Shibata Yuri – MC – 16 Years old – Username: Bucket (バケツ) 

  • Is possibly a sickly girl that stays most of her time in a hospital bed. The author has been keeping this vague on purpose, but she doesn’t go to school, and is unable to go visit her parents.
    • As she spends basically her whole free time gaming, she can progress faster than most other players. Hence why she can craft Iron Gear already, while most other players cannot.
  • Is a pure crafter in the Frontiers Game. She has never fought anyone in-game.
  • Owns a store called Bucket’s Shop – Lily (She didn’t purchase the land/building though. She just rents it)
    • Wants to purchase a nearby plot of land in order to build a workshop there, but she can’t afford it just yet.
      • For now, she uses a Rental Production Facility for her crafting (except when she is doing her apprenticeship at the Kederick Smithy), which only has Beginner Crafting Equipment in it.
      • She wants her Workshop so that she can install some Intermediate Equipment in it, as she really loved using them to craft things at the Kederick Smithy.
      • MC also wants to get some recipes in order to learn how to craft better Crafting Tools, since she only knows how to craft the basic ones.
  • While in-game, she usually goes out in disguise, because she is kinda popular in-game and had some trouble with too many people bothering her and the like, so she started using a disguise to avoid trouble.
  • Loves crafting Magical Formations above all else (often refers to it as her ‘Healing Time’), but they don’t sell that well, so she primarily focuses on making Heavy Equipment instead, since it’s much easier to sell and is also worth a lot of money.
  • Her signature Item is her Bucket Helm. It’s the first item she crafted, and whenever she becomes able to craft things with a new material, it’s always the first item she crafts with the new material too.
  • Summons:
    • Homun – Alchemy Summon 
    • Manthe – Magic Strengthening Summon 
    • Gol – Assistance Golem Summon (helps carry things, mainly) 
    • Lady Tsuru – Weaving Summon 

Mika (ミカ) – Bucket’s Cousin. Her RL name is Midou Mika (御堂美香). Also, it seems like her username is actually Mikan (ミカン), but I always see (ミカ) instead – Is one of the top players

  • Often times ends up referring to Bucket by her RL name (Yuri), which was part of why Bucket decided to use Lily as her store name, since Yuri and Lily have the same pronunciation, so it wouldn’t raise suspicions when Mika called her by name.
  • Is very impulsive.
  • Recently participated in the raid against the first Raid Boss of the game, the Lich.

Mechacure Hime-Cut (メカクレ姫カット) – Usually referred to as just Hime () – RL name is Kobayashi Hime – Uses magic threads to control 10 axes at once, so she is very good at woodcutting.

  • Is one of Bucket’s Best Friends.
  • Doesn’t talk much.
  • Is on a clan focused on Woodcutting.
  • Likes testing things out when new patches drop and stuff.

Rush (ラッシュ) – Bucket’s First Customer – Is part of Mika’s Clan

Armilate (アリミレート) – An NPC pioneer that helped the MC in chapter 8 and didn’t appear much since, though she helped out on the raid to defeat the first Raid Boss of the game, the Lich… She also asked the MC to contact her once the MC could craft Steel gear. 

Appraisal Receptionist – Girl with Raccoon Ears 

Lilalulu Lalalu (リラルル・ララル) – Bucket (in her internal monologues) usually refers to her as (甘ロリ), which I translated as Lolita. Though Amaloli is probably a more literal translation – She recruited Bucket to her Crafter’s Clan (she is still working on raising her Guild Rank in order to be able to create a Clan though) 

  • Is an adult IRL.
  • Is really scared of real estate agents for some reason.
  • In-game, she mainly crafts clothes, but she also cooks.
  • Wants to buy a store, and is relying on the MC’s help to talk to the real estate agent, as she is too scared to do it by herself.
  • Is really short, both in-game and IRL (the game forces your in-game height to be very close to your IRL height)

Clerks of MC’s Store: 

  • Sherryl (シャーロ) 
  • Naya (ニロ) 
  • Anya (アーロ) 

Merget (メルリゲント) – Master Smith of the Kederick Company – Bucket is currently working there to make some Iron Gear on a special request, and is also on an apprenticeship where she can learn more knowledge about Smithing and more Smithing Recipes in general

  • When learning new recipes, she can make the items with whatever quality she can (usually this means really high quality).
  • When making the requested Iron Gear, it has to be 3*. This is because the store only sells 3* gear. 4* gear and above gets put on auctions.




