at night then.

I did think of some courteous sentences but intense sleep suddenly struck me then.

And I also had the delivery man on standy by nearby so I just wrote what I needed to tell him and was done with it.

And the result is this……

That’s pretty crude, even for myself.



“I am sorry.”


I should honestly apologize.


“It’s fine. I had a good laugh ‘cause of it.”


“The situation is exactly how I wrote it. Although we have the manpower, we are quickly reaching the bottom of our funds because we spent a bit too much. And so I remembered. ‘Ah, right. Toto is my friend from the capital and he is the head of the rapidly growing Gap company. He probably has a lotta money so I could ask to borrow some’.”


“T-that’s quite frank…”


Toto had a bitter smile on.


“However, even if it’s a friend, I couldn’t bring myself to just borrow money. Of course, I have prepared deals beneficial to the Gap company as well.”


“I would give you the money even if you had just simply told me to, though.”


“Yes, I could never have the Gap company be at a los…… Eehhhhhhh!!”


What is this person saying?

He is saying quite some bold stuff. Are you sure? I will take some, you know? I will take a lot, you know?


While I was shocked with my eyes wide open, Toto kept the conversation going.


“However, that would be my personal will and the Gap company as a whole would be against it. There are quite a lotta people who follow me. I do not want to disappoint them so I came with a different method.”


“A different method?”


“Rather than lend you money, I want it to be as an investment. I will provide the money. In turn, when the magic train is completed, I want the right to some land in Helan territory.”


Investment, eh…… that sounds good.

More so because it’s Toto.


Or rather, investment might be the best option when it’s from a person you can trust.


“Will the Gap company agree if you invest?”


“Yep, they will.”


I looked into Toto’s eyes. Although he was a bit short and thin, I realized he had this strength in him which made him look strong.


“We both have more to take responsibility, huh?”




We both laughed out as I said that.

Just now, weirdly enough, I really felt like I had grown medicinal plants with Toto at the academy. I had just gotten sure–that if it’s with him, I probably did something like that.



“Actually, I had thoughts about investments to a certain extent. Helan territory’s funds can’t possibly fund the rails going throughout the country. And so I thought I would transfer some rights to the landlords of the territory the train goes through and have them provide some funds and manpower. I thought they wouldn’t bluntly refuse it if we were both profiting from it.”


“I agree. When it comes to lending money, there’s this worry of ‘when will it be returned?’ and the prospects don’t look bright. And so, if we make an investment, we would also become a part of the developing party and it would create a deeper connection.”



Our opinions matched.

This should be good enough. If so, what do I give him?

I am sure Toto won’t invest an average amount. I have no doubt he would come investing a ton of money, showing his spirit.



“Firstly, the talk about Gap company making Helan territory it’s base of operations. I shall choose the best district in town for it. The first station’s surrounding areas’ price will increase from now so I will provide land there for Gap company.”


“I am grateful for that. Of course, we will make branches here after the magic train is completed but I would also like branches to be made before as well. That will really help.”






“I just decided but… The final station at the capital–the biggest station of them all, I will give that to the Gap company.”


“Are you serious? As far as I can guess, the significance of the station where the magic train stops is quite high. Goods will be transported from there so the price of land there will definitely increase and many businesses will try to establish their front there. The profit there, if looked at for the long term, will be astronomical.”

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