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Chapter 42 Cooler Weather


After summer, the weather started to cool down again. This was the season Ren Zhouyuan had the most to worry about.


“An An!” He ran after An An, a note of warning in his voice. This kid ran fast, ducking behind Leonid.


“Come over here!” Ren Zhouyuan commanded.


“No!” An An shouted out loud, a rare occasion, even making a disgusted face as he hid behind Leonid.


Leonid was shocked. What was going on? An An would yell at Ren Zhouyuan?


Frowning, Ren Zhouyuan touched his forehead. Every year around this time this trouble would come up. Looks like the tough approach wouldn’t work, he would have to try his killer move.


Squatting down, he met An An’s gaze and showed him a calm smile. “An An, don’t you love kissing Daddy? Come over here and give Daddy a kiss.”


Hearing this, An An poked his head out from behind Leonid, staring at him for a moment. This was enough for Ren Zhouyuan to purse his lips together with a guilty conscience. This simple movement was enough for An An to shout again, “Daddy you’re lying to me! You have greasy lips!!”


Now Ren Zhouyuan really had no recourse. Standing up, he stuffed a stick of chapstick into Leonid’s arms and spoke to An An with frustration, “When your lips flake off and your classmates laugh at you I’m not going to help you.”


Now Leonid understood. An An must think the chapstick was greasy. That and the fact that he didn’t drink water often enough caused Ren Zhouyuan to have to help him put it on. Thinking back to their dialogue, he couldn’t keep his gaze away from Ren Zhouyuan’s lips.


The man himself was too worried about how to make An An put on chapstick that he didn’t notice so and so’s sketchy gaze. Seeing An An biting his lip stubbornly, his exhaustion skyrocketed.


In the cooler weather, people usually experienced less desire. But not everybody had the same feeling. Leonid had been good for a few days, but seeing that Ren Zhouyuan’s physical state was fine, his restless heart was beginning to throb again.


In the beginning Ren Zhouyuan hadn’t noticed the difference. He passed his days the same way: the family ate their breakfast in the morning, dropping off An An at kindergarten before heading toward the company. After work they’d come home and cook, help An An shower, watch some TV, and then go to bed.


That kind of life was completely fitting of his definition for family life. But clearly the other member of the family didn’t think it was enough. So these past two nights Ren Zhouyuan experienced someone trying a more action-oriented approach.


After dinner Ren Zhouyuan was doing the dishes. For once Leonid didn’t go to play with An An. He showed up in the kitchen. Originally Ren Zhouyuan thought he was just here to pick something up when suddenly a big hand landed on the small of his back, making him freeze.


The warmth of Leonid’s palm seeped into his skin through the clothing, the spot where his hand was touching growing hot. In an instant, he could feel Leonid’s body glued next to him, an impossible to ignore aura surrounding him.


“Isn’t An An’s birthday almost here?” Leonid’s voice was low and rumbly, his breath hitting Ren Zhouyuan’s neck, causing him to crane his neck back as his skin was covered in goosebumps.


“F-February, why?”


Leonid nodded. His hand kept wanting to explore downwards, but his remaining restraint kept him from doing it so his hand just rested on Ren Zhouyuan’s lower back.


He stood like this next to him, accompanying him as he was washing his dishes, occasionally saying a flirty line or two. In the beginning Ren Zhouyuan was nervous, but eventually he thought it was funny. This urge to rebel without daring to act out didn’t fit with the impression Leonid gave him beforehand.


After cleaning up the kitchen, Ren Zhouyuan went to the toy room to look for An An. Leonid followed him slowly. Without paying him much heed, Ren Zhouyuan took An An to shower. When they got to the bathroom, seeing that Leonid was still following, he slammed the door in front of him, leaving his hot gaze outside of the door.


When they were finished showering, Leonid was washed up too and waiting for them by the door. This time Ren Zhouyuan almost laughed out loud, thinking that this guy was truly determined to succeed tonight. Putting his face into a neutral expression, he returned to the bedroom with An An.


They walked up to the door. Seeing Leonid wanted to follow inside too, Ren Zhouyuan pretended not to know what he was playing at, saying, “Good night.”


