Botsuraku Youtei

Volume 4 Chapter 19

The day Rahsa said he would show me around the city had finally arrived. My body, as well as my mood, felt light since the morning.

I had breakfast with Rahsa and Iris.


The rectangular table was so long that if one were to sit on one long end, they would not even be able to see the face of the person on the other end. The food was set such that the three of us could easily reach them. Rahsa probably made it that way.


“The vegetables are so good. The city itself has developed so much that I had completely thought it would be really hard to acquire such fresh vegetables. But these are really tasty.”


“All these were grown in the garden. Aniki’s classmate, Eliza-san’s mother manages them.”


“Is that so? It’s a bit surprising. They are of such a high class that I had thought they would not be involved with farming their whole life.”


“Her father is very sagacious and very hard to approach but her mother is really sociable, you know? She is always very lively and had cared for me since I was a child.”


Oho, that is unexpected.


If I were to pick one, I would say Eliza falls into the fierce temperament category. And to think her mother was that kind of a person. So the warm side Eliza occasionally shows is the side she inherited from her mother, huh?


“I do want to meet her once, also to thank her for the vegetables.”


“Yes, please do meet her if the opportunity arises, she is very a nice person. Although, it might be a little hard finding her as she wanders around quite a bit.” Rahsa informed us with a smile.


It seems like he is quite fond of her.


“Ahem, bring the same stuff for me too.” Prince Arch came into the room.


He cleared his throat as if to let us know of his presence and asked for the same breakfast we were having.

He sat down as well, at the very end of the table, making it hard to make out his face.


It looked so unnatural that it even made me feel embarrassed.

If you wanted to meet Iris, you could have just sat next to her.


Rahsa glanced at his brother’s pitiable state, squinting his eyes and turned back towards me again and said,

“Big brother normally has breakfast in his room.” Rahsa informed me with a quiet voice. Even he understood his brother’s miserable state.


“Let’s let him be then.”


“That would probably be the best.”



With Rahsa’s cooperation, we kept on pretending prince Arch was not there.

Iris was making a face which said ‘Is that okay?’ but it was. That person is really bothersome, after all.


“Oi, Rahsa. Pass the dressing beside you.”


“There is one just beside you too, brother.”


“It’s that, you know, it is ecologically better to uhh, have one of each. You know, the capital is also noisy about trash these days too, right?”


Rahsa gave an annoyed look and again came close to me and said,


“He is quite annoying. Let’s finish eating quickly and head out.”


“Let’s be a little more kind to him. His real intentions are completely leaking out but at least he is saying something logical for once.”


“Aniki, you sure are kind.”


Letting out a sigh, he told his real brother this time,


“Alright, then. I am bringing it to you.”


“No, actually, since I am the one asking for, I should be the one to come get it.”


Rahsa looked like he felt like throwing the bottle at his brother. I have known Prince Arch for some time now so I kind of get how he feels.

Even the tolerant Rahsa can easily become irritable when it comes to his brother, showing a few signs of anger here and there. Seeing that, I thought that having a sibling is nice.


“Oho? If it isn’t Iris! The table is so big that I had not noticed. I did think that a lovely girl had joined us for breakfast today, though.”


It isn’t that big–the table. If he is saying that honestly then, really, I would recommend glasses for him.


“Prince Arch, is it possible your eyesight is a little bad?”


Iris asked, genuinely, concerned for him.

See, this is what happens when you try too hard. This is the perfect opportunity, why not take on the character of a person with bad eyesight?


“It is a bit blurry right after waking up, you see. But more importantly, it seems like you have work from today, right, Iris? As the place is a bit of a secret as Rahsa has probably informed you, there aren’t many people who can guide you. If you are okay, I could do it. After all, I have been living in this castle since I was born.”


“That is true. Then, can I request you?”


“Hahaha, I guess there would be no one other than me who could fulfill the needs. It would be a little work but it is a person’s virtue to help a friend, after all.”


You just want to guide her, don’t you?


“For some reason, it seems to be quite a hard job for my brother. But for me, it is as simple as finishing a cup of tea, therefore, I shall guide you, Iris-san.”


