Expecting to Fall into Ruin, I Aim to Become a Blacksmith 133



It was completed…

At last, the final form of the magic train had shown itself.


The entire thing was glossy and black. And it had five great wheels of iron on each side. The body was four meters tall and ten meters long. On the roof were two black, iron cylinders that had been taken from the watering machines. They had been modified to become the source of power. They were no longer watering machines, but engines. And each cylinder was filled with a thick core of iron. Iron planks were placed around them in a circle to protect them from any contact. Energy would be unleashed from the magic stones and travel through the circuits and start the engine. The reaction was used to propel the magic train forward.

When I moved to the front, there was a gold plate placed there, and the name ‘Helan’ carved into it.


I was so moved that I threw my arms around it. It was cold and sturdy as if it had roots that dug into the earth. The others followed my example and hugged the train. They must have been thinking the same thing as me. They pressed their cheeks against metal and felt the chill.


They had all been very reckless in thinking we could make something so huge and heavy like this move.

And yet, we had succeeded. It was a great feat indeed.


“Everyone! You did well! This is the treasure of Helan!”

I was so excited that I even climbed on top of the train. When you looked down from the roof, you were reminded of how tall it was. I was impressed at how high four meters were.

Once again, the others followed my lead and climbed on top.

As I had not been expecting this at all, I was a little scared when they all started to climb up at once.


This would be in the front, and there would be cars connected to it to carry cargo and passengers. We haven’t made those yet, but they would be incredibly easy compared to making the main part of the magic train.


That was why, in this current state, we could say that the train was finished.


Once night had fallen and people were asleep, ten of the strongest horses were brought to the warehouse in the craftsmen’s district. As there was little traffic at night, we would use the horses to carry the train to the station.


We tied ropes around the train and attached them to the horses who pulled it.

The magic train would carry many things in the future, but this would be the first and last time it would be carried.


By the time we finished transporting it, the sun had started to rise.

Helan Station had maintained its spotless beauty since it was built, and it was there that the train was carefully put on top of the rails.

Helan Station was a building made of bricks, and it was big enough to include an inn and a bathhouse, which would serve to make it more accessible to the people. While you couldn’t go in, there were several places with natural hot spring water as well. Stone statues had been placed there, giving a sense of luxury. One of the naked statues looked a lot like me, but I pretended not to notice…


Once the train was actually on the rails, the magic train had a whole new presence, it was as if life had been breathed into it. The sounds of the wheels scraping the rails now echoed throughout the building. It was a sound we would hear many times from now on.

Currently, the dragon’s spine stretched out to cover nearly seventy percent of Helan.

I intended to have the train running in Helan before the dragon’s spine was laid out over the entirety of the Kudan kingdom, but I started thinking that we could do it today.


“We don’t have to wait for passenger or cargo cars. Why don’t we run with just this main part?”

Everyone who was present agreed to this suggestion.


That being said, there were a hundred people present, including me, so we had to decide which of us would be able to enter the limited space.

And so we decided to make it easy and pull straws.


They wanted to make a special exception, but I refused. Besides, I had good luck with these kinds of things. And so I wanted to go on this ride with pride.


Once that was settled, we needed two magic users who would be controlling the train.

And then eight others. Ten people in all would have the honor of riding it.


Including myself, there were seven people who could use magic. And two of us would win our positions.

Though, as a person in power, maybe it would be best to give up the spot to them.

But I didn’t really care about what was right at this moment.

I just wanted to ride it as soon as possible. I wanted to feel the speed and power to the fullest.


And so I would win!

I raised my hands in the air and I prayed.

At first, the others had seemed like they didn’t really care who got to go, but my sudden show of seriousness seemed to have an effect on them. And they all started to pray for their own victory.


Once everyone was ready, we lined up behind the lottery box.

I was 7th in line. Hmph. I had the confidence of kings. My prayer had been perfect.


Or so I thought, but then the first person in line pulled the winning ticket.

Hey! Confidence of kings!! Why did I even think that!

There was only one left. After that, the 2nd and 3rd people pulled blanks.

I didn’t care about appearances anymore, I was screaming. Of course, it was fine, because the others felt the same way.

Then the 4th stuck his hand in the box and froze. He was trying to figure it out by touch.

What an idiot. There’s no way you’d be able to tell. He’s going crazy.

Unsurprisingly, he pulled out a blank.

The 5th met a similar fate. Though, he was quicker.


And the fateful 6th.

He was the driver of the first magic train, ‘Phillip.’ The man whose head had bled after the accident where the train went off the rails.

Before drawing, he turned to me and said:

“Mister Kururi. I shall have this honor.”

While his voice was quiet, there was a strength to it.

Oh, no! He means to take it! He is going to take the honor for his son, Phillip!

Is this the strength of a father!? His back looked incredibly strong as he walked over to the box…!


Of course, none of that had anything to do with luck, and so he pulled out a blank.

That meant that the last one was guaranteed to be a winner.

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