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Common Sense of a Duke’s Daughter

Chapter 95 Negotiations


Marquis Rudolf was one of the nobles who was part of the second prince’s faction.


I don’t know what he thought but after he attended the commemoration party of the foundation of the nation, he sent me an invitation to a party he was hosting.


…Now then, one thing bothers me here. Why did he react so much to Marquis Rudolf’s name?


The answer to that is simple. That is he wanted to hide his connection to Marquis Rudolf.


“…Sorry but, why bring up Marquis Rudolf’s name here?”


“You are very close with him, right? So much that you were able to ask Edward-sama for your request.”




Vuld was so surprised that his mouth opened wide in reaction. Ah, he gives off such interesting reactions.


Hiding my smile with the folding fan, I just silently looked at him.


“….More importantly, let’s move on to the main topic.”


“Main topic, you say?”


“Yes, that’s right. It is about our management collaboration with Bennel conglomerate and Azuta conglomerate.”


“If I remember correct, we were supposed to provide funds in exchange for Bennel conglomerate’s location and perso…………..Continue Reading


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