“Uh, it might be tough for the general people but for me, it is actually easier than squeezing a lemon on tea. And so, Rahsa, it would be easier for me to do it so I shall take up on it.”


“Is that so? However, I did not point out the amount of tea. It is like finishing drinking just a bit of tea. Which is, even easier than squeezing a lemon.”


“Oho, but, that is the same for me. Actually, my lemon’s skin had also been peeled and it would be as easy as to breath to squeeze it, you see. Before, I purposefully did not say so far as it would be longer. In other words, it would be as easy as breathing for me so this won’t be a problem for me after all.”


What are these siblings even quarreling over?

It is fine either way. In fact, even the lady attendant standing behind was making a face like ‘Hmm? Then shall I guide her?’.


“Besides, Rahsa, are you not making your precious friend wait? Kururi-kun is the person who will inherit the Helan territory in the future. He will become a person who will be indispensable to this country. To make such a person wait is the same as hurting the national interest. Right? Isn’t that right, Kururi?”


His stare is strong! Too strong!

Your pupils are getting bigger! It is the look a hunter gives his prey!


“Rahsa, let’s let prince Arch guide Iris, alright? I want to go around the city soon too.”


“Riiightt? It is not good to make a friend wait. Rahsa, here I will give you some pocket money. How about you two go and happily eat some snacks or something with this?”


“Haa… I have already received allowance from mother, so that is fine. Also, I can’t make him eat just some snacks after all the trouble he has been through to get here. I understand. But, Iris-san has come to work so just don’t be a hindrance to her.”


“I see, I see. Don’t get into accidents.”


As if he was satisfied of his victory, the prince’s composure returned.

Beside us, Iris, who had been watching from the start, had also been relieved.


“Then, prince Arch, I am really grateful. I can start right away so you can start guiding me whenever you feel like it.”

“Oh, but, it is fine relaxing for a while more. Right, about 20 more minutes…”


Rahsa let out yet another sigh and we left the room together.

There was something I was a little curious about, so I asked Rahsa,


“Did you understand what that 20 minute exactly meant?”


“It is the time my father, the king, enters his office.”


…..Silence fell upon us.




“There have been a ton of tiring things right from the morning but let’s remove all that from our minds and have fun.”


“Let’s do that. I was tired too.”


By Rahsa’s guidance, we came outside the castle. We were still inside the walls, so I was wondering if it was the courtyard.

A little noise came from afar and soon a white horse appeared, pulling a carriage behind it.


“This is Utsuma. We always have her groomed. She moves steadily.”


The horse wasn’t the only amazing thing.

The interiors of the carriage were completely different from the one I came to the capital in.

It is quite heavy so it probably can’t be used for long journeys but it is just perfect for one day.


“I have a plan made for today but there is also time in between. If you have some place you want to go to, we can prioritize that.”


“Not any in particular. After all, it seems like my friend, Rahsa, has prepared a sightseeing plan.”


“You can look forward to that.”


The carriage started moving.

When we came to that big gate, again it was opened. Thank you for the work.


The carriage ran around the capital for awhile.

The view I saw from the window was magnificent. There were people everywhere.

I could see the marketplace far in the distance but it seemed to be far more crowded. It was so lively that I thought that our moods would also be uplifted if we went there.


“Aniki, we will reach there soon.”


“Oho. Just seeing the scenery like this is pretty fun in itself.”


“It is a bit sad how it does not seem like much when you get used to it. Then, let’s prepare to get off.”


The first place Rahsa took me to was an area where magic gem shops were lined up.

It is close to the place the nobles lived in.

Magic gems are pretty expensive and the demand is mainly from the nobles, so the place was fitting of that.


“Yep, I like it!”


“Fufu, I thought you would like it.”


There are no magic gem shops in the Helan territory.

I had seen them a few times and in books and I always felt a desire for them.

I am not the type to be greedy but I really had a strong urge to spend.

Worst case, it was okay even if I did not buy anything. But, I needed to look around all the shops!

I wondered if this feeling was similar to how girls felt when window shopping.


“Rahsa, let’s go. Where shall we start?”


“We have all the time in the world. Let’s look at all of them.”


“Right? You sure know your stuff.”


We went to the shop which was closest to us first. The location was probably good as the shop was prospering and there were a lot of employees.

