150 Part 1

Volume  8 Episode 14


I guess this is what they call “the daimyo’s procession”.


Prince Arch lead numerous personnel, who came from the capital for the autonomous feudal lord inauguration, creating an unimaginably long line. Prince Arch was overlooking the situation with a contented look. Since I have not greeted him yet, I rushed over to his side.


“Prince Arch, this journey must have been long, I’m so pleased to welcome you.”


“What is with that formality? You are probably just curious about the value of the ceremony gift, right?”


“That is a thing of the past. The Helan hall is now brimming with gold and treasures. I have become so used to them that I’ll probably not be delighted by your gift.”


“I totally thought that you would be crying out of joy…  Helan territory has gotten that rich now?”


“Yes, that’s right. To the extent that it’s laughable”


“Is it okay if I take back the ceremony gift then?”


“No you can’t. I was a little concerned about where I can place the gift, but now that you’ve said that, I don’t feel like returning the gift.”


“You are such a devil.”


“I will lend you money if you are ever troubled with financial matters. After all, there is such a relationship between Prince Arch and I.”


“I am concerned about the interest rate you are going to ask for. Sigh, you have really climbed up to such a high position. I kind of envy you for that.”


Oh? To think that the prince will say something like this, I should be the one envying the prince’s position.


“The prince is envious of me? Is it because I look handsome? My nose and other parts are after all much more charming than yours.”


“That’s not it. I’m talking about how you have paved a way to the top with your own strength. That kind of life seems fun to me. By the way, my nose is far more charming than yours.”


“Is that so? While this life may look good to others, there are many painful moments. Prince Arch, your life as a royalty is much more enviable. Well, my mouth is definitely much more charming than yours.”


“Tsk, I guess it always end up like that. The grass will always seem greener on the other side. Stop talking nonsense, my mouth is obviously much more charming than yours.”


Is this a battle!? Ehh!?


Prince Arch looked like he was prepared to rebuke any attacks. Well then, we are definitely going to settle this and make it clear once and for all someday. For fairness, we shall have Neko-sensei as the judge!


‘……Both are plain, meow.’ It seems like she will say something like that.



“Hey Kururi, congratulations on being inaugurated as the autonomous feudal lord”


“Eh? You are saying that at this timing?”


“That’s because this is the probably the only time where I can say my own thoughts. I’m not going to say it anymore so be sure to savor the words I’ve just said.”


“I wasn’t able to savor them and it was so quick that it doesn’t leave any aftertaste. Can you please say it one more time? And please add ‘Lord’ to my name too.”


“Don’t be so demanding. The royal family doesn’t say the same thing twice. Remember that.”


“I will remember that. I will make sure to bring it up when you say something more than once.”


“What a jerk.”


“Only to Prince Arch”


“That’s even a bigger problem.”


“Only Prince Arch is special.”


“I have never heard of that kind of ‘special’ before.”


Right when Prince Arch has finished fooling around, the work progressed quite smoothly. We moved to another location and borrowed the number one inn of Helan territory. Having been visited by the royalty and feudal lord, I am sure the inn’s good reputation will increase even further.


A party, called “The Place of Independence”, will be held in this place later. The seating arrangement preparations for the grand party have been completed, and we started to stream into the splendid hall one by one.

Prince Arch and I were seated at the furthest end. Rahsa, Eliza, Iris, and Toto were invited, and of course the others like Old Moran, Mister Petal, Eyan Deauville, Neko-Sensei, Rail and Mister Lotson, were also called to this venue. Important people of the Helan territory and my life have gathered here.



“Everyone came despite being busy. Prince Arch is here too, it seems like we will finally be able to advance one step ahead. The inauguration ceremony will be held in the next few days but I want you all to think of this as a pre-celebration. Please drink, eat, and enjoy to your heart’s content.”


Everyone took their favorite drinks and we cheered. The social drinks and sound of everyone’s laughter- A celebration with these, I really do not mind if they let themselves go today.


Hey, Neko-sensei is lying down, sloppily drinking alcohol straight from the bottle…… That’s fine! For today!


Hey, Prince Arch looks so pitiful trying to get Iris to pour drinks for him…… That’s fine! For today!


Hey, Rahsa is challenging himself with drinks for adult and adorably vomiting…… That’s fine! For today!


Hey, go ahead and drink, eat and sing!! The bills will be covered by Prince Arch today!!


Muahahahaha, I cannot wait to see Prince Arch’s angry face when he knows about this later. Just thinking about it whets my appetite.


Quite a while has passed since the start of the party, some people were knocked out from overdrinking, and some people left as they pleased; without realizing there was only Eliza and I left, drinking while facing each other.


“The food here is really delicious, right? Even though I was in the Helan territory, I have never been here before.”


In order to not make the situation awkward, Eliza talked quickly.


“That’s because we didn’t lead an extravagant lifestyle and were also strapped for cash. This is going to change from now on and we are going to spend more in the future.”


“No, it is fine the way it is now. Let’s use the money well in investments.”


Of course. Our life leading to now has been quite blissful too and there’s nothing that should be changed.


“Eliza, will you come and live with me together like how you did when you were Eli?”


“Hmm. I wonder if that will work. Both of our memories returned after all.”


“We ended up fighting because only part of my memories recovered back then. I’m sorry about complaining back then.”


“Me too. Sorry I said everything I wanted to without thinking.”


Things became awkward after the quarrel with Eliza, but I guess we have reconciled with this?


Eliza poured drinks for me and I did the same for her. Both of us exchanged drinks. Enjoying our casual chat, we stayed up all night.

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