Botsuraku Youtei Nanode, Kajishokunin wo Mezasu

Vol. 4 Chapter 8


I ended up worsening my cold.

Falling ill after finishing my first job, I was sluggishly dragging on my bad condition.


Ahh, my throat hurts.

Going all the way to the dining hall to have breakfast feels like a pain. I do not want to work; I feel cold and tired.


Of course, it was during these times a customer would appear. There was a rhythmic knock on the door.

I dragged my heavy body over and opened the door.


“Ah, Eliza!”


My voice came out rough because of the sore throat but I could not help but get surprised. Eliza stood there embarrassed.


“You have not had breakfast yet, right? I brought it for you!”


Said Eliza and pushed a basket toward me which probably contained the breakfast.

It was covered with a handkerchief but that alone cannot possibly hide it from my sense of smell when I am starving.

There is a tomato dish inside. It is very fresh, so it is perfect for early morning.


I am honestly really happy that she did this.


“Thanks. I was just feeling very hungry. You truly saved me there.”


“Fuun~, You are pretty sick, aren’t you? Pathetic.”


I felt like asking “Do you hate pathetic guys?” but my condition
was worsening even more, so I meekly decided to return to my bed.


“Would you… like to come in?”


“…… Hmmm, I guess I will!”


I don’t know why she ended the sentence so intensely but I decided to let her in.

I guess she is probably curious about the smithy since she is looking around restlessly.

That cannot be helped, can it? Anyone would be interested. It is pitch black so, I guess a girl would not come to like it.

Well, you will soon get used to it, so please endure it for a while.


I did not even have the composure to serve her tea so I just told her to feel at home.

I got into my bed, pulled the table closer, and decided to have my breakfast there.

This is not good manner but it can not be helped at this point. I truly am in pain after all.


Covering myself with the futon, I confirmed the contents of the basket.

Bread, soup, fried chicken and salad.

I am grateful; it is wonderful how perfectly balanced the food is.


“Did you already have breakfast, Eliza?”


“Yes, I did at the dining hall. Ah, that tomato soup is really delicious!”






Looking a little embarrassed with getting worked up like that, Eliza turned her face away.

Certainly, just like Eliza said, the soup was really good.


“This warms up my body. I wanted some vegetables, so today’s menu is on point.”


“Yes, I guess so. But yesterday’s dinner was even more on point. I mean, it was potato-…..”


Eliza said up till that and stopped, smiled and pretended it never happened.

No, I actually heard it, you know. I heard you say potato.

I skipped yesterday’s dinner so I did not know but it seems like there were quite a lot of potatoes.

Besides, I already know that Eliza loves potatoes.


I stretched my hand out into the salad and confirmed that there were potatoes inside. It was a potato salad.


“Would you like a bite?”


“….. No, thanks.”


Ah, she hesitated! She hesitated there! What was that pause!

Even though she already ate she hesitated just because it had potatoes in it!

Unmatched fondness of potatoes! Potato fetish!

Is your weight okay?! Well, you’re quite slim so I guess it is okay, huh!


“Ah, chew properly when you eat.”


Eliza told me while I was rudely eating the potato.

Well, chewing properly is a good thing, so I went on to chew properly and finished the potato.

Yep, potatoes really are delicious. I did not quite realize it until now.


“Potatoes are pretty sweet, aren’t they?”


“I know, right?! If you properly chew the potato, it releases its original sweetness!”


Having finished her sentence, Eliza realized that she was out of her character and went back to smiling sweetly, pretending that did not happen as well.

Even though she clearly said all of that, seems like she plans to gloss over it.

That smile, which seemed to be completely suppressing her face muscles, really looks like she plans to completely cover up that just now. With force.

I think I should stop carelessly bringing up potatoes in front of her.


I also ate the bread and the main dish – the fried chicken. It looks like my appetite has returned considerably. Eating while being watched feels weird but maybe because I was concentrating too much on the food, I could even tell apart the intricate flavors. This might be a sign that I am slowly getting better.


When I tried to clean up after having finished eating, Eliza stopped me.


“I will do that. I also came to nurse you.”


And just as she said, she started cleaning it up.

To push such chores onto someone of high class as her, what a luxury.

I guess catching a cold every once in a while won’t be that bad.




That is the second time today someone knocked.




Eliza said with a high tone and cheerfully walked towards the entrance.

Are you my wife?!

The ‘coming~’ just now is the wife’s ‘coming~’ isn’t it?!

Are you sure you are okay with that?! Eliza-san!




I heard the sound of the door opening, and immediately closing.


Ehh?! Why?!

