“So, master, why do we have to go as well?”


Oddly enough, Ryle didn’t seem to have an issue with my attitude.


After all, I was always taken care of by my master, there wasn’t anything demanding that the mistress had to attend to, and Tanya was also by her side. So there should be no issue!


“Haha, don’t say that. I also want to leave this noisy capital as soon as possible, and go back to our land to enjoy some relaxation!”


Master was a currently serving general.


But that was also a role that had the significance of being a hero in reputation and duties.


Originally, Master was supposed to have retired years ago according to his age…it’s just that no one has emerged who is stronger than him.


As his age increased, Master’s strength has suffered, but at the same time his technique has been improved through practice…………Continue Reading


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