Chiyu Mahou

Chapter 31

While Usata and the others were healing the injured people, the situation had gotten very hectic in the battlefield, where the fight had just broken out.


The magic attacks, launched by the kingdom’s army right after the war began, had enough power to chip off the demon king’s forces.


However, the attack which was supposed to have hit the demon king’s army directly, had failed. Just before it hit, the demon army disappeared like mist.


Seeing that scene unfold from afar, the knight squads leader Sigris gritted his teeth.


Illusion magic. Magic which creates an illusion for the target. However, illusion magic at this scale is unheard of. ‘I guess that’s what one should be expecting from demons, huh?’, Sigris said bitterly. Looking at the real demon army come charging out from the dust, Sigris gave orders to his own army.


The kingdom’s army’s first magic attack had ended in failure and the fight had now turned into a war of attrition.


The kingdom army and demon army fought with swords, bows and arrows and magic. The humans of the kingdom army kept getting beaten one after the other due to the differences between them and the demon army in their species and physical ability. On top of that, at the front lines, demon monsters – Bajirnak and Black Knight were trampling over the kingdom army.


The demon army had confirmed.


[We can win this war.]


The demon army, whose morales were low due to the bridge destruction, were now pressing on to the kingdom army with high morale as they had realized their superiority.


However, two humans stood in their path, to block them.


Heroes summoned from another world, Kazuki and Inukami. The two were clad in light and lightning magic and although they looked like teenagers in appearance, the magic and combat abilities they possessed surpassed the kingdom army.


The demons who didn’t know of the heroes’ existence before, were now afraid of the overwhelming magic and strength they radiated.


However, efforts of just two strong people won’t turn the situation around and the demon army still held the advantage.


It was almost certain that if this situation continued, it would result in the kingdom army’s defeat.


The demon army continued the fight, with their advantage.


Sometime after the war broke out… One of the soldiers belonging to the demon army noticed an abnormality. An abnormality which cannot possibly occur at this free-for-all battlefield.


The young demon soldier languidly lowered his sword hand and dumbfoundedly looked around him.


None. Something which is most definitely present in a war field is absent here.


“There are no dead bodies…”


There were no dead bodies. No, he had brethren falling face down. But there were no humans. No matter how much he looked around, all he could see was fighting between demons and humans.


Only his brethren were on the ground but none of the enemy humans were.


It was too abnormal. He got terrified even further when he noticed the blood soaked ground.


Gradually, more of his allies also noticed the abnormality and their expression stiffened.


“Wh-what is this… are we under some weird human magic or something…”


He would like to complain but the enemy, the humans, won’t wait.


Even while they were bewildered, the humans came attacking without hesitation. The human side didn’t care a bit about this abnormality.


It would be better to think that they completely grasped this situation.


He felt strong anger surging within him. Being a pure demonist, he felt it utterly humiliating to be outwitted by mere humans in a situation he had no idea about.


He became bloodshot and repelled the sword of the kingdom army soldier who came attacking.


“Guh, what did you do, you savages?!”


“I have no reason to answer you…uw”


The demon went and tried to stab the kingdom soldier in anger.


Dodging the attack with ease, the kingdom soldier aimed towards the demon with his sword while the demon lost balance. Even though there is a difference in strength, the kingdom soldiers weren’t enemies you could look down upon.

The male demon soldier, who had forgotten that, prepared for his death.


However, between him and the kingdom soldier, another demon came forcing in.


The kingdom soldier’s sword attack was blocked by the leader of the other demon’s squad and it cut down the soldier in an instant.


The squad leader glared at their subordinate and hit him in the head even amongst the battle and yelled angrily,


“What are you doing, you idiot?! You fool, have you forgotten Berghredd commander’s warning?!!!”




“Hmm.. as I thought, the new soldiers didn’t even pay any heed, huh… Even though you are my subordinate, so pathetic. A difference in physical strength makes one so blinded…”


Berghredd commander’s warning?


Not understanding what was going on, the other demon soldier noticed the kingdom soldier which his leader just cut down move a bit. He had a deep sword wound from the chest to the sides. Even the new demon soldier could tell that the kingdom soldier will die for sure if time goes by.


“Listen well, Berghredd-sama said ‘Be aware of the kidnappers’. And if possible…—!!”


At that very moment, the squad leader felt something and swung the sword sideways.


A black shadow slightly entered the tip of his vision. He reflexively raised his voice to the being passing through them like wind,


“What are…”


“They got us… We should have landed the final blow…”


By the time he said that, the suffering soldier in front of them had disappeared.


“Tch, are they really human?”


“What… is that… now… that knocked down human… and the shadow like thing…”


“They are monsters, kill them if you see a chance. And don’t misunderstand, we are not absolutely in the upper hand…”


Back then, the leader had said ‘kidnapper’.


