Botsuraku 141 Part 2

I must have had some sort of hallucination after taking a single look at this woman in front of me. What a devilish charm! I can’t keep being an immobile youngster like that. I came here for work. Don’t be confused by what I said earlier. The person in front of me is Neko-sensei, an important colleague, someone I can entrust with the duties of protecting our laws!

I somehow once used to take classes with this person. There must be some way to remain calm around her.  I took a deep breath and asked her a question.


“Are you Neko-sensei?”


She didn’t reply with words. Her bangs swayed as she simply nodded like a normal adult person would.


It’s no use. Every move she makes is so sexy, my head is about to go up in flames.

Ah, what gives. Why don’t I just surrender to her charms and be done with it?

I should just go out and join that crowd outside… And get soaked up by that employee’s cold water, huh? Do you want that? Do you want that, Kururi Helan!?


“Long time no see, Kururi-meow.”




“It certainly has been a long time, meow. It’s good to see you, meow.”


Meow meow!


“How have you been, meow? I’ve been doing great, meow. I’ve grown up a bit since we last met, isn’t that right, meow?”


Meow meow meow!?


I hadn’t noticed before, but long whiskers had sprouted from Neko-sensei’s cheeks. And a pair of triangular ears had appeared on the top of her head.




To my bewilderment, Neko-sensei’s body just kept on changing as I stood there.

Her long, slender arms went all fluffy,  and her legs shortened up and became chubby and fluffy as well. I could almost see her soft paw pads, too. She just kept on transforming. Her face gradually went from looking like a person’s to a cat’s face, and this went on until she had completely transformed into a big, fluffy cat.

Where did those beautiful charms go? Neko-sensei’s body now looked like a huge plush doll.


“Just as I thought, this form is more appealing, meow?”


…I was suddenly awoken from my dream.


“So you’re Neko-sensei?”


“That’s what I said, meow. Did you forget me after such a long time, meow?”


How could I forget someone with such a strong personality?


“I’m sorry. My memories are a little vague. It seems I have completely forgotten about you, Neko-sensei.”


“I see, meow. That seems rather troubling, meow. What should we do, meow? Should I fix you up, meow?”


“Eh!? Can you recover my lost memories?”


“It’s certainly possible, meow.”


Amazing! I was already very shocked by her, but there were even more secrets to her! She may look like a cat, but she does know a lot about magic!


“Then, please, can you help me now?”


“That’s going to be a little difficult, meow. I need tools and a good environment to do it, meow.”


“I can arrange that for you. What do you need?”


Neko-sensei silently thought about the things she needed for my medical treatment.


“The first thing I need is a stake to crack open your head…”




“What is it, meow?”


What did she say just now? Did I get that wrong? Please tell me I got that wrong.


“Neko-sensei, did you say you need a stake to break my head in order to help me regain my memories?”


“Of course, meow. It doesn’t have to be an actual stake, but I’m personally used to using that, meow.”


How does one get used to using a stake! Do you frequently stab a straw doll with stakes or something!?


“Isn’t there any other way?”


“There isn’t, meow. And driving a stake through your head would be just the beginning, meow. After that, I’d stir your brains with that stake a little, meow. It’s possible that your personality could change a bit after that, but that’s okay, meow!”


“How is that okay!? Stirring my brains with a stake!? Really!?”


“Yeah, meow. With a stake.”


“With a stake!?”


There has to be another way!

Just imagine this. I go with this nonsensical plan and recover my memories, but my personality changes and I become something like, I don’t know, a tyrant. It would ruin everything I have worked for so far! And what’s more, I don’t really want anyone driving any stakes into my brain, thank you very much. At least use a hammer or something like that! I’m afraid of pointy things!


“That’s okay, don’t worry. The process sounds rather scary, so let’s stop talking about this.”


“Come on, don’t be a coward, meow! Oh well, it can’t be helped… If you can pay for it, there’s a way to do it using only magic, meow.”


“Are you serious!? So there is another way!”


“If you want to do this free of charge, then we need to go with the stake. But if you’re willing to pay, there’s another way, yes, meow.”


I’ll pay! Sure, I’ll pay! It’s my memories we’re talking about. Nothing is too expensive when it comes to that.


“Please tell me more. I was about to let you drive a stake through my head.”


“It’s a bit expensive, meow. About one year’s worth of Helan’s river fish, meow.”


“I’ll pay, though! It’s very important!”


Who would be stingy enough to prefer having a stake driven through their head over paying with fish? Please, Neko-sensei, tell me more about this paid course!



“Ah, that’s right. I was so shocked about our first meeting and our conversation about regaining my memories, that I’d almost forgotten why I had come here in the first place. I have a request for you, Neko-sensei. I’d like you to be my presiding judge.”


“Huh? Not a chance, meow!”


Ouch. She turned me away so easily.


Her magic skills seem to be the real deal, and she seems to be knowledgeable enough to even know how to help me regain my memories. No wonder she is the most indicated for the job, but it’s difficult to negotiate with someone who had expressed her dislike for the offer so bluntly.


“B…  but why?”


Let’s try to ask her for her reasons behind her refusal for the time being.


“A beautiful woman like me hates to be restrained like that, meow!”


You’re a cat! A cat! What do you care for such things!?


But cats do hate being restrained, don’t they? Even though you don’t have to be there all the time, only when your services are needed, so you can focus on your work…


“But you teach magic, don’t you? Isn’t that some kind of restraint, too?”


“That’s just me killing time, meow. It doesn’t feel restraining at all, meow”


Ugh, if you say that, then it seems it really will be impossible to recruit her. How am I going to be able to persuade someone with such a strong, beautiful-woman-esque personality?”


“But work could be fun too, don’t you think?”


“I prefer being on my own, meow.”


It’s no good, she’s too aloof. She’s like a flower that is too expensive for anyone to purchase it.


“I understand. I’ll ask someone else. So, can we talk about helping regain my memories?”


“Sure, meow. I’ll just send you the bill for the accommodation fee, meow.”



I’m sorry, I didn’t hear that…?

I had finally been able to invite Neko-sensei into my territory, but why do I feel like I’m the one dancing on the palm of her hand… er, paw? How shameless of you, Neko-sensei!


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