Botsuraku Youtei

Volume 4 Chapter 15

A somewhat big ball of fire materialized before me.

In front of my right hand, a super-high class ball of flame appeared, which was big enough to cover Iris and me as a whole.

The one I had imagined would not even be tenth of the size of this one. But, when I tried doing it, it naturally became this large.


“I-it looks like I’ve awakened somehow?”


“You don’t say?! Forget about the kobolds, at this level, I am worried about the whole forest!”


Iris was so close to blowing her fuse that her pronunciation of level was really good.

I can’t say since I was pretty much at my wits’ end  myself.


“The kobolds are still coming anyway so… I was thinking of hitting them with this.”


“Will it really be okay? Using such a big ball of fire here.”


“Well, I can’t really guarantee anything.”


“Would it be better if I hide?”


“Ah, then how about behind that tree?”


Confirming that Iris had hid herself, I released the ball of fire towards the kobolds.

The ball went straight, destroying everything in its path. Then, it hit the ground and exploded.


The condensed mana in the ball burst and reduced the kobolds to ashes. Immediately after, it burst again producing an intense shock, which created a small storm.


Small stones and tree branches were flying in the wind.

I guarded my face with my arms but it completely hit my body. Good judgement by Iris to hide.

After the light and the shock wave created by the explosion had slowly settled down, I lowered my arms and glanced at the place the kobolds were.


All the trees and overgrown grass there had completely disintegrated.

Only pitch black cinders remained.

I wonder if it will look like a new mystery circle from above.

Well, I was the one who did it so I guess there would be no mystery.


Iris had suddenly appeared from behind and was giving me a surprised look.


“It feels like the terrain…. has opened up only here, huh?”


“Yep, it looks pretty bad.”


“I don’t think that but, it would be a pain to explain.”


Certainly. I wonder how I will explain it. I guess ‘I kinda awakened and did it by mistake, teehee~’ won’t work, huh?


“Kururi, are you okay? Was there a huge recoil?”


“No, I am okay. But the feeling I have been getting for some time seems to be settling down. All the huge mysterious energy are calming down.”


“Really? That’s good then. You won’t be able to live normally like that after all. You might blow away your smithy or something.”


Ah, I feel kinda bad making her worry even about that.


“But, if it’s only two of those balls, I can do it.”


“So it was not okay at all?!”


After explaining to her that there was no need for concern, we went to collect the monster gems.

First, the one we defeated in the beginning.

After giving it one look, Iris nodded so I guess the gem is pretty good.


Next, we went to the burnt area.

I burnt the kobolds all at once so I wonder if the gems are still remaining.

I am a bit worried…


On the still slightly warm ground, five red, glowing, gem-like stones were gathered.

This is probably the gem. When I picked it up, I knew there was surely magic in it. It’s a safe bet.

But…. till now, the gems have been bluish. That is the characteristic of kobolds’ gems but this one is red.

Did I…..?


“Iris, the quality of these gems seem to have worsened.”


“Let me see.”


After handing it over to Iris-sensei, I waited for her judgement.

It is a heart-pounding moment. I hope it is at least enough for today’s dinner!


“This is….”


“This is?!”




It is good!? I thought I burned it or something but, it’s good?!


“It being red is still okay?”


“Yep, it seems to be the gem of a subspecies. You can’t get these from normal kobolds. Only the kobolds who have lived really long and are stronger drop these gems. But the ones before seemed pretty normal….”


Yep, it definitely is my fault then.


“Don’t make that regretful face! This is good. We can sell these for quite a lot!”


“Ahh, I see. So, I should be happy?”


“Yep. So much as to jump up and down.”


Then, I guess I will…. or so I thought but I didn’t. It would be too embarrassing.


“Did we earn enough for the inn charge?”


“This is just an approximation but, even after paying the inn charge, we would have a lot left!”


Oohh?! Then should I really jump up and down?!



There are quite a lot of things to think about like the awakening or entering the royal castle but, we accomplished our immediate objective so I am happy. One should be happy during happy times.


While we were being delighted looking at the gems again, we heard footsteps from the east side of the forest.

We instantly got cautious.

The wonderful senses I felt before had disappeared.

I had no choice but to wait for them to show themselves. While I was securely in stance, they showed.