Mental Support Magic: Small Enhancement of Recovery of Magical Power (『支援魔術:精神』の『メンタルエンチャント:魔力回復力強化・微』) 

Physical Support Magic: Small Enhancement of Offensive Power (『支援魔術:物理』の『フィジカルエンチャント:物理攻撃力強化・微』) 

Discover (発見) – Helps MC find new things 

Concentration (集中) – Supports other skills 

Add – Skill that lets you put some special unique materials and properties on items (追加) 

Complete Process – (完了処理) MC needs to do that to finish crafting any given item. 




Option – Bonus Effects for items 

Nil – Game’s currency 

Item Box Expansion Pack – (鞄拡張パック) 

Guild Rank – (開拓者組合ランク) 

Magical Formations – (魔術紋様) They’re kinda like spell scrolls, the MC loves crafting them, but they aren’t very popular. 

Magic Circle – (魔術陣) The specific design of a magic formation that results on a specific spell 

Frontiers – Name of the game. 

Pioneers – Refers to players mainly, but can also refer to NPCs that take on the job of hunting monsters and stuff. 

Guild (開拓者組合) – A more accurate translation would be Pioneer Union, but I preferred using Guild 

Improved Blacksmithing (鍛冶・改) 

Heavy Equipment (重装) 

Kikoridottokoru (キコリドットコル) – Hime’s clan. 

Mist Knights (ミストナイツ) – Mika’s Clan 

Kederick Company (ケデリック商会) – Company that made a request for the MC 




Kingdom – Zabrina Kingdom 

Library – Zabrina Royal Library  

Capital – Capital City Sabrina 

Rental Production Facility (レンタル生産施設) 

Bucket’s Shop – Lily (バケツさんのお店 Lily) – MC’s Shop 




Zabuton Cushion – A cushion that the MC sells (座布団クッション) 

Magic Gloves – Hime’s weapons (魔導糸手袋) 

Item Box – () 

Salopette Skirt – MC’s dress (サロペットスカート) 

Substance X – When someone completely fails at crafting something, they get this instead of their intended crafting result… It’s an utterly useless item (物体X) 




Game time passes 3x faster than IRL time. 

After being logged in for 6h (unclear if it means 6h on in-game timer or 6h on IRL timer… Probably IRL timer though), the player needs to log-out or they’ll receive a penalty. They only need to stay 15min logged out before logging in again though. 

“Bulletin Board” would be a more literal translation instead of “forums”… I just think forums make more sense though, so I used that instead. 

The MC owns an in-game blog, that she regularly updates. The information in the blog mostly consists of what items are for sale on her store.


  • A premium space that costs RL money to be purchased.
  • It’s basically a private space that you can customize as you see fit, and that only you and the people you invite can access.
  • You can enter the Room from any place you want, but when you leave it, you’ll always be at the same place you used to enter it.
  • MC has one, and each of her friends seems to have one too.


  • Lore behind Pioneers say that they receive the blessing of the goddess to save the world from the Demon Trees that are attacking the cities/villages or something. 
    • The Demon Trees need to be constantly cut down in order to open up new areas, so Axes are the preferred weapon for most melee players, as they’re better than stuff like Swords when cutting wood.
  • Player Pioneers are isekai’d into the world according to the lore in order to save it. 

