I Reincarnated as a Noble Girl Villainess But Why Did It Turn Out This Way? Chapter 219


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Common Sense of a Duke’s Daughter Chapter 116(Deleted)


Chapter 116 True nature


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History’s Strongest Manager Chapter 25


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Our Manager The Landlord

It was a story numerous Hunters and, obviously, civilians had never heard of. The two listened carefully, unable to understand how much weight the facts Kang-Joon spoke of carried.

“Therefore, Avatar is a double-edged power. If you master it you could be able to finish a task which takes a couple SS Rank, or higher, Awakens by yourself without even assimilating your Avatar.”

“But… I don’t know what I should do.”

Although familiar with summoning the Avatar, using her powers while not summoning it wasn’t any different from ordering her to grow wings. Kang-Joon then slowly explained.

“Before taking control of the Avatar does Ms. Gina fall asleep?”

“Yes.”…….Click here to read more


Every Day the Protagonist Wants to Capture Me Chapter 24



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Chapter 24 – Every Day the Protagonist Wants to Capture Me

Chapter Title:  Immortal Sword Congress

Xie Xi turned his head in silence. It looked as if he was angry but he did not stay angry for very long. The temporary vigor that the wine gave him kindled for just a moment before quickly running out and he fell asleep on the stone table, on his stomach.

Chu Yu poked Xie Xi’s face, to confirm that he really was asleep. He got up with a sigh, and went to tend to the maple tree in his courtyard.

He looked up at the maple for a while then took out the thin maple leaf he had picked up before. Taking out a brush and ink, he wrote “Chu Yu.” He then bent down and dug a small hole under the maple tree to bury the leaf in.

After he finished doing all of this, Chu Yu examined his accumulated points again. He was cheated out of a lot of points when he bought the manual on how to pick up girls so his total score had fallen down a deep pit. The recent plot developments had garnered both praise and criticism. The points rose and fell until they finally settled at 188, which is so far away from 1,000 points that it seems impossible to achieve.

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Kuro no Maou Chapter 381


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Kuro no Maou

Chapter 381 Uninvited Partner


When one thinks back on it, Simon had never really formed a party. When he had first registered as an adventurer to earn his tution fees, he naturally tried forming one but in the end it didn’t work out. Nobody really wanted a helpless alchemist who couldn’t even use a sword or magic.

And naturally, he went solo. He wasn’t really aiming to rank up either and so he just went on doing the rank 1 quest of collecting medicinal plants over and over. But to Simon, this wasn’t unfavourable.

If my memory serves me right, he probably also met Kurono from the Alsace village’s adventurer guild when returning from the plant collecting quest. After that, started the hellish Alsace battle. And then the recent ,nightmarish battle of Iskia. In both of these battles, there were allies in the surrounding lands but they didn’t really form parties. They only moved in a group temporarily.

And then, after the fight had ended, he was supposed to go back to his casual solo quests but—before he knew it, he had made a partner.


“Yaa, the weather is good. Ideal for questing.”…Continue Reading

Awakening chapter 234.


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Chapter 234

Awakening chapter 233


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“What are you afraid of? We are  not doing anything bad. By the way; what about your school uniform?”

Naoko had no way to struggle with him and had to give up, letting him hold her. She turned her head to see him smile evilly, “after graduating from high school, I left my school uniform at my grandma’s place. Why the sudden interest in my school uniform?

Lei Yin breathed in her ear and said: “you will bring it back and wear it for me.”

Naoko finally understood his evil intentions, she blushed helplessly, “I can’t, the dress wouldn’t fit me anymore.”

“I don’t care. If you don’t agree with me, I will continue holding you and will not let you go even if your friend comes back.”

Chapter 233

awk 233



Chapter 233: Beauty from the past.

“Mrs. Kawasaki, do you still remember her?” Ikehara had a big grins on her face as she said to a 50-year-old woman in front of them.

“Hello, Mrs Kawasaki, I am Hasegawa Naoko, it’s been a long time we saw.” Naoko said to her.

“Are you Naoko!?” Kawasaki adjusted her eye glass to look carefully at the young woman in front of her.

“Yes, I am Naoko.”

“It’s really you Naoko!. You’re getting more beautiful. I almost could not recognize you.”

Mrs. Kawasaki said with a smile.

“You are looking very good. How are you?”

“You don’t bother, I am good. Did you come back to visit us? good”

“Yes, this is my fiance, and he’s called Masashi. This is Mrs Kawasaki; she has been here for over 30 years. She runs the school library and hall of records.” Naoko said introducing them

Lei Yin stepped forward to say hello.

At this time, Ikehara said to Mrs. Kawasaki: Madam Kawasaki, I want to take Naoko along me to the hall of records for a quick look. Finished, she took the Naoko’s hand and led her inside.

In the spacious and quiet hall of records, Ikehara was constantly looking through the various file cabinets where records were kept.

After a while, she suddenly exclaimed loudly, “Found.” Then she ran out with a thick album in her hand.

“This is sister Naoko’s session photograph as well as student information, this also includes the information of other students in our class” Chihiro Ikehara said while holding open a picture album.

The first page of the album showed the group photograph of hundreds of students. Chihiro Ikehara smiled and said: “Mr Masashi, can you identify sister Naoko in this photograph?”

Lei smiled, turned around and looked at the picture.

After a while, he pointed to a student in the middle section of the picture and said, “Is this Naoko?”

“Bingo, yes, you are right.” Chihiro Ikehara laughed and looked at Naoko. She saw Naoko smile softly as she looked at Lei Yin

“This is the picture of the first school festival we experienced. We ran a coffee shop during this festival. A lot of naughty foreign school boys flooded the coffee shop. Heh heh. This is me in the long skirt, really cute. I was in grade one at the time. I was bullied by a sister in the second grade, I pleaded with her for a long time before she was willing to let me go. I’ll show you the coffee shop when we go back. Yes, Naoko do you remember sister Momo. Remember we were almost always together. I still have some pictures of her.

Hearing that name, Naoko’s eyes lit up brightly with the flavour of missing reflecting in them. She sighed and said “I don’t know what happened to Momo? Since she went to Hokkaido, I have not gotten any news of her.”

“I don’t know about her whereabouts as well .Mr Masashi, this is the picture of  the school talent show and party that took place during the Cultural Festival and Naoko was a performing artiste at the show.”

“oh? What did she perform?” Lei Yin asked Curiously, Chihiro Ikehara, “she was a solo pianist, Naoko wore a black long gown that day and she played the piano calmly before all the teachers and students in the school. At that time I found myself goofing at her as she performed. After that I searched and gathered everything about her I could.”

Lei murmured under his breath: “you were not among her fans that wrote fan letters to her right?”

Ikehara original did this? Naoko only just found out about this..

Lei Yin said to Naoko: “I now know that you can play the piano.

Naoko a little embarrassed said: since I went to college, I have not had time to play the piano, and now I would be even worse than ever at it. In fact, on that day I never intended to perform, it was my good friend Momo who secretly added my name to the performer’s list. When I was on the stage I was so afraid I could die.”

At this time, Chihiro Ikehara suddenly said loudly: “Mr Masashi, this is Naoko’s school photo and student information.”

Lei Yin looked at this picture. He saw a sixteen-seventeen year old beautiful girl with jade white skin and bright pupils. She was dressed in a sailor-styled school uniform. Although her facial features looked very similar to those of the mature Naoko, there were some very unique and perceptive differences between them. Although this was only a picture, Lei yin felt momentarily dazed as he felt the girl in the picture was staring back at him.


Awakening Chapter 231 and 232


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Chapter 231

Chapter 232

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