Hearing this after following him for a whole night, Leonid’s face went long when he heard these words that sounded like refusal, watching him with an expression similar to An An’s face when he couldn’t have his toy. It took herculean strength for Ren Zhouyuan to suppress the smile flickering onto his face. Internally he was shouting: playing cute is against the rules!


Of course he knew why Leonid was so enthusiastic tonight. He wasn’t against things happening, but couldn’t help making him a little embarrassed especially when their son was under the same roof.


He wasn’t as brave as Leonid. Whenever An An was sitting on the couch, he felt guilty for thinking a dirty thought. But Leonid had initiated, and they couldn’t have a platonic romance forever. Looking at his pitiful eyes, Ren Zhouyuan sighed silently to himself, leaving the door open for him in the end.


Taking the hint, Leonid waited in the living room. Seeing that he hadn’t closed the door, An An asked Ren Zhouyuan about it when he was in bed.


Unable to respond, he thought for a long moment before responding, “Um…I’m going to contribute to the peace between two nations.”


Seeing how confused An An was, he wanted to run his head into the wall. What was he thinking?


It took a long time to put An An to bed. Staying in bed for a while, he finally walked out of the room.


The moment Ren Zhouyuan walked out, Leonid bounced up from the couch and walked up to him within two steps. The two of them gazed at each other wordlessly for two seconds before Leonid took his hand and led him into his own room.


This was the third time Ren Zhouyuan had entered Leonid’s room. The last time he was here he had been carried into the room, barely conscious. He glanced around at the room to feel less awkward. Seeing the poop-colored arm pillows at the end of the bed, he laughed out loud.


Those two pillows were enough to make him relax all of the sudden, with a sense of familiarity entering his mind. He reached out and hit them with a hand before hearing Leonid say behind him, “Sometimes your taste is…um…unique.”


Back still to him, Ren Zhouyuan rolled his eyes.


Suddenly he was embraced by warm arms. After a moment of stiffness, he relaxed quickly, but within two seconds he was uncomfortable again.


Leonid said, “Baby, I’m ready.”


Ren Zhouyuan shuddered, turning around to look at him with disgust. Leonid thought he was building up a good atmosphere. How had things changed so quickly?


“I know you’re a foreigner, but don’t say things like ‘baby’ or ‘sweetheart’. Sounds gross.” He made a disgusted face that left Leonid in an awkward state.


Nonetheless, he changed his tune, using his rather non-standard Chinese to say “Zhouyuan”. The moment he finished pronouncing it Ren Zhouyuan laughed even harder.


He finally understood why An An complained all the time. It wasn’t that Leonid couldn’t learn Chinese, but the way he pronounced words with his accent was funny. His own name sounded like a curse!


Leonid had nothing to do at this point. What a wonderful night, and now it was being treated like a Chinese class! He watched Ren Zhouyuan laugh so hard he was almost crying, his cheeks flushed from laughing. The sight itched a scratch in his heart.


Leaning forward, he cut the laughter short with his lips, taking the giggles into his mouth. They kissed lightly before parting, Leonid biting down at his neck. Only then did Ren Zhouyuan stop laughing. Leonid’s deep, rumbling voice rang out next to his ear in his familiar Russian, “Can we start now, my little birch?”


As if hypnotized by his voice, Ren Zhouyuan nodded haltingly.


The night was long. In the dim room the two overlapping bodies ignited the flames of love. The different languages melted together into wordless cries.


The sound of the bed shaking made Ren Zhouyuan’s face go red, his hands tightening around Leonid. The feeling of their skin pressed against each other was indescribably pleasurable, easy to grow intoxicated and addicted to.


They grew faster and faster, freezing for a moment when they reached their peak before falling into the covers, shuddering.


Ren Zhouyuan panted hard, his mind blank. The pleasure from climaxing was still enveloping him, his ears only filled with the sound of his heartbeat and their breathing.


His consciousness gradually recovered. The sensation of pain was mixed with another sensation. When the pain had passed, the warm and itchy feeling made him pause, then whip around to glare at Leonid–


“You didn’t wear a condom?!”

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