Ye Tian Long, Ye Bai Hu, Ye Qing Niu together with Ye Qing Wu and Ye Qing Yu, all five of them sat aound a large table all ready to have their reunion dinner. The next day was Yan Long Festival and tradition was that the eve of Yan Long Festival was the time when family members would gather together for a meal.

Following strictly to the tradition, Ye Tian Long should be having this reunion dinner with the eldest of this family. However, this year there was an exception. Ye Tian Long didn’t want Ye Qing Yu to feel left out and lonely. Hence, he gathered the others and had a feast prepared for a reunion dinner with Ye Qing Yu.

Ye Qing Yu was now far more superior than anyone could imagine. 3 months before, she went into retreat and transformed herself from an ordinary being to someone so very highly skilled. Her transformation had taken Ye Tian Long, Ye Qing Niu and the rest by surprise.

Ye Tian Long found the speed at which Ye Qing Yu progressed beyond belief. Ye Qing Niu and Ye Bai Hu were both speechless and Ye Qing Wu were slightly ashamed of Wu level skills compared to Ye Qing Yu. Ye Qing Yu even gone on to impress the Grand Master Ye Ruo Shui, who was observing from a distance.

3 months, was all it took for Ye Qing Yu to reach the skill level of a Marshall. That was unseen and unheard of.

Ye Qing Han was considered a genius and had already had skill level of a General when he first came from the wild mountain range. It took him eight months to reach the level of a Marshall. Three months on route to Long Cheng and five months on You Ming island plus consuming the energy of Long Jing.

Ye Qing Wu was the genius of the Ye Family before Ye Qing Han reached the skill level of a Marshall in his short time. And now, with Ye Qing Yu reaching the level of a General in a short three months, Ye Qing Wu felt rather ashamed at the speed she was progressing. She trained harder upon her return from You Ming Island and finally reached the skill level of Marshall.

Reaching the skill level of a Marshall at the age of twenty-one was impressive but this was still nothing compared to the progress that Ye Qing Yu was making. She was only sixteen years old when she reached the level of a Marshall and this was never seen before in history. Even Ye Qing Han’s genius was deemed ordinary. The most vital point was that she attained the skill level of a Marshall in just about five months. And if she continued progressing at this speed, she would reach the Ultimate Master level within ten years!

Ye Tian Long was finally convinced that there was such a thing as miracle after witnessing a few. And if such progress continued, then the miracle of someone attaining the Ultimate Master skill level in ten years would come true.

Despite this, Ye Tian Long was feeling rather bizarre at the progress that Ye Qing Yu made. This was so out of the ordinary and certainly unseen of. What was this energy that she possessed that could give her such power? No one could deny their curiosity. But since Grand Master Ye Rou Shui had not mentioned anything, Ye Tian Long and the rest kept their curiosity to themselves. And even though no one understood how such petite little girl had such tremendous power and energy, she was still precious to them.

Regardless if Ye Qing Yu had the ability to attained the highest level of warrior skills in ten years, just the fact that she was Ye Qing Han’s sister, would put her in a special place in the hearts of Ye Tian Long, Ye Bai Hu and Ye Qing Niu, the three elders. In addition, Ye Qing Yu went through so much at such young age and naturally had a gentle, fragile demeanour that anyone would want to hold, protect and treasure her.

“Eat up, have more, my girl. You’re too thin, you need to put on some weight!”, said Ye Tian Long whilst topping up her bowl with more food and offering her soup. Just like what a kind grandpa would do for his grand-daughter. A very different image to the old stubborn Ye Tian Long everyone knew.

“That’s right, girl, you certainly need more food!”, said Ye Bai Hu and Ye Qing Niu smiling.

Ye Qing Wu looked on with a kind expression and a slight smile, she harboured no feelings of jealousy nor envy. No one could resist that fragile demeanour of Ye Qing Yu. Anyone who saw her would naturally want to give her that affection and love.

Ye Qing Yu starred down at the table all quiet her chopsticks untouched. Moments later, she broke down in tears, breaking the hearts of those sitting around her.

“What’s the matter, my girl? Why are you crying? Hush… Hush… you can talk to grandpa Tian Long. Hush now…”, Ye Tian Long stood up nervously asking. Ye Qing Yu’s crying surprised those around her.

Ye Qing Niu stood up too all concerned and asked, “That’s right, you can talk to grandpa Qing Niu too. I will do anything for you.”

Ye Bai Hu and Ye Qing Wu didn’t say a word and all smiles were gone. They knew why Ye Qing Yu cried but there was nothing they could possibly do to make her feel better.

“Yes!”, Ye Qing Yu stopped crying and took her handkerchief out to give her face a wipe. She didn’t reply to Ye Tian Long or Ye Qing Niu’s question. Instead, she stood up and took a step back before kneeling in front of Ye Tian Long, Ye Qing Niu and Ye Bai Hu.

“Grandpa Tian Long, Grandpa Qing Niu and Grandpa Bai Hu, can I please beg you for a favour?”, she asked after performing 3 bows before the 3 grandpas.

“My girl, do stand up. If there is anything we can do for you, of course we will help.”, Ye Tian Long went to help her up saying.

Ye Qing Niu added, “That’s right, my girl. There isn’t a need to kneel, just tell us what is the matter. Come, stand up.”

“No! Not unless you promise you will help me.”, said Ye Qing Yu shaking her head and pushing away Ye Tian Long’s hand.

“I want to know the whole truth about my brother. What happened to him. Please don’t hide anything from me.”, Ye Qing Yu said with determination.

What happened to Ye Qing Han?

Ye Tian Long retracted his hand. Both Ye Qing Niu and Ye Bai Hu exchanged a glance and their expression changed slightly. Ye Qing Wu gave a out a sigh with a look of concern.

Seemed like Ye Qing Yu felt that something was amiss.

There was silence. No one knew what to say or where to start. After all, there was no knowing how Ye Qing Yu would react if she found out that no one knew if her brother, Ye Qing Han, was still alive or not.

Ye Qing Yu saw the solemn expression of the 4 others and asked, “Is my brother dead?”

“No. Your brother is still alive. This we know for certain. As for… Xiao Wu (Ye Qing Wu) you say it.” Ye Tian Long turned his back while releasing a huge sigh…

“Sister Qing Wu (Ye Qing Wu), please tell me. What’s happened with my brother and where is he now?”, said Ye Qing Yu feeling slightly hopeful.

“Your brother… He is still at Luo Shen Mountains. And Xiao Yu (Ye Qing Yu), other than our experiences in Mi Wu Forest after the battle, the rest of what we told you is true. The only thing we have hidden from you is that your brother accidently fell over Luo Shen Mountains while battling the You Zu.

Ye Qing Wu gave a slight frown overcome by the feeling of pain, longing and thoughts of Ye Qing Han spending all those nights, cold and lonely at the bottom of the mountains.