It was a group of 5 men.

Not monsters, but people from the same profession.



“Oh, well aren’t you the noble boy from before?”



It looks like they already knew about me.

I had honestly forgotten but, it is probably the guy who gave me the flute. They all looked rough and dirty so I couldn’t tell them apart. Sorry but, if you want me to remember you, you need to be a little weird.

It was the old man who gave me the silver flute.


“Hey, I was the one who gave you the flute at the office. Did you already forget?”


“Ah, no, I just remembered. It looks like the flute won’t be needed so I will return it.”


It was made of silver and looked valuable so I returned it. After all, they might come making weird demands for it later.


“I see. I was planning on demanding cash if you didn’t give it back. Most of the nobles generously pay up.”


He really had that ulterior motive?!

He seems to be a pretty honest man.


“Oi oi, more importantly, we saw a big explosion around here. That black spot seems to be the place. Could it be that you guys did it?”




I exchanged glances with Iris.

She was making a complicated face.


“……..Uh no..”


“That’s definitely a lie, isn’t it?! What was that pause just now?! It completely gave away the lie.”


“What would you do if it was us?”


“Well, for now, our incidental income source would be gone. I don’t really think anyone who can use such huge magic needs any help anyway. In fact, we would like to request some stuff if that’s the case.”


“Only that? Ah, then, I did it.”


“What is with the ‘then’? Say that from the start. Oh but, you might receive a penalty if you harm the forest too much. This forest is essential for the capital after all.”


“Ah, then, it wasn’t me.”


“Oi! You’re saying some really unreasonable things!”


The old men were too bothersome so I decided to leave the place.


“Iris, let’s run.”


“The moment you say you’re running proves that you did something bad!”


I felt like getting involved with this men won’t be good so I grabbed Iris’ hand and started walking.


“Wait, wait a minute. I have a good deal, won’t you listen?”


Good deal?


“Yes, just wait a bit. It’s not like I will tell anyone you were the one who burned the forest. Just listen to my deal.”


If that’s the case then I guess I could listen for a bit. Good deals are both Iris and my favourite thing.


“Our first objective was to save you guys and receive reward in large. Second was to mark our target monster. For safety, we just aimed for these two for today.”


We’re the people concerned with the first objective so it certainly doesn’t feel that good. Exactly how much were you planning to take?


“These two were our aims for the day. We only wanted to locate the targeted monster today but, with someone as strong as you, we could just hunt it today.”


“This isn’t risky, is it?”


“There’s no doubt the monster will be strong since it is wanted but, you could expect a lot in return. After all, we will receive the gem price, the special reward from the office, and also a huge amount of reward money placed by the nobles. It is the noble we saved last time. The monster we saved him from still appears in his dreams so he wants it dead. It is a selfish request but, there are no better deals for us.”


Certainly, it does sound good.

However, there’s no doubt it will be dangerous.

I asked the exact amount and it sure was a good deal.

Honestly, that reward money from the noble is huge. Surprisingly huge. As expected of the capital, the whole scale is different.


I was honestly fine doing either but I wonder what Iris thought of it.

When I peeked at Iris’ face…. her eyes were sparkling.

She definitely wants to do it. There’s no doubt she will happily agree if I agree.

If I am against it then… she will probably be sad but will accept it.


“If you have such strong magic which can burn down the forest then even rear support will do fine. We will hold it down on the front line.”


Is it just me or does this deal sound even better now?


“We will get half, right?”


“Nope. I had to pull quite a few strings to get this deal. 7:3 it is.”


“6:4, and we are in.”


“Alright then, let’s do that.”


Seeing how easily he accepted, he was probably going for 6:4 from the beginning. I kinda feel defeated.


“Iris, so that’s how it is but, are you okay with it?”


“Of course!”


She was more than agreeing. Well, I already knew anyway.


“We haven’t introduced ourselves yet, did we? I am a hunter, Galdomira. In this industry, my name is quite popular.”


“I am Kururi Helan. Not very popular in the noble club.”


“Pleasure to meet ya. I love strong people. Speaking of Helan, it’s that huge land near the border…. Also, I kinda feel like I heard the name Kururi before….”


“You’re probably thinking of someone else. I came here after quite a few years.”