That is not how you greet visitors! That was too fast!

What happened? Who is here?

I am too curious to fall asleep here!


“Eh, Eliza. Why did you come back? Somebody came, right?”


“Hmm? Is that so?”


Uwah, what a barefaced lie. She put her index finger on her lips and slightly tilted her head. Ehh- that is the first time I am seeing such behavior. I am sure that is not just some gesture you can naturally pull off like that.


The door was knocked once more.

As expected, someone did come.

I could feel Eliza getting somewhat irritated.

But still, she went to open the door, which was knocked once again.


“Oho? Do you need something?”


“Umm, I heard Kururi was sick so I brought breakfast for him but…. was I too late?”


“Yes, you were too late. Ohohoho, Kururi-sama has already had his breakfast!”


“Ahh, that is good. Is it okay if I come in too? I would like to check up on Kururi.”


“It is not!”




Judging from the voice, I am sure it is Iris.

I can tell that she is perplexed by Eliza’s hostility.

I felt bad for Iris so I rose up once again and forced my way in between them.


“Thanks for coming, Iris. Come on in, you two. It is also warm inside.”


And so the both of them came in together.

I still can not really keep myself up much so I just told them to be comfortable, that there are snacks and tea so to help themselves.



“No, I just had breakfast so I am fine. More importantly, do you need something? I can make it for you.”


“No, Kururi-sama also does not need anything.”


For some reason, Eliza answered in my place. It is the truth, so is it possible that she possesses an unusual power of knowing what is going on in my mind? Well the chances of that being true are extremely low.


“Letting all these left over food to rot feels like a waste so I guess I will eat it. I feel like I might get fat if I eat it all though.”


Even while forcing a smile, Iris values food. As expected, when you see it from the common people’s perspective.


Eliza was watching Iris with side glances, not moving her head even a bit.

It was very obvious.

When Iris stretched her hand to the salad, Eliza reacted with a twitch.


“Nn? Eliza-san, do you want some salad?”


“There is no way someone of such a high status as mine would react to food!”


“That is true. I would end up reacting if someone starts eating my favourite dish beside me. As expected, nobles do not have that greedy nature, do they?”


“Teehehe” Iris laughed feeling a little embarrassed.

Please stop it at that! Eliza is also here! She is extremely reactive to potatoes!


“Ah, these potatoes are so delicious! They are using the good ones for today’s meal, huh?”


Iris also complemented the potatoes I thought were delicious.

Oh, so today’s ones were just genuinely better.


“Ye-yes, today’s ones are pretty good, aren’t they?”


The Eliza who I thought would keep being stubborn, also reacted to Iris’ words.

It looks like potato became the suspension bridge between them.


“Right? I really like potatoes. Well, in fact, I just love vegetables overall.”


“Yes, they are delicious, aren’t they?!”


She is trying to remain calm but you can feel her being happy from how she is ending her sentences.

It looks like the potato talk will sprout a bud. Potato sprouts are poisonous, though, I wonder if it is okay.


“Actually, I have been wanting to talk to you for quite a while, Eliza-san. I am a commoner but, if you are okay, let’s be friends, Eliza-san.”


“I refuse! ….. but, I guess I can talk a little…”

“Ah, I am glad! I am happy even if it is just that. Is it okay if I call you Eri?”


“No, it is not! ….. well, for now, it is not..”



Eliza’s cheeks turned a little red. You are happy?!

You are happy being called Eri?!

Hmm? All things considered, Eri does sound cute. No, in fact, it sounds very cute!




I said with a rough voice, caught up in the moment.

A strong slap came back to the face.

Ah, it hurts. Just a while back my forehead was hot but now my cheeks are burning.

Failed to take advantage of the situation.


“Hey, Eliza-san. Do you like potatoes?”

“Yes, I like vegetables as a whole as well.”


Uwaa, so ambiguous. Even though you like potatoes that much.


“If it’s okay with you, wanna come over to my field? It is about time to harvest the potatoes. They are one of our most fine products so I wanted to brag about it to someone.”


“……. Let’s go!”



The two of them happily left the room.

It is not what you would call a girlish hobby but if they are getting along then I guess it is fine.


Hmm? Eh, what about nursing me?!

Cough-cough! Wait, it looks like it is getting worse!




Immediately after, the door was knocked again.

Ah, I am glad. It looks like they remembered me half-way and came back.

I was so happy that I jumped out of the bed to welcome them.



“Welcome ba….”


Rail stood there holding a basket from which you could get the scent of the tomato soup.


“Yoo, I brought breakfast for you~”


“I don’t need it!”


I slammed the door shut.



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