3rd squad leader Celica had said that they move at an unbelievable speed and carry out the wounded to heal amidst the battle… She said that they were the worst kind of enemy for our army.


There’s no way there are humans who move at such a speed that even demons can’t see. He, who judged themselves to be superior because of their race, only half-believed Celica’s story.


However, those guys actually exist. He couldn’t see them but the enemy soldier’s body had just disappeared.


The humans just kept attacking one after the other, with no signs of their numbers decreasing. As if like spring water, flowing endlessly.


Although small, he had felt fear… towards the beings called humans…


“…Certainly, they are monsters.”


The kingdom’s soldier opened his eyes after feeling a shake.


He had dodged the demon’s sword swing and was about to attack with the opportunity but–he was cut down by a demon he couldn’t even sense. It was evident that the wound was very deep and he couldn’t live with just healing magic. But judging from the situation, he was somehow alive.


He himself had thought it was over. But he was alive. It was probably because of the Rescue Squad. Even the buffed guy running with him on his back was from the rescue squad.


Thinking that he must thank the guy, he raised his head.


“Th-…. thank…”


“Nn?! Looks like you woke up!!”


“Hee… sorry……”


It was Mill carrying him.


Although the soldier was supposed to express his gratitude, he ended up apologizing immediately. But this can’t be helped… he thought as he put his hand on his wound.




“Don’t you move, you idiot!! You just be still!! Or do you want to die?!!”


“…Yes, sorry.”


Although it felt completely like a kidnapping from the conversation, the soldier could understand that he was looking out for him.


The wound was blocked. He probably kept using healing magic and did some emergency first-aid.

“….There we go!!”




The man who was carrying him took a female soldier on his other arm. That too while running. After realizing her situation, the female soldier who was bleeding from her forehead looked into the face of the man carrying him and—-


“The afterworld…?”


Looks like she is confused.


Leaving her be for a while was also a part of the healing magic user’s duty.


The soldier had surely thought the speed would decrease after he took the second soldier but it didn’t decrease a bit. He freely ran through the battlefield and also leaped here and there. The scenery kept changing fast.


It was also natural for the demon soldiers who were fighting in a daze to not notice their presence while they were running through the field.


“—-We will return soon!!”


After glancing at the soldier once, Mill increased his speed again.


He was headed for the healing magic user’s tent near the base. If he just leaves them there, they can heal them and return them to the battlefield.




“What…. Happened?”


As if he had just seen something, Mill stopped. In front of him lay many defeated kingdom soldiers. They were still alive, seeing how they were still breathing… But, in the time he goes to save them, the soldiers he is carrying now might reach their limit and die in the worst case scenario.


In this situation where he had to make a cold-hearted decision, Mill was still calm. That was because he had spotted his ally on the tip of his sight.






He threw the two soldiers he was carrying towards Aleck, who was carrying three people towards the tent, without any warning.






Being thrown into the air all of a sudden, they couldn’t help but yell. Aleck safely caught them with one hand and made a circle turn to take in the momentum of their weight.


“Don’t go throwing the wounded!! You idiot!!”


“I will leave those two to you!!”


“…You owe me one!”


“Yeah, I will let you eat my cooking all you want later!!”


“Heh, I don’t need any. Your cooking, that is… now then, time to save these guys.”, gasped Aleck.


He then confirmed the safety of the soldiers and headed towards Rose’s tent. Going through panicked soldiers, he reached the tent.


In side, 4 healing magic users were working hard at healing the wounded.


“So you brought more, Aleck?”


“Usato, eh? Heal these guys quick. It would be a bother to have them die here, after all.”


“Oi! The soldiers’ eyes have gone white!”


“Complain all you want to Mill. Not my fault.”


“Wha——Well, I guess it’s fine… Lie them down on an empty bed. Carefully.”


To think the boy who was scared to even be in front of Aleck and the others just a few months ago would be this cheeky. Remembering him back then, Aleck gave a smile and laid them down on the beds.




“What’s so funny?”


“No, just that you’ve become quite the impertinent brat.”


“Leave me be. Go save some more soldiers.”


“Yes, yes.”


Turning his back on Usato, who was sweating a lot while healing soldiers left and right, Aleck rushed back to the battlefield.


In the intense battlefield, there were 5 of them. People who know the situation would think they were overwhelmingly undermanned. And that is true… even if they limit the damage to the minimum, there are people who die, there are lives they can’t save.


However, they don’t look at that negatively.


Also because they have come to that clear decision themselves, but more so because they vowed to save more lives for the ones they couldn’t save.




Tong, Mill, Aleck, Gomuru, Guld–these 5 gallop through the battlefield and carry the soldiers.


Time remaining till the ‘best two’ depart——-

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