Chapter 39: Recall


Ren Zhouyuan woke up confused. The pain in his body brought him back to consciousness, reminding him of what he had just done.


He closed his eyes and pretended to die, wondering why he couldn’t resist the stimulation. At the time, his body seemed to be enchanted and he had the sense to reject at first, but was completely dominated after. The last thing Ren Zhouyuan could not accept was that he fainted while they were having sex.


He couldn’t remember how many times they did it, the only thing he knew was that when he was sleeping, Leonid still messed around with him from the living room to the bathroom, before finally heading to the bedroom.


Ren Zhouyuan was so annoyed he wanted to hit the wall. As long as he closed his eyes, blood-spraying inducing sexy images came to mind, making him want to hit the bed so he could die.


He couldn’t help but wriggle from the pain in his waist. After moving slightly, Ren Zhouyuan found that there was a big hand on his waist, which belonged to Leonid who, even while sleeping, didn’t forget to hold him in his arms.



The heat from his palm spread from the skin outwards. Ren Zhouyuan felt warmth on his waist, from the palm to the skin, then to his heart.


He was a little embarrassed so he wanted to be free. He moved carefully, however before he moved away about two centimeters, the owner of the palm pulled him in again. The distance between the two was now closer.


Ren Zhouyuan’s back was attached to Leonid’s chest, both of them naked and close together. There was a kind of wordless intimacy mixed within this moment. Ren Zhouyuan even thought he could feel Leonid’s heartbeat, which pressed against his back, just as this man himself was so powerful, nobody could ignore him.


Ren Zhouyuan slowed down his breath, this was the first time he was held in another’s arms while he was sober. He was worried about how to get out of such an awkward situation when suddenly, he felt there was a hot thing against his leg where they were in contact with each other. It made his whole body stiffen up instantly, and he dared not breathe.


The person behind him got closer and closer, his breath hitting his neck, making Ren Zhouyuan feel goosebumps as his neck turned red.


Ren Zhouyuan’s muscles tightened up. He thought it was daytime already, they had sex for a long time just now, so how could that object still be so lively.


After a while he suddenly reacted, it was not daytime, how could Leonid be sleeping while having an erection.


Ren Zhouyuan felt that he was being flirted with by this rogue, so a little angry he moved his body. There was no doubt he was pulled back again, but this time he was about to laugh, and the embarrassing feeling almost disappeared because of Leonid.


The man in his arms visibly relaxed, so Leonid stopped pretending to sleep, whispering, “How was it? Do you have feelings now?”


Ren Zhouyuan: “……”


Very good, this man still remembered the thing they argued about a few hours ago.


Ren Zhouyuan rolled his eyes at Leonid in his heart, struggling to get up but his whole body was powerless. Held by Leonid, he could just pat on the arm which held him as a hint to let him go.


The instant he left Leonid’s arms made him shiver, and he pulled the quilt over to cover his shoulders, and though it was a little embarrassing, he still got up the courage to turn around.



The two men lay face to face, and staring at Leonid’s eyes, Ren Zhouyuan recalled explicit scenes in mind. He coughed to cover up his embarrassment and said, “Having sex doesn’t mean anything, men tend to obey their sexual impulses. You’ve heard this sentence before, right? Even if you have feelings for me it doesn’t mean we fit, do you understand?”



Leonid’s eyes, which were tender, suddenly cooled down. He didn’t say anything, just pulled Ren Zhouyuan back. This time they were face to face, nose to nose, and Ren Zhouyuan couldn’t hide, so he could only be forced to bear the other man’s anger directly.



“So even when I have shown my desire for you unreservedly, you still think I have no feelings for you?” Leonid narrowed his eyes, a dangerous intention within them, as if once Ren Zhouyuan answered “Yes” then he would break his bones and swallow him.


Ren Zhouyuan turned his eyes away, the answer was obvious, but he didn’t know what he was upset about. Natasha was an obstacle between them, the one Leonid loved was another, and so was An An. Every moment reminded him that this man stayed with him just because of “responsibility.”


Knowing him to split hairs, Leonid sighed silently.


He held Ren Zhouyuan in his arms with his big hand, heart to heart, and got very close until there was no gap between them. With Leonid’s jaw against Ren Zhouyuan’s forehead, he made an effort to stop his attempt to break free. When Leonid said the first word, the man in his arm stopped struggling finally.


“Do you believe in first impressions?” Leonid said, “I know it sounds corny, but even for an object people can tell if they like it or not subconsciously at first sight.”


“I didn’t forget you when I first met you in Vichy,” he continued. Feeling the man in his arm move  slightly, Leonid loosened up a bit  but kept holding him. “When we first met five years ago, I thought you were an interesting man. You were very elegant, but very indomitable.”


“Then it was proven that you were really indomitable. Seeing me drinking you said you wanted to drink too. So you poured a small glass, took a sip of wine, then you were so drunk you couldn’t even speak. I said if you couldn’t drink you should stop, but you drank all at once.”


When Leonid began to recall their first acquaintance, Ren Zhouyuan vaguely remembered some things he said at first, but after that he couldn’t remember at all.


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