About NPCs:

  • NPC Pioneers are people that have been recognized by the goddess and received her blessing, so they need to sleep less hours per day and get stronger by killing monsters and all the usual gamey stuff.
  • NPCs can also add people to their friends list.
  • NPCs can also use a specific section of the official forums. Due to that, said section is heavily moderated to make sure there is no OOC talk at all in it (since the NPCs aren’t aware that they’re game characters and stuff).
  • NPC Pioneers are stronger than Player Pioneers in general, since they technically had been around in the world since before the players joined, so like… When players came to the game world, some NPC pioneers already had high-level skills and gear and stuff like that.
  • NPC Crafters end up crafting gear in a very similar way to players, but they are less efficient than the players at doing it.
    • The lore explanation to that, is that they have a weaker blessing from the Goddess, so they level their skills slower and take longer to make items than players do.
    • The meta explanation to that, was the NPC Crafters completely took over the market during the game’s beta, so when the game received its actual release, the NPC Crafters took some severe nerf in order to let the players compete.


  • Items have a base rank measured in *. A 1* item is basically garbage (has horrible stats), and 2* is bad (bad stats). 3* is the standard item.
  • From 4* onwards, the item doesn’t get stat improvements, but it can get “Options”, which are special effects which increase a specific stat, such as ATK or Durability or the like.
    • Getting an Option isn’t guaranteed just because your item is of a high rank. It can still come with no Options at all even if it is 4* or higher.
    • When you do get an Option, the effect that the Option gives is chosen from a random pool of effects.
  • Basic equipment has a certain durability, and needs to be repaired every now and then, or they become unusable… Though even if an Item reaches 0 durability, it can still be repaired.
  • Consumable items, such as Magical Formations, have a limited number of uses, but tend to have no durability.
  • Crafting:
    • When crafting items, the player should usually follow a recipe, which increases their chances of success and faster to make.
    • The crafter however, can try doing something original instead of following a recipe. This is harder, but the result can allow the crafter to make an original item.
      • If you make an original item enough times, you can obtain a recipe for it, making future crafts easier.
      • The trademark Bucket Helm of the MC is an original item, and she always crafts it enough times to the point it becomes a recipe.
    • After crafting stuff, the MC always takes her gear to get evaluated at the guild. This is basically the only way for crafters to increase their guild rank.
      • Fighter Pioneers can just increase their rank by killing mobs, clearing quests and stuff.
      • Increasing guild rank unlocks more game features. Such as creating your own clan (4*), getting an item box expansion (2*), being able to participate in auctions (5*) and whatnot.


  • Frontiers doesn’t seem to have character levels. Your power is determined entirely by your gear and your skill levels.
  • You get skill levels by using a skill.
  • You can learn new skills by spending skill points.
  • You obtain skill points by leveling skills.
  • Once a skill reaches level 100, it stops gaining levels, but you can spend a high amount of Skill Points in order to evolve it. In this case it becomes an Improved Version (such as Improved Blacksmithing), and goes back to level 1… A lv 1 Improved Skill is stronger than a lv 100 Normal Skill.
  • Improved skills take a long time to level.
  • The MC has too many skills that already reached lv 100, but she doesn’t have enough Skill Points to evolve them all (she already evolved some), so she is considering going on a gathering expedition of sorts to try raising some different skills in order to grind more Skill Points.
  • Summoning:
    • When the MC summons a familiar, said familiar needs to be associated with a skill that the MC owns. The Summon can then do tasks with about half the skill level of the MC.
    • MC got summoning primarily to grind skill levels, but also asks the summons to do easier tasks that don’t require a high skill level, in order to get more products without needing to spend time on it herself.
  • You can have as many skills as you want, but you can only have 10 Main Skills at a time. The only skills you can use are the ones on the Main Skills tab (though you can freely switch skills from the Auxiliary tab to the Main tab)
    • There is a premium pack that costs IRL money (that the MC bought) that allows you to have 11 Main Skills at a time. I think it only lasted 3 months or something though, I kinda forgot about the specific details, and forgot to note them down.


  • The library has lots of books, and you need a Language skill to read them.
  • Having a high enough Language Skill and a high enough Skill Level of a Skill that is related to the content of the book may allow you to learn new Crafting Recipes from reading Books.
  • MC reads quite a bit of stuff, and got a fair bit of recipes from the library already.
  • The Library giving out recipes when reading the books is a fairly unknown piece of knowledge.
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