Volume 4 Chapter 2

“I see flowers.”
“She’s looking at flowers.”
Two stalkers looking at a pretty girl who was looking at flowers.
No, the prince was the one real stalker, I was just his guard.

“Oh, I feel uncomfortable.”
“It shows.”
“Is it because of that harassment we witnessed before?”
“No, I am probably hungry.”
The prince turned his eyes away from Iris and he looked at me.
“Are you serious?”
He was trying to tell me something.
I didn’t know what to do.

“Anyhow, it looks like Iris likes the flowers.”
“There is something regal in you.”
“Is there?”
I blushed.
A lot.

Apparently I was not accustomed to being praised by a handsome man.
I was always busy doing something, so I never had anybody around me.

I could double down on it, and hope for a greater reward.
But for the moment, keeping a moderate distance was better. No, I didn’t want to come closer, if possible.

“You are thinking about dirty stuff right now.”
“No, absolutely not.”
He was trying to make his personality manifest. What a situation!

“Iris seems to be moving.”
“Come, let’s go follow her.”

Iris’ next destination was her usual farm.
Her favorite vegetables were growing fast and good.

When she got there she always watered the field a lot.
Any trace of sadness disappeared from her face, and she smiled.

“What is she growing?”
“Don’t you see it?”
“Don’t answer to a question with more questions. Just say what you are asked.”
“It’s vegetables.”
It made no sense for the prince to be confused.
The prince, who should have been knowledgeable, had no idea what vegetables were.

“Aren’t they too big?”
“Maybe it is the prince who has become smaller.”
The prince seemed very interested in that big vegetable.
The nation is a prince’s pride. He ought to strive and create a rich country. And he should have returned with his feet back on the ground.

“Who is helping her in the fields?”
“It’s a man named Toto. He just left the greenhouse.”
A guy coming out of the greenhouse was chatting with Iris.
It had to be Toto.
All seemed fine.

“Does he feel something for Iris?”
“Please, listen to them yourself.”
I knew that Toto was not in love with Iris, but the prince would not take me at my word.
He was listening to them talk.

“I will get rid of him.”
It was the second time that day I had to prevent a fight.
Oh, come on! He was already leaning towards violence!

“No, they’re just friends!”
“Well, that’s fine, then.”
He looked like a tyrant. In just one moment he could snap like that!

While I was trying to hold the prince back, and those two were chatting happily, I noticed that Toto’s complexion changed.
A noise came from the doghouse we had made the day before.

Oh, Goru seemed to have woken up.

Goru jumped out of the doghouse and ran towards Iris at full speed.
Along the way, he changed his target into Toto, and began chasing him with a threatening look.
I think he was just jesting.

I absolutely loved that dog.
“Bad, bad boy, Alfredo, stop it.”
After Iris spoke, the dog immediately calmed down.

Toto was about to die.
Poor guy.

“Hey, since when did you have that dog?”
“A couple of days.”
“Did you call him Alfredo?”
“No, he’s Goru.”
“Eh! But Iris just called him Alfredo!”
“It’s Goru.”
“… Goru?”
It was the second anniversary of the birth of the Goroist faction.
It was a bit of a stretch, I know.

While I was dissuading the prince, the aforementioned Goru now looked towards us.
He clearly couldn’t see us behind the bushes, but it was like he was aware of us.
“Did he smell us?”
Was it really the case?
Okay, was it time for the two stalkers to come out of the shadows?

However, Goru soon lost interest and got distracted by something else.
All the attention gathering on our hideout faded away.

“Well, we’re safe apparently.”
“I won’t do this again. I am literally sweating right now.”
“I still don’t understand.”
Was Iris really depressed?
Well, she looked absolutely fine.

When Iris left the field, she did not return to the dorm.
The day was already dawning.

Even though it was dinner time, she left the school garden on her own.
The sunset was gradually turning to red.

The prince blushed while looking at the horizon.
“Yeah, not bad.”

Iris sat down in the field and pulled out some cheap paper from her pocket.
Being cheaply made, the texture was also thin and rough.

Iris was staring at it.
She was not just staring. Apparently there was something written on it. She read very carefully.
Indeed, there lied our answer.

“Koibuma?! He gave it to her!?”
“No, probably somebody in her family gave it to her.”
“Yeah, the nobles do not use such cheap paper.”

Iris folded back the piece of paper.
Perhaps she was thinking about her family, that she had not seen for more than six months.

It looked like the prince could be right.
Iris was depressed after all. She was worried because of her family.

“Now I see.”
“Does Iris want to see her family? But it’s only three years, why does she worry so much?”
“Well, things are different for us, it’s hard for you to walk in our shoes.”
I knew that feeling.
Making the prince understand would be difficult.

“Then you can help me understand.”
“The winter holidays are coming, and Iris does not plan to return home. She thinks that if she studies more, she will have better chances of finding a good job.”

“There will be more good opportunities in the future.”
The prince showed a huge grin as soon as he said that. What was on his mind?

“Oh, is it the Autumn Sports Festival?”
“Yes, the only opportunity for parents to visit the school will come soon.”
“So Iris might have been thinking about her family all along, and we were not aware of it.”
“We were not until now. I will fix everything.”
I realized the prince was going to use his position to do something.

“Iris’ family are commoners, they cannot participate.”
“If they will be able to see their daughter, I’m sure they will be happy about it.”
The prince looked really motivated.

“Please do not tell this to anybody, especially the other people living with her. Think about the whole picture.”
“How many gold coins would that be?”
We were talking about gold! Really!
Things couldn’t go any better.

“20 would be enough, is it? Please keep it confidential”
I got on the prince’s proposal in the spirit of having money if I had it.
It’s not a bad thing to wish that girl want to see her family.

If you do not do too much, you should move in a good direction! I believed and took the devil’s invitation.

Thus the rite of the Iris’ family summoning was done.

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