Botsuraku Youtei

Chapter 86 – Side Story – Maria’s winter vacation

It seems that the castle is quite noisy these days. I wonder if they are holding some kind of a festival without me, Maria Kudan?

Even Rahsa or Supatifila who always look out for me are nowhere to be seen.

Hmm? It looks like it is snowing quite a lot today. It has piled up quite a lot.

…..It is about time for the annual traditional event, the snow festival, huh? I will eat all I can from the food carts this year as well. Fufufu, the snow is piling up nicely.

Ah, right. Those kids better not be preparing for the snow festival without me.

If so, I can’t be meekly waiting here.


I should better head out to the courtyard and make a snowman as an initiative as well. The size should be… as big as I can make it.


“Pr-princess?! What are you doing here, at the courtyard?”


Ah… got spotted by a young guard.


“The stuff you see here, it will be our little secret, got it?”


When I say this with a wink, usually most guards don’t say anything. It is an underhanded trick I was taught by another country’s princess. It would be annoying later if she were to tell Rahsa about it, after all. ‘Why are you like this even at this age?!’ he would say with an astonished expression.

Fufufu, it is exactly because I am Maria Kudan that I can always keep on doing this. Do you understand, Rahsa?


The snowball was slowly getting bigger and bigger. Faster and faster.

Ahh, it is already tall enough to reach my chest. And quite heavy too. It was such a cute ball the size of my palm at first.

Alright, this should be enough. It is plenty for the initiative.

I wonder if there is anything else interesting..


Ah, looks like there is a cute girl over at the edge of the courtyard. I guess I will try talking to her. She might want to make a snowman with me.


“You there! What are you doing?”


“Eh-eeek! Sorry! I am not doing anything wrong!”


She started apologizing for some reason. It’s not like I am angry or anything… Maybe she got surprised because I called out loudly.


“So, what are you doing?”


“Umm, I was on break from work so I thought of taking a walk in the courtyard but this…”


In that cute girl’s arms was a cute, small bird.

So-so cute…. Especially its big eyes.


“….What do you plan on doing? Follow nature’s law and eat it, perhaps?”


“I won’t eat it! Ehh?! I didn’t even think of doing something of the kind!”


“Right. I wouldn’t recommend eating it. It doesn’t look like it has much meat either.”


“Is that the problem?!”


“That is the problem. Even if it’s cute, it would have been bad if it was well-fleshed. What is your name, by the way? You’re cute so I shall remember it.”


“…….I-I am not well-fleshed, you know…?”

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“I’m not going to eat you!”


“Oh. My name is Iris. I am working at the castle just for this winter.”


“Iris, eh? I will remember it. I am Maria Ku–….. Just Maria!”


“Maria-san, right? I will remember it as well. Are you a noble working at the castle?”


Yep, it would be bothersome if she were to know my identity. I just want someone to play with after all.


“I am in charge of cleaning duties!”


“With such a gorgeous dress?! You are lying, aren’t you?!”


“….Exclusive royalty cloth cleaning duties!”


“Ah, there’s a job like that as well, huh? I didn’t know. I am just like a helper doing miscellaneous things. I had to go around quite a few places in the castle for work so you might have seen me.”


“Right. Well, leaving that aside, what shall we do to play?”


“We are not playing! My break will be ending pretty soon too! I need to return to work.”




“Don’t give me the ‘ehhh’. Is it okay for you to not return to your job as well, Maria-san?”


“It’s cold today so it’s fine.”


“Is it really, though!?”


She is quite the serious girl. Just like Rahsa. She is cute but she has common sense and won’t play with me.


“If you’re returning, what will you do about that chick?”


“Ummm, I think its nest is on top of this tree but, it is a bit too high…. I might damage these borrowed clothes if I try climbing the tree so I was thinking I would come back after I change.”


“There is no need for that. I will climb.”


“Wearing that dress?! No, no, no, then I will climb!”


“It’s fine. I am a genius who can climb trees without damaging my dress.”


“Is there even a talent like that?! But still, if you end up damaging it by chance….”


“It will be fine if I just clean it!”


“Is the exclusive royalty cloth cleaning that amazing?!”


Fufufu, there’s no one superior to me when it comes to tree climbing.

Look, look at these smooth tree climbing moves. Such speed that you’d think I wasn’t affected by gravity.

Seee? And before you know it, I am at the top.


“Maria-san! Is there a nest there?”


“Yes, there is one! There are other small chicks in it as well. There is one with good flesh, you wanna eat it?”


“No, I don’t! Please be careful coming down.”


Fufufu, there is no need to worry about me, you know?

Look at these smooth moves. As if I was being guided by the tree, these elegant movements.

Seee? And before you know it, I am on the ground.


“Maria-san! The dress!!”


“Ah, the thread has come undone.”


“Awawawa, the dress….”


“I will get scolded, won’t I?”


By the old woman who is always making me wear these. Also, Rahsa too.


“Maria-san, I will accompany you to apologize. I am not sure if it will help, though…”


“It’s fine. There are many other matters I will be scolded about too, either way.”


“Maria-san, what are you doing normally?!”


“Well, various things. What will you be doing after this?”


“Ummm, bed making, and since the snow is piling up, I also need to sweep the entrance way…”


“I shall help too. I am free, after all.”


“You’re free, eh…. It’s fine, it is your hard earned break, after all.”


“Every day is basically kind of a break to me. I have decided to be with you today. We shall have dinner together as well. You shall eat a lot.”


“Are you planning on making me well-fleshed?!”




I made a new friend. Cute and interesting, a girl named Iris.

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