Chapter 44


Fan Wenfeng’s eyebrows were furrowed as he listened to what Ren Zhouyuan said. His expression went from shocked to serious.


As he spoke Ren Zhouyuan hesitated, seeming like he was thinking about how to say these things. Fan Wenfeng didn’t rush him either, listening quietly until he said his last words. The two of them were silent for a moment.


Ren Zhouyuan didn’t dare look at his face, not knowing what he was thinking. Would he think he was a pervert or weirdo? Even so, saying what he wanted to say for so long had been relieving for him too.


After a long pause, Fan Wenfeng’s face still retained that level of exasperation as he sighed. “Can you promise he won’t run out on you this time?”


Ren Zhouyuan raised his head to look at him. His tone of voice sounded like…he wasn’t revolted?


He nodded slowly, then shook his head after coming to his senses. “I don’t know if there’s a way to guarantee that kind of thing, honestly. In the past I was way too caught up in petty stuff that made my life hard. Now I don’t think so much and just want to live well.”


“But have you thought about how others will view you? What about his family and friends? Has he given you a promise? How can you be sure that he won’t just leave again after you start getting comfortable?”


These words were scary enough to make Ren Zhouyuan stop in his tracks. It’s not that he hadn’t thought about this kind of stuff, it’s just that the kind of life they were living recently was so comfortable he had relaxed. Now that Fan Wenfeng pointed it out so clearly, the uncertainty in his mind was rising again.


He had doubted Leonid’s words in the past, but now he wanted to believe that it was true. That his family didn’t mind, that Leonid would stay with him until the end. Maybe he was blind or too romantic, but Leonid had become his final saving grace, his “family”.


Although Fan Wenfeng’s concerns were valid, Ren Zhouyuan wanted to bury his head in the sand and ignore the negative things being said about his life.


He frowned, his expression turning a little ugly. “I don’t care what other people think about us. I don’t need him to promise me anything. I’m a man too, and I raised An An. If his family really didn’t accept me…” He pursed his lips, his expression darkening but the determination remaining in his eyes, “The worst that can happen is that I return to my original lifestyle.”


Fan Wenfeng chuckled coolly. “If that’s the case, why do you have to be together?” His gaze seemed to carry some anger. “You think you can’t support An An, or are you just…”


Stopping there, whatever he had to say couldn’t have been anything good. He gazed at Ren Zhouyuan for a moment before shaking his head and saying nothing.


The two of them had nothing to say to each other. It was an awkward atmosphere. Ren Zhouyuan searched for something to interrupt the tension but couldn’t come up with anything.


He wanted to ask Fan Wenfeng about his opinion on him being gay, and the fact that he was the one who gave birth to An An. On the contrary, Fan Wenfeng seemed far more preoccupied by the fact that he was with Leonid. The golden timing for asking about the matter had passed, so now the two of them were in a tough spot for the conversation to continue.


Fan Wenfeng seemed to sense this too. He forced a change in topic, starting to discuss the job instead.


Under this intentionally created atmosphere, their conversation gradually returned to normal. When they were wrapping up the conversation about work, however, Fan Wenfeng dropped another line on him, “Somebody named Gu Jie came to visit me, saying he worked with you before.”


Ren Zhouyuan immediately knew what this was about, his brows furrowing subconsciously.


Glancing at him, Fan Wenfeng sighed as if giving something up. “He may have come looking for you as well. This guy kept asking me for your contact information but then disappeared.” His gaze was meaningful. “Although I know this is a radical guess, other than that person, I don’t know who else could’ve convinced him to stop.”


Ren Zhouyuan was stunned for a moment before reacting to who “that person” meant. Indeed, he kept receiving phone calls from an unfamiliar phone number. Now that it was brought up again, he recalled that he forgot to save Gu Jie’s phone number to his phone. That unfamiliar number was probably him.


Everything Fan Wenfeng was saying was completely unfamiliar to him. Now that this was coming out, he had a strange feeling in his heart.


The feeling he was being protected by the people he loved and his best friends.


In that moment he suddenly understood the mindset of those people who hoped to obtain support from the whole world when they married. His old mindset was too simplistic. As long as two people got along, it didn’t matter what others thought. But now he was getting greedy too. He wanted support from his friends, Leonid’s family. Although the process would be challenging, he was willing to fight hard for these things.


Seeing that his gaze turned clear but determined, Fan Wenfeng had a bittersweet feeling in his heart but said nothing. Silently they bumped their glasses together and he gulped down the bitter, cold tea.


Meeting with Fan Wenfeng made Ren Zhouyuan relax quite a bit. Although he still didn’t state his true feelings by the time they bid each other farewell, for some reason Ren Zhouyuan felt like he was implicitly approving of their relationship.


Although he might not fully support him being with Leonid, he didn’t exhibit the expected revulsion which was enough for Ren Zhouyuan to feel like he accepted his abnormal body physiology and his sexual identity.


Nothing was better than obtaining the support of his best friend, not to mention he solidified his own determination. The road ahead was long, but knowing the goal he was working for was enough to empower him with energy.


But somebody waiting at home had completely different feelings from him.


Seeing Ren Zhouyuan come home with a big smile on his face, the expression Leonid wore after waiting all night was more than just displeased.


Unlike usual times, he didn’t accompany An An to the playroom or work in his study. Instead he clicked through the remote in the living room in complete boredom, his emotions clear on his face.


But since Ren Zhouyuan was in such a good mood, he didn’t even notice the way that Leonid was acting up. Seeing him at home waiting for him in the living room, he proactively kissed him on the cheek in a rare instance.


In the past if Ren Zhouyuan had been so willing, Leonid would be jumping up and down with excitement. But he felt like the fact that he was coming home in a good mood and giving him a kiss was even more worthy of jealousy. Was seeing a friend really this exciting?


He hummed lightly, not responding to the kiss, pressing away at the remote with an unhappy expression.


Even though his face was cold, Ren Zhouyuan failed to notice anything out of the ordinary. After he showered he noticed that Leonid was still in the living room watching TV and just assumed he was watching news and forgot the time. There was a lot he wanted to share with Leonid, like the whole thing with Gu Jie, or about anything else he’d done behind his back without bothering to tell him. But when he saw his face, none of that mattered. He just wanted to hold him and tell him how he felt.


He waited in the room for a bit, glancing toward the door. Leonid still didn’t come in. Turning around, he thought for a moment, sitting up with a bounce.


Walking to the door, he poked his head out and asked with a cautious expression, “We’re not doing it tonight?”


Leonid had been holding it back for the whole night. Now he could hold it back no longer. Shutting off the TV, he walked over quickly.


He thought to himself: I guess you do know what’s good. Don’t forget me next time you see your friends too!


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