I started looking at the goods. Beside each of the gems, there was an explanation note with description of what kind of magic was in it, its manufacturer, etc– all of which were written in detail.


Unfortunately, they were all very expensive.

I had the money. If I wanted to, I could buy a few but as I was not used to buying expensive goods, I could not make up my mind.

And besides, all of them seem to be lacking something decisive.


“There is no need to hurry. Let’s look around other shops as well.”


As expected from the city boy Rahsa, he was full of composure. Is it just my imagination, or does he seem to be glowing a little? He is really reliable.


“Won’t you buy any, Rahsa?”


“I can come here anytime, so I could buy when I need to.”


“I see. That’s true.”


I wondered if there were any sales depending on the season.

It was a bit embarrassing so I decided not to ask. After all, there did not seem to be any customer there who would care about that.


After that, we went around looking at a few other shops. Yep, if one were to ask me if I wanted them or not, I would say I did want them but still, they seemed to be lacking something.

I just ended up hesitating when I thought about the price.


“Aniki, let’s go there next. I am sure you will like it.”




As if he was expecting it from the start, we started moving towards the shop Rahsa pointed at.

Is there something different about it?


“This shop, can make custom gems. Moreover, the prices are lower than the other shops. And because of that, the design is inferior to the ready made ones, though. Since it is Aniki, I thought you would give functionality more importance.”


“Yep, I like it!”


Rahsa, you sure know it! That is it!

Won’t you come to our house as an adopted child?


When I got into the shop, I could certainly feel that the shop status was a bit lower than the others.

But this feeling, as if the shop was filled with magic gems, I kinda liked that.


“Prince Rahsa, thank you for coming again.”


A thin man with a curved back greeted Rahsa.


“Actually, it is also one of my favourite shops too. I also value functionality, you see.”


“I see, I see.”


Yep, yep, I can fundamentally relate with Rahsa. I was convinced that our likes and dislikes would be pretty similar too.


“So, what brings you here today?”


“Today, I brought my Aniki. Please make a magic gem worthy of Aniki.”


“I see. He is a… little peculiar of a customer.”


Declaring your customers to be peculiar out of the blue like that?! That is too rude. He can’t complain even if I cut him down here….


“Ahh, Aniki, don’t be offended by him. He is a holder of an odd kind of eye, you see– well, he has a bit of an odd personality too, though….”


“No, I don’t mind. What do you mean by an odd kind of eye?”


“Yes, he can see the special characteristics of magic within a person.”


A man who has eyes which can see the characteristics of magic within a person… What is with that ability? It is exactly what someone of our age would yearn for!

It is too cool!


“It is not that great of a thing. I just understand the traits a bit better, you see. Prince Rahsa’s magic is quite rare too but this red-haired customer’s magic.. I have never seen anything like it.”


……..Is it okay to believe this guy?


“Rahsa, would he take any additional fees or something?”


“Please rest assured. He is probably not doing such suspicious business.”


“Hoho, I can hear you. I won’t take any additional fees so won’t you hear me out? You seem to have something very rare so it won’t harm you to know of it, at least.”


Oh, so it’s free? Then I guess I will have him look at me.


“Don’t be so clearly relieved, Aniki. There is nothing quite free, right?”


“I-Is that so?! Then, I guess I will pay a little. Just a little.”


“Well, that is your wish. Red-haired customer, can I have your name?”


“Kururi Helan.”


My likes are peaceful stuff.


“Kururi Helan-dono, if I were to describe your magic in one word, it would be vortex. And a really, really big, enormous vortex at that as well.”






It is that thing which spins round and round, right? The stuff which takes in other stuff. Ah, when I imagine it like that, it is a bit scary.


“It is a ‘vortex’. Your magic has the characteristic to take in other people’s magic and make it your own. If you had malicious intent, you could possibly take in Prince Rahsa’s magic as well.”


Possibly? Saying something so irresponsible!

Saying something like that so casually, something which could harm the royalty–my head could go flying, you know?!


“Aniki, you can do something so amazing?!”


“No, no, I can’t! I feel like I am being falsely accused!”


