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Common Sense of a Duke’s Daughter

Chapter 85 Provision of information


Sei started taking actions immediately. The written report on all business contents and personnel of each firm related to buy-outs.


With that as base, he initiating to a certain company.


To not make it look like he is doing something publicly as much as possible, he kept taking measures in the dark and moreover, worsened the administration state.


He is doing exactly what a villain would do… feeling such bittersweet feelings, he kept issuing instructions indifferently.


Even still, we can’t really back away either, now when the tariff hasn’t normalized yet.


Tariff… that reminds me…


“…I wonder why Ed-sama’s party is taking more tariff from us…”


Silently murmured the question I had wondered quite a few times.


“Isn’t it just to purely pester you?”


To that, Tanya who was standing beside responded.


“No… The possibility of that is pretty high, I know. But as a country, when you think that you would have more demerits than merits, I can’t help feel that is not all there is to it…”


And in reality, Duke Almenia’s territory did have rich soils and had a standing of 2 or 3 in production of crops even among countries.

But because of this turmoil, the export will definitely decrease. In other words, that would mean that the influx to other territories would decrease.


They wouldn’t profit much even if they were to export to other territories… On the other hand, popular…. Read complete chapter below

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