“Is that so? Well, it’s okay. Then, I will lead, so follow me.”


After grouping up with Galdomira’s party, we decided to follow them.

They were used to going around the forest.

We could even cross muddy places easily. They were quite experienced.


“Do say if you’re feeling hungry. I could give some to you for a fee.”


“We have our own so it’s fine.”


I answered back. And in fact, we did have plenty of food supply. There was no way Iris would neglect preparations.


“Missy, you’re a commoner, right? I kinda feel an affinity with you.”


“I am a commoner but having Galdomira-san feel an affinity towards me kinda feels weird.”


Right? I know where she is coming from, it would certainly be weird.


“Kururi is noble but, I somehow feel more of an affinity towards you compared to other nobles.”


Me too?!!




“Oh, it looks like this is the place the target was spotted. Let’s rest here a while.”


As Galdomira told the crew to do that, everyone put their baggage down.

We also followed them.


Meanwhile, one of Galdomira’s subordinates climbed up a tree and started looking for their target.


“Gal, it seems to be right ahead.”


It seems like he was really looking for it and found it. I guess there is that way of doing stuff as well. They are surprisingly good at it.


“What’s the distance?”


“Looks to be around 350 meters.”

That’s close. Then this place was probably as close as we could go.


“We will make a plan so you guys come too.”


Plan, eh? Hmm, what shall I do?


“About that, shall I do it?”




“No, like, I was asking if I should do it. It’s 350 meters from here right? Then I think I can get it. That way it’s safer and easy, right?”


“…..Eh?… Ah, sorry, you can do something like that?”


“I think it will reach. I feel really good now too.”


“Hahah, that’s amazing. Even though you are a noble. That’s okay, if you can do it, then try doing it. If you can get it like this, it’s okay to split the reward in half.”


Are you serious!?

I guess suggesting is always worth it, huh?


“Kururi, don’t tell me you’re planning on using that big one again?!”


“No, that probably can’t go that far so I was thinking of going with a different one.”


“Will it really be okay? The forest I mean….”


Ah, you are worried about the forest….


Well, I have been entrusted with the attack so I also confirmed the target with the monocle.

I certainly saw it. Or rather, it’s huge.

It’s probably more than 3 meters tall. It also has muscles and clearly gives off a more intimidating aura. Moreover, it’s even scarier that it is carrying a boulder as a weapon.

That weapon in itself shows the holder’s strength.


I got up on an even closer tree and reaffirmed the target.

Fixing on the trajectory, I invocated my magic.


I poured all the remaining large quantity of mana and created a bow and arrow with magic. When I just condensed the mana, I could touch it with my bare hand.


Fixing the arrow to the bow string, I pulled with all my strength.

Just before releasing, I made the arrow head into flames with my mana.

It was a super condensed arrow with intense heat. The target can’t be unscathed after getting hit by this.


Accurating my aim, I released the arrow.

The arrow made of mana flew straight ahead.

It was made up of my mana so I could also control it while it flew.

I kept on accelerating it, and adjusting the trajectory every time it shifted even a millimeter.


Accelerate, accelerate, accelerate,………….

After accelerating multiple times, the arrow had already pierced through the target’s head.

The arrow kept on going with its momentum and hit the ground, gouging it out till it disappeared.


Remote controlling it took quite a lot of my mana but, I was able to accomplish the task.

The target collapsed on the ground.

After a while, the body turned to mist, leaving a gem. It was a success.


“Well color me surprised. To think such a master existed among the nobles…. Moreover, he is still young.”


“I was just feeling specially good today, that’s it.”


While we were talking, Galdomira’s subordinates went to collect the gem.


“Kururi Helan, eh…. I will remember you.”


“I see. I might forget about you by tomorrow though.”


“That is troubling. I could’ve asked for your help with other good deals too.”


“Ah, then, I guess I will remember you.”


“To your convenience, eh? By the way, where are you guys staying? If it’s not a place in the nobles area then it will be easier for us to enquire.”


“Nn? The royal castle.”




“The royal castle.”


“The royal castle?!”





And like this, Iris’ and my first hunter experience had closed its curtain.

After that, we left the forest and shared the reward with Galdomira and the others, and left for the royal castle.


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