“But the owner certainly has the eyes to see the characteristics of magic. The people I have made him see till now, none of them were a miss.”


Really?! A person of remarkable ability?!


“Now, now, don’t panic. I just said if you had any malicious intent. Besides, as far as I can see, you don’t realize it yourself. Kururi-dono, have you had any experiences where you could have realized that you were something different from others? For example, the magic one uses… to take it in….”


I do! I actually do though!

In fact, it was just recently!

It is timed so well that I can’t really laugh it off!




“You do, don’t you? Aniki, there is no need to hide it. I had known you were amazing since I had met you but isn’t this just proving that? Please, be proud of yourself.”


Be proud? ……But…


“I could possibly suck up your magic just being beside you, you know? A person might even die if they are running low on magic….. It is definitely a dangerous thing.”


“I know that you won’t do such a thing. If you use your powers justly, in Helan territory, no, in the whole country, you could leave your name in history. You have that big of a power, you know?”


….You are disagreeing too much… That makes me blush.

See? The owner is also shaking his head saying he did not say that much.


“If you are speaking so high of it, I will try not to take it negatively. But, there is no need to publicly announce it. Now then, we came to buy magic gems today. Owner, please prepare a magic gem for me.”


“Yes, please wait for a moment.”


While the owner had withdrawn to the back, I asked Rahsa of his magic characteristics.


“Mine is quite common. But, it seems to be more see-through than the normal magic.”




It kinda fits his image…


“Not just see-through. It is completely transparent. Prince Rahsa’s magic is colorless and transparent–in other words, it can change as it likes.” the owner said, coming back.

Magic which can change as it likes…. Isn’t that super cool?!


“When prince Rahsa walks on the road, all of the things there influence his magic. I thought it changed to a rather distorted way recently but… so this is why.”


Did you just look at me now?! You looked at me and agreed on the source of the distortion, didn’t you?!

Come out! Let’s duel!


“However, I had prince Rahsa carry the magic gem which repels other magic. If he comes in contact with someone with malicious intent, not only will it affect him, it will also affect his magic. So, if such a person comes close, the magic gem will unveil its power. If that gem is not denying you, Kururi-dono, then you don’t seem to be affecting him in a bad way.”


Is that so?


“Kururi-dono, I have prepared this for you. I am sorry it is a ready-made good even though we are a custom-made store.”


“What? I came for custom too.”


“You have a very unique magic so I have no choice. If you were a commoner, I could have also had some fun making custom gems.”


It seems the day we have the duel is closing in.


“This is the magic gem which has a lot of the natural magic of Garungal mountain in it. As it is natural magic, there are also special effects.”


“Then I am fine.”


“Don’t say that. Your ‘vortex’ is already quite big but it can still grow even bigger. If it grows even bigger, it might need even more magic. If your body can’t fulfill that need, it might also take in others’ magic. If that happens, an end nobody would want will fall upon you.”


“That is troubling.”


“And so, to prevent it from rampaging against your will, if you just carry this with you, it will be fine. It will not get empty anytime soon.”


“……How much?


“About as much it would take to build a house. As it is quite hard to get.”


“Even if you say a house… there are all kinds of houses. Even in my Helan territory, as the population is increasing, we are providing cheap houses in the new residential area and if one were to look, they could find quite cheap houses around the world.”


“If you don’t want it, then it’s okay.”


“I will take it……”


It is expensive but after he said all that, I can’t not buy it.

I have no other choice, I shall earn the amount I used by making more swords.

It will be fine if I just earn again! Right?


Forcing my body, which was denying to pay the money, I paid almost all of the money I had brought.

After I paid, the owner gave me a bracelet-shaped magic gem.

It was orange and looked as if lava was stored inside.

As it was quite expensive, I carefully wore it on my neck.

I should be careful not to damage it.


As we were done, we left the store and returned to the carriage.


“Sorry, making you do somewhat expensive shopping. I had forgotten that you are not the type to buy things which are too expensive.”


Please don’t apologize. I feel embarrassed. I wonder if I should use more money like a noble? To not lose face when time comes.


“With this, even if temporary, the chances of me hurting you have disappeared, right? Then it was pretty cheap.”


“Aniki….. Aniki, I love you!!”





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