Chapter 146 Imperial concubine’s dangerous help


Emperor Yuqian looked at the situation in the palace and saw that King Rui was determined to ask for the imperial edict. However, the Xiahou family was extremely reluctant, otherwise the Xiahou clan leader would not refuse directly!


At  this time, look at that Xiahou Aner, she looked really beautiful. Compared with Rong Rong, who is as cold as a deep blue valley, it’s another grace of freedom. She is full of vitality and brilliance of different nationalities, which is unprecedented for girls in Kyoto. No wonder that King Rui liked Xiahou Aner at a glance!


But look at the expression of the Xiahou Aner  now, looking coldly and indifferently, staring straight ahead of her.It was afraid that the princess of the Xiahou family is extremely reluctant to make a decision on King Rui’s own opinion!


As for the king  Chu and Chu Feiyang, although they didn’t express their opinions, the words of Yun Qianmeng just now have been said for them!


Smiling eyes turned to Yun Qianmeng, who was still standing between the seats. Emperor Yuqian raised his hand and gave a sign for her to sit down. ” Why don’t you sit down and talk!What the fourth brother asked for is a happy event. You don’t have to be so nervous! Marriage is predestined by heaven since ancient times. If the fourth brother and the princess are predestined, it’s not until I get married for them! It’s just that my four brothers always have a high vision. So far, there is no decent concubine in the Royal Palace of Rui. Now he fell in love with the princess at first sight, and it shows his sincerity! ”


Emperor Yuqian’s words were tortuous. Although he talked a long paragraph, but when you listened to it in full, you can understand that this sly man spoke for a long time, but he didn’t say a point and he did not offend any party either. It seemed that he was thinking for both sides, but in fact, he wanted to provoke the contradiction between the two sides!


“Thank you, emperor!”Yun Qianmeng blessed herself towards Yugan Emperor, and then she sat down and listened to his words, but there was still a smirk in her mouth, following Yuqian Emperor’s words slowly again.  “what the emperor said is very true! King Rui is a giant among men, and his vision is naturally higher than that of ordinary people! Our Aner ‘ is fortunate to win the favor of King Rui ‘s, Naturally, it’s also her good luck! After all, Aner  is still the princess of the Xia Hou family. Not to say that it is the pearl of the grandfather ’s palm, even her grandfather loves her and treats her as her biological granddaughter, her marriage would not be easy. The choice of the son-in-law can’t be so hasty! Moreover, everyone has a heart for beauty. Please put it off. Don’t make a wrong decision because of the surprise! ”


Seeing that King Rui was going to stay on his knees for a long time, Yun Qianmeng told him that the support  force of Xiahou Aner. It not only brought the Xiahou family in, but also the king  Chu became a shield at the moment!


With these two supporting forces, the words suddenly turned around, and King Rui was secretly accused of setting a life-long cursory decision on the basis of one side, just as he left with 30000 soldiers because he was angry with Hai chenxi at the beginning, which not only killed 30000 soldiers, but also made him a war prisoner. Such recklessness is now appearing in marriage affairs. It is believed that all ministers with daughters here are reckless and not willing to marry their daughter to such a reckless person!


Yun Qianmeng’s voice was clear and light, it seemed like a slow rivulet across the stream, which made people feel comfortable.But it made King Rui’s eyes become gloomy, and there was an unknown anger in his heart, and he also knew that Yun Qianmeng was now in a noble status, he could’t do anything to her anymore. He could only grit his teeth and kneel on the hall in the eyes of everyone’s condemnation, waiting for the decision of the  emperor Yuqian with the last glimmer of hope in his heart!


The look of Xiahou Aner’ changed after she heard the words of Yun Qianmeng. She turned her head slightly and looked at Yun Qianmeng with surprise in her eyes. She had no idea that her cousin had offended even King Rui for her sake!


Aware of the worry in Xia Hou Aner’ eyes, Yun Qianmeng looked at her and told her with her eyes that her cousin would face all the consequences. At this time, King Chu and Chu Feiyang did not come out to deny the words. They have stated their position!


If a woman like myself utters a rejection. Even if King Rui suffers, he would never embarrass me above the main hall and before the hundred officials, but if King Chu or Chu Feiyang speaks,there might be several political battles involved, which would not end well at that time!


“Every gentleman wants to pursue beauty! Does Mrs Chu thinks that i do not have this qualification? ” But King Rui didn’t give up!


Although his power and influence was not as good as that of King Chen and Hai Chenxi, etc. But he was pampered at an early age, even if it was only a question with cold manner ,still with a frightening chill. Many of the ladies in the audience put their eyes away the farce, so as not to offend the king!


“King Rui  is joking! You are trusted and relied heavily on by the emperor, also the pillar of  the country! We just hope that Aner can marry a husband to be happy with each other. Otherwise, the world will only add a couple of resentments! Doesn’t that just disappoint King Rui’s sincerity and expectations?King Rui, you say, right!”Yun Qianmeng turned around and directly looked at the gloomy eyes of king Rui , and said with a smile!


“Fourth  brother,  stand up first! Since she was a kind and beautiful girl, you would have to take more  ideas! “After listening to the analysis of Yun Qianmeng, emperor  Yuqian turned and looked at King Rui. He nodded at Yu Gonggong and then saw Yu Gonggong immediately come forward and stand up with his hands on King Rui!


And  emperor Yuqian’s words were also very good to make King Rui avoid embarrassment  , so emperor Yuqian himself became a good man for a while!


King Rui understood the meaning of Emperor Yuqian’s words although he didn’t want to. But he was still lifted up by Yu Gonggong. His eyes shot at Xiahou Aner in the opposite instant. His eyes were full of determination!


However, Xiahou Aner was very disgusted with the hot eyes glued to her body at this time. Then she turned her face across coldly and took up a glass of wine to block her red lips and said to Yun Qianmeng, “Thank you so much,my cousin!”


”Naturally, Yun Qianmeng noticed the expression in King Rui’s eyes towards Xia Hou Aner. She held up her glass with Xia Hou Aner’ gently, and whispered, ” It’s just a small favor. ”


However, this time avoided the request of King Rui, it was afraid that the next time there is no such good excuse to avoid it!

Besides, now all people knew that King Rui has taken a fancy to Xiahou Aner. Although Emperor Yuqian’s reply to King Rui was ambiguous, he did not refuse it positively. It was afraid that the first thing for these people to go back to their house after the Palace feast is to warn the heirs to stay away from Xia Hou Aner!



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