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Common Sense of a Duke’s Daughter

Chapter 94 – Outfoxing


Now then, today’s the day of the meeting with that company’s head.


Alright!…. After getting myself psyched up, I got into the carriage.


The company I am headed towards now is one of the companies which pulled out some of my employees by taking advantage of my excommunication strife.


A guy who had made a fuss at my shop before…


The carriage stopped in front of that building, which was located at one of the most prospering lands, even in the capital.


I glanced into the shop a little. It seems like there aren’t many customers in.


Sei informed the managers of the shop that I had arrived and soon we were guided into a reception room.


….The atmosphere here feels is a bit odd.


That was what first came to mind when I saw the reception room.


Many furnishings. There were dignified furnishes which gave off the same feeling as those in our reception room but, on the other hand, there were also some which kind of glittered and looked very flashy.


It almost feels…….Continue Reading

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